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Night owl, follow our tips for a décor that will ease your insomnia

Night owl, follow our tips for a décor that will ease your insomnia

Are you a night owl? Here are some tips on how to decorate your home to make your sleepless hours more pleasant, and all the pieces of furniture that will ease your insomnia.

Some of us can easily and peacefully fall asleep, as soon as their cheek touches the pillow, but there are also night owls, for whom a full night of sleep is a rare event. For some people, insomnia has become a daily routine, as familiar as the drawings on a wallpaper or the pattern of a carpet they are forced to stare at night after night. The reasons can be multiple:  thoughts that trouble the peace of mind, a freelancing job that they were not able to finish during the day, or simply noises from outside of window. One thing is for sure: all those restless hours, spent overthinking our problems or worrying about how tired we are going to feel the next day, are hard to pass. Wouldn’t it be better to make the most out of those hours, instead of laying in your bed and staring at the ceiling?  Here we want you give you some tips about the best way to spend your sleepless nights, providing you with some smart interior design idea, that will help you being productive, without disturbing those who sleep next door, or on the other side of your bed. Night owls, get ready for a home décor guide made especially for you!


We know you don't spend much time in bed, but this looks like a comfy and elegant one, doesn't it? Click here and find more about Baltus.

A desk near your bed

Listen up, night owl: this is our first tip. Setting up a small work station next to the bedroom could be of great help during your sleepless hours. While you are lying in bed just staring at the ceiling, the very idea of having a desk close to you, for whenever you will feel like standing up, will be a comfort to your agitated mind. This will be your mini office, a night version of your daytime working area: it will have to be more cozy and comfortable, ready to welcome you in your pajamas with slippers on.  This way, when a genius idea will strike you in the middle of the night,, your mini work  station will be ready for you. If you don’t share the bed with anyone, or if, in spite of your insomnia problems, you are too lazy to even think of leaving the bedroom at night, place a little coffee table or a bench just at the foot of the bed: it will do the same job, and it will be within immediate reach. If you fear the world outside of your room, just shorten the spaces. The little table next to your bed can support your creative moments; and maybe, after writing down what your insomnia inspired you, you will be able to go back to sleep for some hours, before facing the day.


A small desk like this one by Pacini & Cappellini will be perfect for any night owl.

A desk in your bathtub

No, you haven’t read it wrong: we are really suggesting you to create another mini office in your bathroom, more precisely, in your bathtub. After all, the life of a night owl can be pleasant too, sometimes. What could be more relaxing and likely to facilitate sleep than a nice hot bath? So, go ahead and light up those scented candles, turn on some background music, and enjoy a long and bubbly bath just for yourself. We know very well that for an insomniac, even with a relaxing atmosphere like the one we just described, it will take time to get sleepy enough. That is why we suggest that you place a mini desk in your tub: this will allow you to do some work on your computer, or reading a book, maybe while having a glass of red wine or a midnight snack. Modern design lovers will have to go for a minimalist tub-desk: a simple design made of natural wood, or a light stone, but since this will be the accessory or your solo night moments, you can totally follow your tastes in design. The model you see in the picture, is also useful to cover the tub while not in use. Once you have tried this new, multitasking version of a bath, you will never want to go back. 


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A meditation area


Not everyone likes to work during their sleepless hours, right? Some night owls are often not able to focus enough, since the lack of sleep make them restless and agitated. For this type of insomniac, we suggest something that will relax both the mind and the body: meditation. Meditation and yoga are not just about movements and exercise: they are mental activities as well. That is why you need to create a special corner in your house, especially if you want to make meditation and yoga your anti-insomniac remedy. Choose a soft carpet, place it in the most peaceful area of the house. And when the sleepless hours come, turn on a soft light and try to prepare your mind and body for some Zen relax through meditation or yoga. 


Would you meditate sitting on this soft carpet by Parentesi Quadra Diffusion?

Books, books, books!


True booklovers will agree on the fact that every spare moment of the day – or of the night – deserves to be spent reading a good book. And we know insomniac booklovers make no exception. If you are a booklover night owl, you will definitely need a roomy and functional bookshelf, to contain all of your favorite novels, poetry books, thrillers, and magazines. This way, there is no way you will run out of good material to read, to keep you company at night. In addition to being a perfect antidote to insomnia, the bookcases full of multicolored ribs displayed in plain sight will make a truly irresistible decoration. Do not hesitate: books are the crown jewel of any style you have chosen for your home décor.


This modern bookcase is by Carpanelli Contemporary. Click here to find out more.

An alternative to your own bed


Sometimes a little change is enough to give us back a peaceful sleep. Especially for people who often suffer from insomnia, the very sight of their room can remind them of all the nights they spent awake, staring at the ceiling, turning around again and again between their bed sheets. Therefore, it could be a good idea to change room, whenever it seems to be impossible to sleep. Of course, you cannot have two bedrooms, and sofas are often not very comfortable for naps and night sleep. But we have a solution for that: the chaise longue. This special armchair is designed to be the most comfortable and relaxing seat ever, and it really is. Its reclined shape will embrace in a cozy hug, as a design lullaby just for you. Moreover, it can be a stylish feature to your home décor during the day, when you are not in night owl mode.


This chaise longue by B & B Italia will cuddle you gently in your sleepless nights. Check out more of their creations here.

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