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The perfect match for every room of the house: carpets and rugs

The perfect match for every room of the house: carpets and rugs

It may be hard to find the perfect match in real life, but not in interior design! Read our guide on how to choose the best rugs for each room.

Functional, elegant, classy, very valuable: a beautiful carpet can become a strong piece of home decor in the rooms of any house. The important thing is to know how to find the perfect match for every area, and for every home décor style. Carpets have an ancient origin and, since the ancient times, they have been used as an element of interior design, as a distinctive sign of luxury and sophistication. Today rugs and carpets continue to be one of the recurring presences in homes all over the world, both in their classic style and in their modern versions. The reason is their versatility, their ability to be the perfect match for just about every room: the wide range of alternatives available on the market, the ability to immediately evoke atmospheres from distant lands are some of the key aspects of this success. The simple twine of threads can give birth to true works or art. You may be a carpets love, like we are, but are you sure you know how to highlight all their beauty, matching them flawlessly? Here are some tips on how to use carpets in every room of your house, for an impeccable interior decoration and a timeless elegance.


Find the perfect match among the carpets by Amini.

In the doorway


Remember those doormats with welcoming greeting or funny sentences written? Well, forget about them. They might work well for the outside entrance, but please, for the sake of your interior design, do not let them enter your door, and treat them as the most undesired guest. The carpet that is in your hallways is the first decorative element you see when entering the house, and we all know how much the first impression counts. Especially when the entrance door leads into a corridor, you can support its lengthy development with a precious carpet that ideally connects to the "heart" of the house. A traditional middle-eastern style carpet can be a good addition both to a modern and a classic interior design, so don’t be afraid to obtain an excessively old-fashioned effect by using one: it will be elegant and classy, just the perfect match for a welcoming doorway.


Are you intrigued by this rug by ABC Italia?

In the kitchen


The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the rooms in the house where the presence of the carpet becomes essential. The floors need to be protected from water, oil and objects that could fall and damage the surface, so the materials of the carpet need to be highly resistant and washable, as well as anti-stain.  Moreover, it is important that a rug in a kitchen anti-slip finishes, so that people can walk safely without worrying to fall. A design like the one in the picture will bring style and fun into your kitchen décor, and it will turn out to be a handy accessory.


Wood Notes will certainly be the perfect brand to make your home décor special.

In the living room


Living rooms must be cozy, welcoming, they must be the room where you really feel at home and able to relax. A comfortable couch and a classy light design are probably enough, it takes a carpet to put the cherry on top of a warm atmosphere. If your living room has a classic home décor, you could take a chance and combine it with a modern design rug. Choose one of large size, place it between the sofas and the coffee table. This room will become original, exclusive and so very welcoming, and a luxurious carpet will undoubtedly be the perfect match for it.


The renowned brand Longhi will give you elegance lessons with their sophisticated carpets.

The reading corner


A carpet can also be the element that completes a reading corner. Book lover know how important it is to create the right atmosphere to fully enjoy a novel, a poetry collection, or even a magazine. Wherever your favorite reading spot is, in your bedroom, living room, or dining room, choose a special carpet for it: one of small size, preferably round, to give you the impression you are entering your personal space, where to isolate yourself and enjoy the adventures of your favorite author.


Adamà Alma carpets will complete your reading conrer in the most beautiful way.

In the bathroom


A carpet is needed in a bathroom, for reasons that are very similar to the kitchen.  In this specific room, the size of the space needs to be carefully considered, as well as the position of the sanitary ware and furniture. as long as it fits and it can be placed in the right spots, you can choose different shaped and decorative patterns for your bathroom rug. A large size carpet could work well in a roomy and bright bathroom, but for most houses combining different small rugs could be better. The important thing to remember is to place the carpet or carpets so that the flooring is protected by the spilling water. What do you think about this black and white rug? Could this be the perfect match for your own bathroom?


Aren't you in love with ethnic-chic carpet by Marlo & Isaure?

In the bedroom


Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about bedrooms. You can say goodbye to the classic bedside rug or runner for this room. In the sleeping area, oversized models are gradually becoming a must. The reason is that they instantly transmit a sense of coziness and relaxation, which is exactly what we all look for in a bedroom. Some brands are even starting to produce three-dimensional decoration rugs: they will feel as soft as clouds underneath your feet. And believe us: when you wake up in the morning and feel these soft carpets under your bare feet, they will feel like a dream!


This rug by Claire Gaudion features the most fashionable color of this summer 2018.


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