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11 Nursery Ideas

In need of a few nursery ideas for when your little bundle of joy blesses your life? Check this article out and learn how to style a perfect baby room!

22 May 2018 3 0

Are you expecting parents? Then it may be time to decide how to style your baby’s nursery! Let’s be honest: of all rooms, the baby room is probably the one that’s the most pleasant to furnish. After all, why shouldn’t it be? While painting the walls, you’re already thinking of the sweet little bundle of joy that will fill your life in just a few months; plus, nursery furniture is the absolute cutest! However, only because we find it fun, this process is certainly not the easiest. We need to take lots of factors into account, like...well, how many babies, for instance! But also, what things you are actually going to need in here, and what kind of style you would prefer: contemporary, classic? For some people then, even the baby’s gender can make the difference between a pink and a blue color palette. We believe that, regardless of your personal preferences, there are a few principles that will help you style and furnish a cute and functional baby room. So, whether you’re a soon-to-be parent or you just love the cozy atmosphere of a cute nursery, take a look at this article and see which of these ideas work for you!


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Plan ahead

This is a principle that’s actually useful all the time, not just when you’re planning your nursery. However, in this specific context it is basically fundamental. Why? Well, you know how fast kids grow! One day you’re holding them on your lap, singing them sweet nonsensical lullabies to make them fall asleep, and the next day, they’re taking a gap year to travel the world before going to uni. Now, changes may not be so dramatic in the first few months, but still: when you’re planning a nursery, you need to remember than in a handful of months your little baby (or babies) will be able to crawl, then walk, and so on. Of course, one solution is to get new furniture as your kid grows, but why waste time and money looking for new furniture every two months, when you can get furniture that actually adapts to the baby? For instance, this double-crib system is great for newborns and also, by the time they’re not newborns anymore, you’ll be able to get rid of the cribs and turn this tiny house into a box where your toddlers will be free to play safely.


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Rocking crib

This is an option, but it is a good option for as long as your baby is a newborn. Hundreds of thousands of parents could swear by the evergreen rocking crib! There are three main upsides to this timeless piece of furniture. First of all, the aesthetics: its classic, in a way traditional design makes for a cozy and homely atmosphere that can be hardly beaten by other crib designs. Then, the undulatory movement actually does make it easier for the baby to fall asleep faster...well, most of the times. But better yet, picture this: it’s 3am, you have been averaging four hours of sleep a day for weeks, and you’re trying to make your baby fall asleep so that you can get some rest too. A rocking crib will allow you to rock your baby to sleep with a minimum effort.


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Room for you

During the process of furnishing the nursery, you need to consider how much time you’ll end up spending in this room. As many parents will tell you, it’s going to be a lot of time! Moreover, especially at the beginning, unless you’re one of those lucky parents whose little boy or girl never wakes up during the night, chances are you need to put into account that you’re going to wake up at least two or three times per night. As a result, you need to get as much rest as you can! Wouldn’t it just be handier if you could sleep right next to the baby? A simple daybed is a good solution: at night you’ll use it as a temporary bed, and during the day it’ll just turn into a sofa.


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A touch of royalty

Well, personally we are not huge fans of excessively luxurious nursery rooms, especially since even William and Kate admitted to having some IKEA furniture in their children’s nursery (we’re skeptical, but still)! However, who doesn’t want to treat their babies like little princes and princesses? We do have a recommendation though: don’t adopt a full-on royal style! Just opt for a few noble, extravagant touches, like some gold inserts, or leopard prints, or a few rich, luxurious fabrics.


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Quality materials

Careful, when choosing the materials and the finishes! Children tend to put everything in their mouth, and there is literally no piece of furniture your baby is not going to taste. Of course, because of this, you need to make sure every single piece of furniture and home décor item you choose is absolutely free from any toxic materials. Everything, from the materials itself to the varnishes, needs to be first quality. Moreover, first-quality materials will not only cause no harm to your baby, but they’re also quite likely to be environment-friendly, which is another important point you should take into consideration.


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A place for you and your baby

Parents sure do love cuddling with their baby; they also happen to feel constantly tired! Why not bring these two features together in a single piece of furniture? Instead of getting a classic rocking chair, get a (sort of) rocking sofa! This way you’ll be able to rock your baby to sleep and cuddle with him, while at the same time enjoying some well-deserved relax as well.


A comfy piece by Se7e


Well, this is sort of a given: pastels can always be found in any baby room. Of course, it’s a very safe choice, because you can’t go wrong with pastels and these soft, warm tones are what we associate with infancy. But you should remember that pastels are not the only option! What are the others?


Lovely pastels wall and prints by Divicar

Graphic colors

Just because it’s a nursery, it doesn’t mean it needs to be covered in pastels! You can choose a few bold, graphic colors and patterns to spice the interior design of your nursery up. We’d suggest trying out a few bold color combinations as well, like in this rug, where Millennial pink and dark emerald are combined.


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Soft fabrics

It’s a nursery, so it’s where your babies will crawl and move their first steps. Not only does this room need to be child-friendly, it also should be...soft! Fill it with rugs, as long as they’re the softest you can find. The ideal rug is also decorated with animals, toys, funny fish and so on: remember your baby will spend a lot of time playing on it, so it should be an exciting décor piece to look at!


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Again, because everything needs to be soft and cozy, rather than having chairs around, you should have poufs! Your baby will be able to use them to support himself during his first steps.


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Baskets are a parent’s best friend. Cute and colorful, or neutral and traditional, baskets will be used for all sorts of things in a nursery room: you’ll find yourself employing at least two! One as a dirty laundry basket, and a second one as storage for your children’s toys.


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