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Selfie game: step it up with a FAB interior design!

Selfie game: step it up with a FAB interior design!

There are tons of ways to step up your selfie game, and how you style your interior design is one of them! Learn all the tips you need for the perfect selfie.

Let’s be honest with each other: who doesn’t know the joy of taking a killer selfie? Of course, behind every killer selfie there are dozens of discarded pictures, but what does it matter, as long as we can then post our perfect, flawless selfie on Instagram? However, taking a good selfie is not only a matter of finding your best angle, but also of finding the best background. If you’re at home, for instance, your interior design will be the co-star of your selfies. Even a selfie by Gigi Hadid could look shabby, if taken in the wrong setting! When it comes to interior design, it all boils down to a few rules of thumb to keep in mind. What are these rules? Let’s find out!


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NO to cold lighting

As for any sort of pictures, lighting plays a pretty important role in making a picture shine...or not. Now, when it comes to selfies, rules can actually be pretty different from the rules of photography to which we’re used. In the end, the kind of lighting you employ depends of course, on what kind of feeling and vibes you want to create. However, the general rule of thumb when it comes to lighting and selfies, is to never employ a cold lighting. Of course, there can be exceptions to this rule! But in the end, we can generally say cold light will make your selfie look flat at best, and lifeless at worst. If you still do want to experiment with cold light though, you’re free to try: you might get unexpected results! But at least do make sure you do it in style.


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YES to a warm glow

So in the end, which kind of lighting are we looking for? A warm glow, of course! There are various reasons why. First of all, a golden light all around your face will make you look sweeter and cuter -- if that’s the effect you’re aiming for. And, if that’s not exactly your goal, a warm glow will still make you glow too in return! Moreover, golden lights tend to bring out all colors, in addition to minimizing any sort of skin break-out you may be having. In short, unless you do want to take a selfie specifically for the purpose of looking high and mighty, always employ warm light! Also: lamps will do just fine, but always try to take advantage of natural sunlight.


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NO to too many dark colors

You can always to be daring, of course, but one of the key ingredients for a flawless, flattering selfie is to be careful with how dark your background is. Of course, it all depends on other factors as well, such as your clothes, your makeup -- if you’re wearing any, and so on. Still, in general it’s not too wise to be surrounded by colors that are too dark, such as black and violet. However, if you happen to specifically love dark colors and so on, at least try to get heavily patterned home décor pieces, like this armchair below: patterns are guaranteed to brighten up any environment.


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YES to rich hues

Careful here: avoiding dark tones doesn’t mean you have to avoid rich colors! If anything, a well-defined, rich hue will add definition and depth to your selfie. In addition to this, you are also going to be able to match your own furniture! A pair of glasses, a nail polish, a shirt: if you’re taking a selfie while you’re lounging on a richly colored sofa, it’s an excellent idea to match it with an accessory...or to complement it, with a complementary color!


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YES to color patterns

Color patterns are another great secret interior design weapon for stepping up your selfie game. A color pattern, no matter how discrete or audacious and bold, will always create a background harmony that will always flatter your already lovely looks! Tip: choose your color pattern based on your personality. For instance, pastel colors are just amazing if you want to express and old-school, romantic personality, whereas brown shades, on the other hand, are great for a hipster personality. It is always possible to choose for a bolder look: black and gold are fantastic if you have an exuberant, larger-than-life personality!


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NO to excessive luxury

Unless you’re a Kardashian, you should avoid an excessive luxury in your selfies’ background. Why? No worries, we have nothing against luxury! The problem is that an extremely luxurious background would eventually end up stealing at least a bit of attention away from you, and you want to avoid this! A selfie is an act of self-love, and its purpose is simple: showing your adorable face to the world in the most flattering way possible. Needless to say, a humongous round bed in your background would distract your followers from the real subject of your selfie: you!


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YES to minimal luxury

You can still totally post a selfie with a luxurious interior design as background! However, it does need to be discrete, and possibly minimal. Remember that in fact, luxury doesn’t need to be Kardashian-esque to look good. If anything, an understated luxury will look a thousand times classier and more refined. Remember that when it comes to this kind of dilemmas, understatement is often the key not to appear vulgar.


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NO to the toilet appearing in a bathroom selfie

This is important. So important in fact, we should have put it as the #1 item of this list! How many selfies have you seen, where the toilet was appearing over the shoulder of the photographer? Well, this is something you really want to avoid, trust us. The kind of bathroom where you are doesn’t really make much of a difference: it could be the poorly lit restroom of a gas station in the middle of a Wyoming highway or a majestic powder room at Buckingham Palace; either way, a toilet is still always a toilet.


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YES to mirrors with a personality

Are you taking a mirror selfie? Then you may want to use an original mirror for that! Of course, just any mirror will do, but a mirror with an interesting design may even tell something more about you, your personality and taste to your friends and followers. So why not follow your true nature and express it via a lovely mirror?


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NO to an impersonal kitchen

First things first: there’s nothing wrong if you love a sleek, minimal look. However, keep in mind that an excessively refined look for your kitchen might end up making your selfie look a bit cold! Plus, it is always good to have a few accessories around, if you’re at home. Why? Well, otherwise the final effect will be that of you being in a hotel suite: beautiful and luxurious, but ultimately, quite a bit impersonal.


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YES to greenery

Here’s one final piece of advice: greenery will always make any selfie look better! It doesn’t matter if your plants are outside or inside: just make sure your followers can catch a glimpse of that lush, natural, green glow.


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