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The real deal: a canopy bed for your master bedroom

The real deal: a canopy bed for your master bedroom

Do you want a master bedroom with a unique touch? A canopy bed will be the real deal.

The four poster bed is a piece of furniture full of personality. Its undeniable romanticism come from the cultural heritage that it brings, giving the canopy bed an immediate sense of greatness and grandness.  This type of bed made a great journey from past centuries to today’s society, and now it looks like it is living a new youth, making a comeback in interior design trends. In today's most trendy homes the canopy bed is truly becoming the real deal: it is able to steal the scene of any home décor, transforming the master bedroom into the most sophisticated room of the house. In its modern and minimalist interpretations, or in its more classical designs, here all the reasons why you should definitely consider getting a four poster bed in your home.

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How do you like this fancy canopy bed by Mascheroni?

It is an ornamental element


Like a vivacious wallpaper or a colorful floor, a four-poster bed can add a creative touch to the décor of your bedroom. If you like a classic combo like wood and leather, go for a trendy color. The example you see in the picture below is not too eccentric, but it certainly is trendy: purple is one of the colors that interior designers are loving the most during 2018. How do you like it?


This elegant brand is a design by Chi Wing Lo.

A journey to the past


By its very shape and design, the four-poster bed carries a retro allure from past centuries and eras distant in time. Therefore, if you are into classic style, this is definitely the perfect piece of furniture for your master bedroom.  Like a typical middle eastern rug, a velvet armchair of a Chesterfield style sofa, a classic canopy bed will take you on a journey back in time, transforming your home décor into a fairy tale.


This astonishing classic bedroom is decorated with furniture designed by Andrea Fanfani.

It will protect your privacy


There is another factor, in addition to the aesthetic value of a canopy bed, which must not be underestimated: it will give you privacy, in the room where you most need it. Having a romantic veil to separate the bed from the rest of the room, will create a mysterious atmosphere, and will make you feel more safe and cozy, while you lay in your sheets. Waking up in a canopy bed will even feel more stressful, since you will have an additional layer to separate you from the tasks of the day that is about to begin.


The Agra bed by Axil is truly the real deal, don't you think?

Enrich the room with charm and elegance


By choosing a canopy topped by light veils, or even a modern one with only the wooden structure visble, the whole environment will be enriched with charm and beauty. The elegance of a canopy bed has an undeniable bohemian taste, that  will be a good match for any style of design you will decide to give to your bedroom. A vintage style model will be the cherry on top of the cake for a minimalist environment, for it become its undisputed protagonist; a more contemporary canopy bed, will create a dynamic contrast with a traditional home décor.


The Spanish brand Punt is the creator of this minimalist canopy bed.

It will be suitable for any style


We have already mentioned it, but it’s worth saying it again: a canopy bed will be make a perfect combo to any style of décor. You shouldn’t think that a canopy bed can match only an antique and pompous interior design. When you make the right choice, it will adapt to any type of décor, from the minimalist style to the industrial vibe of a loft. For very young and contemporary environments, a four poster bed will give you the change to play with structure and colors, focusing on modern shapes and trendy tints.


Domus Arte is always able to create fun and trendy furniture for your interior design.

It makes any bedroom romantic


Whatever the shape of your canopy bed will be, the romantic effect is 100% guaranteed. If you choose a wooden model, consider opting for a natural look, and then decorate it with threads of lights and bedding in pastel colors: the powder pink will make the night corner a sweet alcove that you will never want to leave.


Morelato is a leader brand, when it comes to wooden furniture.

It allows you to play with geometrical shapes


A proof of the fact that a canopy bed can be combined with minimalist and essential furniture is its very structure: this particular type of bed draws rigorous geometries that fit well with the rooms that follow the rules of minimalism and decluttering. And beware: minimal does not mean boring. Look at the bed in the picture below: its shapes are undoubtedly simple and minimalist, but it is also very unique and original.


The brand Mogg is the real deal for minimalist design furniture.

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