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Pet friendly interior design

Pet friendly interior design

What do you need for a pet friendly interior design? Or, rather: which kind of interior design aren't your pets going to destroy? Read the article!

We are all very familiar with the upsides of having a pet; after all, who wouldn’t want to be welcomed home every day by a cute little doggie? Still, we’re also very much aware of the downsides: pet hairs everywhere, constant drooling if you own a big dog, scratches all over the floor and furniture; we don’t even need to go on with this list, correct? Well, having a stylish house and overall undamaged house is still possible, even with a pet! Follow our tips to learn how to get one!

Ceramic tiles

Let’s start from the basics: it’s time to say goodbye to your beloved, soft, wall-to-wall carpet as a flooring solution. It’s hard to clean, and believe us, it will get dirty in no time. Besides, it’s very easy for a pet’s toenail to catch on a thread and rip it. Ceramic tiles are the best solution! Super easy and fast to clean, it’s also virtually impossible for a pet to crack them, unless your pet is the proverbial elephant in the room. And, even in the unlikely event that this happened, replacing the damaged ones with some new ones is quick and inexpensive.


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Hardwood floors?

It depends! If you own a Great Dane, then yes, there’s a fairly good chance a wood floor will end up quite scratched. However, small dog breeds shouldn’t cause this problem, unless of course they actively enjoy scratching the floor. That said, there are tons of different types of hardwood planks that are made to be durable, so don’t hesitate to renew your floor! A high-quality hardwood floor is very unlikely to ever let you down.


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Creative solutions for your rugs

A pet will sleep and chew on all of your rugs, so what’s the point of investing a fortune in a top-of-the-line rug when you might have to throw it out in a few months? But hey, that’s not a tragedy: Just treat your rugs as a work of art and hang them on the wall! Or why not, use them to decorate a table! Although of course, remember that a Bernese dog can fling drool all the way across the room, so you still might want to think twice before you hang an expensive, hand-knotted rug on the wall.


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Say goodbye to fragile objects

You won’t have to get rid of every single glass vase and ceramic statuette, but it’s safe to say you can’t really afford to keep them on your coffee table, where they will inevitably be swept off by your dog’s tail. And in fact, you should even be more careful with a cat! You’re familiar with how much they love knocking things off shelves and tables, right? Yes, we know, this isn’t very good news, but there’s a silver lining, if you want to see it: a fully pet-proof house is fully baby-proof too. If you’re dream is not that of starting a human family, too bad: you’re still going to have to put away your Murano glass vases.


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Put those table lamps away!

What we’ve just said about fragile objects is valid for lamps too: except when absolutely necessary, like on a desk for instance, we’d get rid of table lamps. Not only are they at risk of breaking into pieces, but there’s also a good chance they might be boiling-hot: a puppy or a hyperactive cat might be too absent-minded to realize that.


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