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A minimalist kitchen? Try SieMatic!

A minimalist kitchen? Try SieMatic!

If we wanted a minimalist kitchen, we’d know exactly who to ask for a functional and sleek contemporary layout: the historical German brand SieMatic.

Some people love a warm, cozy atmosphere in their kitchen. Some others, however, would much rather live in functional, decluttered space. After all, a homely kitchen is amazing if you get to hang around it a lot, but let’s be honest: who has the time? We need kitchens either for a quick meal on the go, or for a chilled, laid-back dinner party with our friends. In both scenarios, what you need is a functional kitchen to make everything easier and quicker for you. And here is where SieMatic enters the game.


Siematic is one of Germany’s oldest furniture brands: in fact, it was founded almost a century ago, in 1929! However, back then the company was still miles away from what it is now; the name was not even SieMatic! In fact, this name only came along in 1960. It just seems fitting that this change only happened then, because in that year, the kitchen SieMatic 6006 was launched. What’s so special about it? Well, it was the design that helped to set the tone for all the kitchens that would follow -- and not only by SieMatic. Recessed handle channels, which are common now, were first designed for this specific kitchen and everything else about it, like the materials and the functionality, marks it as the first really contemporary kitchen.


As you know, not that many furniture brands can boast such a long history. How has SieMatic been able to navigate successfully through one World War and several worldwide financial depressions? Well, as Dumbledore would say, “we’re only as strong as we’re united”, and in fact, SieMatic is a family business, currently being run by the third generation of Siekmanns. In short, this is the key life principle that has helped SieMatic become the successful, innovative reliable company they are today.


Another value that has helped SieMatic reach an international success is the attention to detail they put into everything they do. From the designs themselves, to the choice of first-quality materials, there is nothing shabby or left to chance in their kitchens. Moreover, another interesting feature is their attention to the customers’ needs and preferences. For instance, the general trend nowadays is quite oriented towards sleek, handleless kitchens: counters and cabinets where nothing is on display and the kitchen design is kept minimal and essential. For the customers who love this specific look, SieMatic has had to think of all the possible ways to make their clutter-free dreams come true! How? Well, clearly, keeping everything out of sight requires drawers, but not just any drawers: a rearrangeable system of thin aluminium dividers makes it possible to keep your kitchen tidy and clutter-free.


However, SieMatic designers also know that not everyone is a fan of the completely graphic, sleek kitchen look. That’s why SieMatic has also designed a collection of kitchens characterized by open-shelving: this way, the customers can quite literally design their own kitchen.


Other than a true passion for looking after their customers’ best interests, what else has helped establishing SieMatic as one of the world’s most reliable, trustworthy and high-quality kitchen brands? Well, a feature that has characterized this brand since the very beginning is, of course, their precision in workmanship. At SieMatic, the idea is that no machine can ever replace the individual skills behind craftsmanship; at the same time however, innovation is as important as tradition: only modern technology can ensure the highest precision in production. In addition to this winning tradition/innovation combination, SieMatic consistently tests the products before, during and after the manufacturing process.


Another feature that’s particularly important nowadays is, naturally, the effort to make sure the whole production process is sustainable. Sustainability may not have been considered that important decades ago, but right now doing all we can to protect our environment is absolutely key, and no furniture company should underestimate the importance of these matters. Studies show consumers are becoming more and more scrupulous when it comes to checking the origin and the carbon footprint left by a company, and SieMatic knows this. The number of certificates received by SieMatic are proof that design, functionality and sustainability can go hand in hand, as long as a company cares and is managed wisely.


But what are the latest news on SieMatic? As you know, last month the world’s most renowned furniture brands all flocked to Milan’s Salone del Mobile, presenting their latest collections. Of course SieMatic was there as well! SieMatic owns a flagship store in Milan, and that’s where their latest collection was presented; the name itself is a huge indicator of this collection’s nature: PURE. As we said, in 1960 SieMatic was the first company to design a handleless kitchen, and the PURE collection is the ideal continuation of that initial first step in the future of kitchen design. In 2018, handleless kitchens are not a new concept of course, but SieMatic designers have been refining and polishing every surface, and as a result, the new PURE kitchen is a sleek work of art.


This is a brief recap of SieMatic’s world. Are you curious to learn more? Click here!

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