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Tropical house: let summer begin in your home decor

Tropical house: let summer begin in your home decor

Decorate your tropical house and let summer begin inside your home walls.

Summer solstice is still a few weeks away, but we are already feeling the warm temperatures and those happy summertime vibes. Why don’t we instill these positive feelings in our home décor? Tropical plants, supersize leaves and green shades will create a joyous and lively environment, together with exotic fruits, an eclectic color palette and patchwork fabrics. Welcome tropical style in your interiors! Your rooms will illuminate with color, light, energy and harmony. The beneficial influences of tints such as yellow, coral and blue and green, will enhance the happiness that summertime brings in our hearts. Are you ready to decorate your tropical house? Here are nine ideas to start this journey with us: get inspired by our tips, and let your imagination run free.


Do feel the tropical vibes yet? Get inspired by the tropical wallpapers by Effeitalia.



It may seem trivial to you, but the curtains are one of the most important elements to consider in interior design: the way the light filters through the windows and the curtains is a fundamental element in any environment, and we must choose wisely the material and decoration of these elements. Curtains are usually arranged vertically, and it is impossible not to notice them when they have bright colors and detailed decorations. They are the perfect piece of furniture to gracefully introduce tropical style to your home, with a discrete naturalistic drawing on their fabric.


Do you wish to take a look at more sophisticated curtains from Castello del Barro?

Yellow like the sun


When we think about summer, the first color that comes to mind is yellow. The sun with all of its lively shades brings brightness and joy within the walls of any interior. The tropics are not imaginable without a touch of yellow, which is also the perfect color for your tropical house. Drop a few details here and there, that will look like sunrays in your home décor, choose fancy designs for your sunny pieces of furniture, that will be able to transmit all the energy of the sun to you and the people who live in the house.


Let the sun shine in with this modern armchair by Sancal. Find out more about this Spanish brand. 

Red coral from the tropical seas


If you do not want to risk of overdoing with the summery elements and your tropical house into a tacky bungalow, leave the corals on the beach, and take just its color in your home décor. It will be summer immediately, with a few touches of coral red. Look at this retro chair, for example: its shape is minimalist and appealing, its color makes it truly one of a kind.


Click to dive into the world of design that Emeco created.

Pink flamingos


We know that you thought this trend was over, but we can assure you it is coming back this summer: pink flamingos are migrating to our homes again! These fancy animals are entering our interiors to bring us memories of sandy beaches and fruity cocktails, with all the positive vibes that vacation thoughts carry. If you don’t settle for the trivial flamingo statue or the glasses set decorated with the silhouette of this pink animal, opt for a classy wallpaper like the one you can see here.


These pink flamingos will make your tropical house as elegant as it can be. Find out more about Feathr and all their beautiful wallpaper designs.

Sea waves inspo


Not everything must always be clearly explained, sometimes just a few details are enough to make us live a real tropical house experience. For instance, a wall that reminds us of a deep blue, the same blue that we watch from the boat snorkeling in the Caribbean. This type of decoration will only recall the movement and the color of the waves, without explicitly show them, but it will still give us the same sense of peace and relax.


Another brand, another wallpaper, another tropical inspiration. Discover more products by Glamora here.

Maxi tropical print


If you are not a wallpaper lover, you can delimit your tropical house elements to some prints on the wall, instead of decorating all of it with naturalistic patterns. Choose the most monochromatic wall, possibly white or black, and personalize it with a tropical touch. Since it will be placed on a plane and clean surface, you can go for a big size print, or a composition of many small ones, to decorate your tropical houses with some windows onto the jungle.


Michelle Carlund Illustations will uncover a world of pure imagination. 

A blue wall


One wall painted of blue will be enough to make you feel like you are on holiday. Not only it will help the summer vibe of the whole interior design, but it is perfect to make other pieces of furniture to stand out in the best way. It is most indicated for bedrooms, since it is a color that inspires tranquility, calm and relaxation.


How do you like the way Calligaris decorated this room?

Scales of design


The iridescent fishes of the Caribbean seas meet the most up to date interior designers: the result is this beautiful mosaic that will beautifully decorate your bathroom walls. The elegant scales are created with the mosaic technique, that brings the wisdom of the centuries at the service of modern home décor. The final effect is astonishing, don’t you think?


Lithos Mosaico Italia is the best brand to decorate your tropical bathroom.

Pssst: are you intrigued by this mosaic? Here is an article that might be interesting for you, that will give you some ideas and tips on how flawlessly to decorate your house with mosaics.

A tree from the jungle


You nature lovers, listen up! If you have been given the gift of a green thumb, choose the largest house plant that you can find: it will be the crown jewel of your tropical house. Place it in a bright room, and make sure to be able to take good care of it. The bathroom would be the ideal place, especially it is a real tropical plant: the humidity of the room will keep the plant healthy, and you will be able to smell the real scent of a tropical forest while you shower. But it will make a wonderful effect in about any room of your tropical house.


Explore the world of Bacsac here.

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