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Summer vibes in your home décor with rattan accessories

Summer vibes in your home décor with rattan accessories

Let the summer vibes enter your interior design with some cool rattan accessories.

The most fun and warm of the four season is almost here: are you ready to welcome it in your home décor? The material that more than anything else can make us feel those summer vibes is undoubtedly rattan. Here is a little guide on how to best use it in our interior design, for summer and all year long, for rattan is a true evergreen in home décor. Perfect for interiors as well as for the outdoors, the so-called wicker design adapts to any space and any type of furniture. From the shabby chic style, to the industrial one, to the minimalist essentiality, a rattan accessories will always be the cherry on top of the cake for your home. Are you ready to go through all of our tips?


Here is the first glimpse at a wonderful rattan sofa. How do you like this piece by Tresi?

Wicker and flowers


When we think of wicker and rattan, the first image that forms into our minds is the one of those cute baskets, full of blooming flowers. Those can be a lovely accessories for your home, but if you want something less obvious for your interiors, you can go for something that takes the concept of wicker & flowers to a more modern level. You can see in this picture below a contemporary design flower stand, made of rattan and wood: traditional materials, shaped into a modern and trendy object.


Get inspired by all the other creations from the brand Cobermaster.

A basket for all purposes


Rattan baskets can have all types of uses: as such versatile accessories, they will always turn out handy in any room of the house, and in the outdoors too. You could use one as a paper basket, or as a magazine rack for the living room, or as a handy container for your laundry room. This accessory will be convenient in your everyday life, and will add an unconventional touch to the style of your interior design.


The creator of this lovely rattan baskets is the brand Korbo.

An pouf with ethnic style


This is a piece of furniture that will work well both for your living room, and for your outdoor relaxing area. After all, during those warm summer afternoon, when you are sitting on your sofa reading a good book or listening to your favorite music, wouldn’t you want to be able to stretch your legs and lay your feet on a pouf? Rattan will be a great choice for this accessories, to really feel the summer vibes during your leisure hours. You can either choose to match the pouf with some other piece of furniture, like you see in the example below, or let it be the only rattan item in the room, for an ethnical accessory that will stand out.


Dedon is a German brand specialized in outdoor furniture.

For a relax corner


We are talking about comfort and relax hours… but something is missing, don’t you think? There is no relaxing corner better furnished than with a rattan chaise longue. This iconic piece of furniture is the quintessence of relax and leisure, and it can also become an elegant feature to your home décor. Whether you choose a chaise longue entirely made of rattan, or one that has upholstery parts too, it will instantly become your favorite spot in the house, to spend some peaceful hours.


The Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection has the most classy chaise longue design.

For a shabby chic candle design


If candles certainly are already a shabby style must, the a rattan candle holder is one of the key points, if this the home décor style you are going for. Imagine the romantic atmosphere this accessory will create in your living room, with a white scented candle spreading its charming perfume around. Even in the outdoors it will not only look beautiful, but it will turn out handy, to hold the anti-bugs candles, that will make your summer nights so much more comfortable.


Korb has the cuttest shabby chic accessories and decorations for your home.

A classy coffee table


Rattan, as we mentioned many times in the course of this article, is a versatile material, that works well even with unexpected combinations . For instance, have you ever thought of the rattan £ marble combo? It is certainly something that we don’t see often, but it can work splendidly, when it is supported by a tasteful design. In the beautiful coffee table that you can see below, the elegance of the design is blatant. It is certainly something that will make you feel the summer vibes in your interiors, but will work well in other seasons too.


How do you like the rattan living room that DFN put together?

Lighting design


A rattan lighting design? Yes, it is possible. A ceiling light like the one you see in this picture will add sort of a primitive style to your interiors: this is a trend that has gained a lot of popularity recently. The summer vibes will be real, with such a chandelier. Do you think it would be suitable for your interior design? We bet it is the case!


The creations by Valentina Hoyos will make you fall in love with rattan for good.

The charm of the suspended rattan armchair


We bet this is a piece of furniture that you have always dreamed to have, since you were a little kid. Well, dreams are made to be fulfilled! The suspended armchair is an evergreen of romantic and retro style. The timeless charm of the rattan material will add a good deal of style to this unique chair. Such a seat will make your patio unforgettable, but it would look wonderful in your living room too. And now that we have made your dream chair come true, are you convinced to let rattan in your home décor?


This hanging rattan chair is a creation of the renowned Italian brand Bonacina 1889.

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