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Fresh start: 11 bathroom décor ideas

Fresh start: 11 bathroom décor ideas

Do you feel like it’s time for an interior design fresh start? Start from the bathroom! Take a look at these décor ideas for some refreshing inspo.

It’s always like this: a new year begins, and we’re bursting with resolutions and new projects in mind. But then, our daily life takes over: our routine ends up absorbing us and we’re caught up in a net of friends and work assignments. But then, halfway through the year, we realize we haven’t been doing anything of what we initially set out to do! That’s why this is the best time to actually give your life a fresh start, starting from your interior design. It is time to put an end to all those guilty feelings that tell you you haven’t been doing enough: they may have been speaking the truth so far, but not anymore! Whatever your specific taste when it comes to designing a bathroom is, we’re sure at least one of these 11 décor ideas will be enough to give a fresh start to the interior design of your lovely powder room. Take a look!


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Strong, matte colors for your walls

Just because it’s a bathroom, it doesn’t mean everything needs to be plain white! Many people tend to underestimate the potential of a bathroom, and rather than treating it like any other room, they simply style it with mere functionality in mind. Of course, a bathroom needs to be functional, there is no denying that; but still, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not allowed to have some fun! For instance, a splash of color on the walls will immediately upgrade its style. Our pro tip? Well, instead of choosing tiles, we’d rather choose some matte, boldly colored  panels. The reason behind this is that this is going to create a lovely contrast between the matte, opaque surface of the walls and the shiny, polished surface of the various bathroom fixtures.


This lovely bathroom was designed by LAUFEN

Wood bathtub

This is one of the most original touches you could ever give to your bathroom. Which is kind of funny, come to think of it: in days of old, we can imagine people must have employed wooden basin or barrels in order to take a bath. However, we’d say wood is not our first choice anymore, when it comes to choosing a bathtub: we tend to prefer other materials, such as ceramic, acrylic, natural stones, etc. However, why shouldn’t we reconsider wood? Not just any wood of course; still, some types, like teak, are perfectly fine to be in touch with water for years, as long as they’ve received the right type of sealing treatment. Moreover, from a purely aesthetic point of view, nothing beats the warm, cozy atmosphere created by wood. After all, what we want from a bathtub is to get us to relax, and we’re pretty sure very few tubs will do that as well as a wood one.


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Mix stone and wood

Would you like to take your wood bathtub one step further? Then, you’ll be happy to know you can mix different materials to create the best tub to suit your needs and preferences. So for instance, if you entertain the idea of having a wood bathtub with a natural stone bottom, you can totally have your dream come true! Some may prefer a simple, essential wood tub, but if your taste requires something a little bit more extravagant, why should you resist the temptation? A natural stone bottom will make you feel more in touch with nature; at the same time, you can always add a few more luxurious accessories, such as whirlpool technology and LED lights, for long, relaxing baths you’ll never forget.


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Tucked under the roof

Some people want to walk into a bathroom and feel like they’ve just entered their very own, massive home spa. However, some others don’t seem to particularly love this idea; and let’s be honest, even if they did, who actually has the room? So why not consider styling a tiny but functional bathroom, tucked under the roof? In fact, even though this specific area of the house is often overlooked, it can actually be the perfect spot for a tiny bathroom, which can be used on the daily or just when some unexpected guests come knocking at your door.


We love this simple yet striking bathroom design by Nuovvo

The simplest of basins

The simplest, most essential of basins can actually be what’s gonna completely refresh the look of your bathroom. Take the one pictured below, for instance. Large and flat, almost like a plate, it does add a touch of simplicity and purity to your bathroom. Pro tip: this look will appear even more striking and eye-catching if you put it in contrast with a sophisticated, luxurious design, like in the absolutely stunning bathroom in that picture.


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Spice it up

Spice your bathroom design up with a few exotic home décor pieces! First of all, why not consider placing a Persian rug on the floor? True, the bathroom may not be the perfect environment for this kind of rug, but you don’t have to get the most expensive one on the market! Then, keep the bathtub tucked away and opt for soft, earthy tones for your tiles; better yet, use the same tiles for the floor, the walls AND the tub. This vaguely exotic atmosphere will get even more fascinating if you choose to spice it up with mosaics on the walls and the warm glow of candles to throw some light on them!


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Pedestal basin

Today’s bathroom design tends to be all about sophisticated basins lying on top of cute vanities. However, who said that a classic pedestal basin cannot be eye-catching? It all depends on the design. Of course, we get it if you don’t want your bathroom to look like the one in your grandma’s house, but really, there are so many different styles of freestanding wash basins, that you’re not likely to run this risk.


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Classic with a contemporary twist

If you’re not too big of a fan of contemporary interior design, why not opt for something more classic? Keep in mind that there are always ways to make a room have a contemporary twist. The bathroom pictured below is the perfect example of a flawless classic and contemporary mix. The style of the bathroom fixtures, like the vanity, the clawfoot tub, the wall lamps and so on, have clearly been designed with a past era in mind. However, the metallic finish of the vanity, together with the all-black floor and the heavily patterned wallpaper can only be found in contemporary design.


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Clawfoot tub

If a completely classic look is a bit too much for you, and yet you can’t help loving a vaguely vintage and rétro atmosphere, a clawfoot tub might very well be all you’re looking for. It’s a lovely rétro design that actually works well with any sort of environment! It can look great in a minimal bathroom as well, because the two contrasting styles will actually end up bringing each other out.


A lovely bathroom designed by Bleu Provence

Treat it like any other room

If you have enough space, why shouldn’t you treat your bathroom just like any other room? Don’t keep it purely functional: add personality to it instead. So for instance, you can add colorful wall decorations, rugs, and comfy armchairs and poufs too!


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Wood floor? Yes, please

Don’t believe those who say wood cannot be employed as bathroom flooring. Pretty much as with wood bathtubs, the only limit is the quality of the wood and the quality of the sealing. But trust us, nothing beats the natural warmth of wooden planks on your bathroom floor!


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