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Color personality test: your ideal kitchen will revel who you are

Color personality test: your ideal kitchen will revel who you are

A personality test that combines kitchen decoration and color? It is possible! Are you ready to begin?

Personality tests and home décor are not two things that are commonly found together; but, if you think about it, the way we like to decorate our home is one of the most revealing things about ourselves. Our home is our kingdom, our personal space, where we live the most intimate moments with our family and create beautiful memories with our friends: the objects we choose to furnish our interiors, can tell a lot about our lifestyle, about the way we think the house should be lived. That is why we wanted to combine a personality test with the most familiar and revealing room of the house: the kitchen . We all know that this room is the very heart of every home: it where we prepare and eat our informal meals together, sharing the love and affection for the people that matter the most to us. After all, we all know colors can tell a lot about us, and finding for the perfect shade for our home décor could improve our life: we would have a house that can reflect who we are at all levels. But now, enough introduction: let’s take this test! Now, close your eyes, and try to imagine the perfect home, the one that you have always dreamed about. Try to picture in your mind every little detail of the interior design, and focus on the kitchen area. What is the shade that first comes into your mind? Which reflexes do you see on your counter top, around the stove, on your central island? Pick a color among the ones listed below, and read your personality profile!


Can't visualize the ideal color yet? Get inspired by the beautiful kitchen designs by Cesar Arredamenti : click here!



The color white is the symbol of purity, spirituality and candor, white is the color that best represents silence and peace. Those who appreciate the shade that is the sum of all colors, are usually also lovers of order, tidiness and light, and have confidence in others and in the world in general: positivity is their best feature, nonetheless they are not impulsive at all, but calm and reflexive. The color white would be suitable for many styles of kitchen, but it will express its maximum elegance with a minimalist design and a lacquer finish, like the one you see in the picture. Don’t be afraid to create an aseptic and impersonal home décor by using this color: just like your personality, your kitchen will look organized and tidy, but very sophisticated.


Dada always knows how to make the most out of the color white for your kitchen. Click here to find out more.



Do you always think pink? Then you must all about love! The color pink represents the ability to give and receive love and affection, it is the symbol of enthusiasm, it is the color that has the power to cheer up and ease a troubled mind, to dispel all the negative thoughts. People who prefer this color, never like to be alone: they need someone to share their life with, to passionately love and spend time with. The light and delicate color pink, is an unconventional choice for a kitchen: a choice that only an exuberant personality can make. Combined with a vintage and retro style, pink will decorate your kitchen beautifully, fully expressing your temperament.


The retro vibe that Officine Gullo gives to these kitchens is simply irresistible, isn't it?


Black is usually associated with dark and gloomy environments, but that is not the case, if you are able to use with class and style. Black has always been the color of taste, of mystery and sensuality. People who will choose black for a kitchen surely love luxury and elegance, and like to fantasize about living in past eras, when beauty was  precious value. Black marble, for example, is a perfect match for a modern kitchen design that features minimalist lines. It is preferable to choose this color when there is a large and spacious area available, so as to avoid an unpleasant shrink effect.


Fendi Casa designs flawless design for every room of the house. Check out all of their furniture here.


The color of blood and vital energy, red is the shade of the audacity par excellence. This intense and vibrant color stimulates the body and the mind’s creativity; it is synonymous with strong passion, exuberant personality and self-confidence. It is undeniable that red lovers love to be the center of attention, and wish to excel in everything they do, being well aware that they have the right credentials to do it. For those who love this color, but do not like the idea of a color blocking kitchen, just combine with white, black, or another shade that can celebrate the exuberant beauty of the fiery color red.


Valcucine will always know how to combine colors with taste and style, to create an harmonious environment.



Green is the color of nature, of good luck. This color that recalls leaves of grass and lush forests naturally transmits peace of mind:  it favors balance and perseverance in pursuing and completing our goals and projects. Green color lovers always want to make a good impression and impress others. In home decoration, this tint communicates calm and tranquility, and most importantly, it is a strong antidote to stress. Choose this color for your home décor, especially in the kitchen, and you will immediately welcome a steam of positive energy in the environment.


Minacciolo is a brand specialized in country style kitchens. Find out more about it here.



Harmony and balance are the emotions that the blue color transmits to us, together with a strong calming influence. Those who prefer this color are very sensitive and are able to find their strength in their interiority. Precisely for this reason, a touch of blue cannot be missing at home: the strong aesthetic impact, combined with the irresistible appeal of a classic design like the one you see below, makes every environment welcoming, charming and sensual, especially the kitchen.


This adorable kitchen is designed by Turati Boiseries. Click here and look at all of their creations.


The grey color is a symbol of caution, self-protection and prudence, it represents people who think carefully before making every little decision.  After all, grey is the union of black and white: therefore, it suits people who see that life has grey zones, and decisions need to be pondered. Seemingly detached and introverted, those who prefer this color like to live a tamed and tranquil life. This color is indeed versatile in home décor, as well as elegant and sophisticated. Choose it for your kitchen, to give luster and visibility to your house, and have fun by adding colors that contrast with it for a dynamic interior design.


Do you want to see more modern kitchen like this one by Elmar? Click here!



Yellow: the color of sunlight, the symbol of knowledge and energy; this joyful color is stimulating, dynamic and vital. People who like it most, are usually extroverts, with a fervent imagination and always looking on the bright side of life. The expectations towards the future and the desire of renewal are perfect for a room such as the kitchen, where we experiment new gastronomical creations, and share them with our friends and family. Yellow will look best with modern kitchen designs, and when combined with natural wood, it will bring out its best sunny vibrations.


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