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Tbt: trends that are making a comeback

Tbt: trends that are making a comeback

Soon you’ll feel like you’re living in a constant #tbt, because these interior design trends from the past are making a huge comeback, there’s no denying that!

If there is something that we love about interior design, it is that nothing is ever lost forever. Of course, pretty much as with fashion, it would be better for some trends to remain buried in the graveyard of style faux pas, but we’re just more than happy for other trends to be making a comeback! There is something reassuring about having a piece of furniture that has a long history; that is, if you love vintage items. But also, it is such a creative process to try and give a contemporary twist to old trends! It can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, but if you’re an interior design aficionado, just like us, you’ll find yourself having so much fun in this process! Are you ready to find out which blasts from the past are making a comeback in 2018? Read the article!


A sleek 80s-inspired kitchen! Would you like to see more by TM Italia? Click here!


Chintz was incredibly popular during the 80s. It’s a fabric characterized by floral patterns on a lighter background and to be fair, it’s been around for ages: at least since the 17th century. However, interior designers rediscovered it during the 1980s: all of a sudden, rooms were invaded by chintz armchairs, sofas, poufs and ottomans. Some of you may feel a bit “meh” about it: as you were little or much younger anyway when chintz was popular, in your mind it’s probably associated with old people, old ideas and old mindsets. However, chintz has been evolving! Designers have started to create brighter floral patterns they often alternate with optical or geometric designs, for a renovated and much younger and hip look.


You can take a look at more cute armchairs by Diqualità here

Natural materials

During the 70s, people started rediscovering natural materials. Why? Well, it happened as the influence of hippie culture back in the 60s: if by the 70s hippies were starting to slowly turn into yuppies, some of their cultural influence still remained, and natural materials such as wood, cane and rattan became extremely popular as a result of the nature-loving spirit of the old hippies. Wood is one of the classic materials for tables and chairs, but here’s our suggestion: decontextualize it! Make wood a new, innovative raw material by combining it with a home décor item we usually never see it with, like a ceiling lamp!


We just love all the creations by IUMI! Click here to see more!

Bright warm colors

A trend that was going strong back in the 60s and 70s was creating a contrast between a richly cushioned sofa and naked, sleek steel legs. As for the color, you should remember the 70s were the decade of bright, warm shades like orange for pieces of furniture such as sofas, chairs, tables: that’s why we’re suggesting orange as the ideal color for your sofa! For a final touch, choose a leather sofa: the soft brightness of leather will match wonderfully with the steel of the legs.


You can find more by Carpanelli Contemporary here

Preppy style

Preppy was also another trend that was going great in the 80s, especially as far as bedrooms were concerned. Think about those pj’s you see in movies like When Harry Met Sally: often vertically striped, designed as elegant and slightly posh night versions of your daily clothes, with those preppy collars. We don’t know if this trend moved from fashion to interior design or vice versa; what we do know, however, is that it ended up being shared by both. What’s lovely about it is that it does infuse a feeling of comfiness and tranquillity, so why not adopt it again, three decades later, for your bedroom design? True, anyone who’ll step into your bedroom will assume that back in the day you must have been quite nerdy at school, but hey: brainy is the new sexy.


A nice, slightly preppy bedroom by Barel!

Conversation pit

Unless you actually lived through the 70s, you probably never heard of a conversation pit. It was such a cool trend that we’re definitely excited it’s coming back! Basically, in some 70s houses, a conversation pit was the heart of the living room: an either circular or square sunken pit with a built-in sofa, entirely dedicated to the joy of hanging out with your friends and enjoying the pleasure of a good convo. Sounds appealing? Then give it a contemporary twist by deconstructing it! Rather than having a huge, U-shaped sofa, opt for a modular conversation pit: a small sofa and a few chairs.


Would you like to see more beautiful living room designs by Studio Piet Boon? Click here!

Armrests are not indispensable

During the 70s a huge number of chairs, armchairs and sofas had no armrests; but mind you: they were still 100% comfy. Take a look at this chair below, for instance: sure, no armrests, but it’s so abundantly cushioned that it’s impossible to feel uncomfortable while sitting on it. So go ahead, and combine a chair like this with an orange sofa: 70s vibe guaranteed. And did you know you can choose both how to color and how to upholster this chair?


You can take a look at more Mobel creations here!

Colorful ceramic tiles

Back in the 60s and 70s, floor tiles used to be colorful and geometric! They would combine red and orange with white, yellow with white and light-blue, and so on. The geometric shapes used to be small, for a tightly knitted pattern: thanks to this recent comeback, you too can enjoy the feeling of walking on a floor covered with cheerful confetti!


Do you like these ceramic tiles by Natucer? Click here to see more!


The 80s were a decade ruled by neon colors: lime, mint, lemon, cyclamen started appearing on eyeshadows, sunglasses, hair bands and bracelets, and basically everywhere else. They became such a distinctive feature of those years that even now, whenever there’s an 80s-themed party, you can be sure that everyone is going to wear at least one of these colors. Now, we would never suggest you decorate your whole house with these energetic shades, but we’ll say this: choose one neon dècor piece and the room you place it in will immediately get that characteristic 80s vibe.


You can find more outdoor furniture by Vermobil here

Abstract wall art

Neon colors are not the only decoration that was popular back in the 80s: abstract art was too! In fact, anything that was bold and bright was considered highly decorative. We suggest to keep the boldness under control, though: there’s a limit to how inconsiderate you can be when styling your house. A tip? Keep the rooms balanced by placing only one or two bright, abstract art pieces inside each of them, tops.


Would you like to see more abstract art by Roberto Spadea? Click here!

Majestic bathtubs

If you say “80s bathtub”, the first picture that pops into our mind is Al Pacino’s gigantic sunken tub in Scarface. Because of the economic boom, all those hippies-turned-yuppies started enjoying a crazy, excessive, luxurious lifestyle, which would show all over their houses and of course, in their bathrooms as well. For instance, back then golden leaf used to be a popular bathroom décor item (again: see Al Pacino’s bathroom in Scarface for reference). However, if golden leaf and circular tubs are not your cup of tea, and instead, you’d rather spoil yourself with a full spa treatment, you can look for a large, square bathtub that combines luxury with comfort and style.


Take a look at more luxurious bathrooms by Cantù Made here!

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