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My Scandinavian home

My Scandinavian home

Welcome to my Scandinavian home: let your guests into your cozy retreat.

Hygge is a Danish concept that is basically the foundation of Scandinavian interior design. Pronounced hoo-ga, it’s quite hard to translate it into a single word; rather, it can be better expressed as the enjoyment of feelings of comfort and coziness. As a result, you need to keep it into consideration if you want to design your home with a definite Scandinavian vibe. The question may be, why should you choose a Scandinavian vibe for your home? Well, we believe one of the main reasons should be, it’s a look that works in every season! In autumn and winter, it will go a long way to making you feel all warm and fuzzy. At the same time, everything about it, from the style of the decorations to the choice of the colors, is going to make every environment feel cooler, even in the most Indian of Indian summers. Ready to find out all the tips on how to make your house a nordic retreat?


A lovely, Nordic living room styled by Fabula Living

Mix warm and cold neutrals

Hygge is all about creating an environment where you can feel safe and sheltered from the outer world. This means that it’s a style where flashing, vivid colors can be used, but in moderation. The general preference goes towards neutrals; however, to be even more specific, not just one set of neutrals! A truly Scandinavian home alternates and / or mixes warm and cold shades, in order to create a perfect balance. In fact, this is one of the tricks thanks to which hygge-inspired homes feel amazing all year long, whether it’s summer or winter. Plus, there are always tricks you can use to enhance either the feeling of warmth or the feeling of cold: more sets of cold or warm neutrals, throws, pillows, and so on.


Do you like this kitchen? It's by the Italian brand Miton!

Get rid of what you don’t need

Another hygge style lesson is to get rid of what you don’t need. Of course, decluttering is the perfect activity to do in order to get your house summer-ready, but in reality, it’s very well a process that you can keep up all the time. Not only is it ideal if your house is particularly small, as less clutter lying around equals more space, but in any case, even if you were living inside a huge mansion, decluttering will always help you focus on the important things of life, first… And, in a less philosophical and more concrete way, it will also allow you to live in a house that looks tidy 24/7, and that takes half the time to clean! So in the end, decluttering is also a good solution if you’re lazy and laid-back with house chores: you’ll have to make some efforts at first, but it will save so much precious time in the long run!


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Bring the outdoors in...

Hygge is all about embracing the Scandinavian love for the outdoors. Here, you can employ new tricks in every different season. For instance, the best way to embrace the outdoors in winter is to keep your fireplace going from the early morning until you’re going to sleep! However, we do agree this may not be the best summer idea. In summer -- but in any other season, really -- what you can do is keep your house filled with plants! Not only will greenery soothe you, but it’s also going to act as a 100% natural air-purifier. Plus, in summer it’s gonna look refreshing, and it’s going to be a constant reminder of spring during those dimly lit winter days.


A beautiful, decorative planter by Pimar

...and take it next level!

How? Simple! Start with bringing outdoor furniture inside. Mind you, we are not talking about those (borderline ugly) white, plastic chairs. Rather, we’re talking about nice wooden, rattan or cane furniture, especially when paired with soft, comfy pillows and cushions. After all, there are no rules that say you’re not supposed to keep this kind of furniture inside your home! Plus, they are going to add a touch of fun informality to your interior design, making your guests feeling instantly at ease.


Who says class and hygge don't match? Ask Minotti!

Make comfiness your priority

Of course, being comfy is key to creating a hygge, Scandinavian home. So where should you start to make your house a comfy nest? You can start from the most logical room: the bedroom! Scandinavian bedrooms are minimal, meaning that there are only the most essential pieces of furniture; still, they’re far from being uncomfortable! Basically, what Scandinavian home-owners do is giving back to the bed the role of centerpiece. This means that your bed by itself should be enough to make the room look and feel comfy. The first step to reach this goal is to make sure you get the richest, most high-quality mattress you can; once that’s been taken care of, you can proceed to covering your bed with hand-knitted blankets and a bunch of light-colored, soft pillows.


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Simple lighting

As for the lights, keep them simple and straight to the point. We do recommend a warm kind of light, but in reality, if you’ve already styled a room with warm colors, even the whitest light will take on a golden glow.


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However, if you’re afraid your room is gonna look cold, you are always on time to add a few candles here and there! Candles are another decoration item that manages to work in every season. In winter, they will quite literally warm up the atmosphere, whereas in summer, you can get mosquito-repellent candles that will make sure you can enjoy an evening outside without getting attacked by swarms of annoying insects.


A few all-natural, lovely candle holders by Woodendot

Simple materials

Simple, almost raw materials are another key to styling a hygge home. Of course, the natural material par excellence is wood! In Scandinavian design, wood is kept pretty simple: polished, but with its natural color. Be mindful that the natural color preferred in this case is light brown: dark or reddish wood would clash with hygge surroundings. Another pro tip: avoid metal finishes anywhere, and most of all, avoid sleek surfaces, except for maybe a few exceptions here and there; Scandinavian home are characterized by relaxing matte finishes.


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Cushioned chairs

We love the dining chairs pictured above! However, hygge gives you the freedom to select cushioned, comfier dining chairs, as long as you keep them neutrally colored and with a wooden frame. Something you should keep in mind before making this choice, however, is that it can be risky to keep upholstered chairs right around the table: sooner or later, they’re bound to get stained! But if you’re willing to take this risk, then go for it!


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Simple decorations

Can your Scandinavian home be decorated? Of course! Just don’t go too overboard! A few simple decorations here and there will go a long way to personalizing it, while at the same time helping you maintain a relaxed atmosphere.


We just love French brand Smarin.

Careful with open shelving!

Open shelves are a blessing in our opinion, but they can be really tricky: they fill up in a very short time, and it can be really easy for them to get messy, thus ruining your very own Scandinavian home.


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