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Artemide: designer lighting and innovation

Artemide: designer lighting and innovation

When we think of Italian designer lighting, we can’t help thinking of the world-renown brand Artemide. Would you like to take a peek inside their world? Check this out!

The choice of lighting can surely make or break your interior design: good lighting creates atmosphere and ambiance, while poor lighting always ends up making a room look shabby, without any depth, cold, impersonal, and all sorts of negative adjectives! Of course, there are heaps of different ways to light up a room, but even with designer lamps, things can go wrong. However, we’ll be bold enough to make this statement: you are never going to be wrong choosing a lamp -- any lamp -- by Italian brand Artemide. No matter what kind of effect you’re trying to create, no matter how you’re styling a room -- no matter how minimal, or on the contrary, how rich you are planning your interior design to be, we are sure you will always find a perfect solution with Artemide.


The Aggregato lamp

Artemide is a brand that was founded in 1960 in a Northern town near Milan, Italy. Despite starting small, like most companies, from the very beginning Artemide began to receive recognition for its unique designs; only a few years after being established, the company’s designs started winning prizes and awards. Why? Well, one of the leading principles of Artemide is the idea of innovation. As their founder used to say, people don’t want light bulbs, they want innovation. That’s why from the start, the company’s designers always tried to research new methods, new materials and new styles that could make the lighting industry make a step forward in the future, rather than a step back. At the beginning, the focus was exclusively on residential lighting; after quite a few years, in the 80s, Artemide started reaching out to public spaces too: After all, one of their beliefs is that light should serve people and make their daily life better, so it’s clear that, in order for Artemide’s lighting fixtures to do that, they need to be found both inside people’s homes and inside their workplaces.


The Laguna lamp

Just to give you an idea of how innovative and creative Artemide can be, you should know that in the year 2000, when most people still didn’t really know what LED lighting was, Artemide was ready to release its collection of LED-lit lamps. Of course, research is key, here: it is evident that designers cannot work by themselves, not all the time anyway. There is quite a certain degree of technical know-how that only field experts actually master. In fact, one of the reasons behind the success of Artemide is humility: the people there, while having the ambition to create stunning designs, are also aware that there’s always room for improvement, and this is a challenge they’re more than happy to take on.


The Gople lamp

More recently, a new type of innovation that’s been keeping Artemide busy is what’s called Li-Fi technology. Have you ever heard of it? It’s a topic that started being discussed in 2011, but it’s only very recently, say from 2016 more or less, that companies and public organizations are actually experimenting with it. Basically, Li-Fi technology is so called because it’s similar to Wi-Fi, in that it’s a technology that enables data transmission. However, here data are carried by light and as far as the transmission speed is concerned, it can be even 100 times faster than the speed of the average Wi-Fi technology. In 2016, Artemide was one of the first companies to start exploring the possibilities and the potential of this new technology: a data management infrastructure can be created with the same LEDs that are normally fitted in the Artemide products. In short, the basic idea is that a Li-Fi lamp would allow users to receive and exchange data on and from their devices by means of the light emitted by the lamp.


The "O" lamp

Besides technical innovation, another feature that always set Artemide apart from other lighting companies is their ability to keep their finger on the pulse of every era and every generation. For instance, let’s take a look at the Come Together lamp. There’s a whole lot of genius behind this creation. First of all, the name would hint to a general idea of company and conviviality. But actually, it’s rather the opposite. This beautiful, hourglass-shaped lamp does come with us wherever we’re going...but only with us. It’s not a lamp to share: it’s a lamp for individuals. In fact, it is not a chance that it was designed in 1999, right at the start of the huge Internet boom. Look at us now: each and everyone isolated behind their smartphone, laptop or tablet; can you say Come Together wasn’t a brilliant premonition?


The Come Together lamp

Does all of this mean that Artemide has been letting of tradition and traditional values? Of course not. We seriously do love everything that comes out of Artemide’s manufacturing units, but still, we must say that the manufacturing of some of the most stunning of their designs actually does involve quite a lot of traditional knowledge. For instance, the Ipno lamp is characterized by an innovative optical unit that is located inside a craft blown crystal glass. And the craft of glass blowing goes back hundreds of years; only, Artemide shows us how it is possible to employ this timeless art as a vessel for innovation. Nothing against an attention-stealing Venetian chandelier, but why not try something new?


The Ipno lamp

This is essentially what you need to know to approach the world of Artemide. Would you like to learn more? Click here!

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