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Midas Touch: Scarlet Splendour's got it!

Midas Touch: Scarlet Splendour's got it!

Some interior design brands have the Midas Touch: they turn into gold everything they touch. Scarlet Splendour is one of them!

Have you ever heard this name: Scarlet Splendour? Well, in case, you haven’t yet, there is nothing to be shocked about. Not because it isn’t worthy of recognition, but because, in interior design terms, it’s a very young brand. Even more than just young: we could consider it a newborn, almost! Scarlet Splendour is an Indian brand that was founded four years ago in Kolkata, India, by two siblings, Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia. The two siblings had a lifelong passion for fashion, art, and interior design, and so naturally, their dream was to eventually create their own brand, through which they could express every single creative thought they would have.


The Cirrus sofa

There is nothing established about their creations: their designs mix royal luxury and elegance with over-the-top drama, or at times with a cheeky, whimsical sense of humour. In fact, it is safe to say that at the moment very few brands can boast such a 360-degree approach to interior design and furniture. Moreover, there’s a well-defined added value: most pieces are designed with lots of different cultural inspirations in mind! So for instance, some pieces will be inspired by traditional Indian culture and aesthetics; others have been created employing Italian classic materials. Others yet have been designed looking further to the East. So what we can find in the collections by Scarlet Splendour is a wonderful pastiche of styles, materials, textures and aesthetics that really has no rivals, all over the world. True, there are other brands that have been reaching out to other cultures and influences, but we must remember that those other brands have had years to develop; Scarlet Splendour, instead, has been with us for only four years.


The Nesso dining table

Despite having been established in India, Scarlet Splendour was actually launched during the 2015 Milan Design Week. Now, there are various reasons for this. First of all, Italy, and Milan in particular, are part of the global interior design circuit. Basically, the idea is that, if you actually end up in Milan, you’ve made it. Now, the Design Week was a huge achievement already, but did you know that in April Scarlet Splendour was already able to take part in the Salone del Mobile? Only the greatest make it there, and the fact that it only took them four years should give you an idea of their talent: we can expect great things from them.


The Coronum sofa

The second reason to explain why they launched the Scarlet Splendour brand in Milan can be explained when we look at the designers with whom the company collaborates. One of them is Italian Matteo Cibic. Matteo, like pretty much all the other designers, is a fresh, young, dynamic talent: so much so that Matteo is an international award winning designer, and his work is published internationally; moreover, he has been awarded the International Young Talent of the Year 2017 by Elle Decor. With his team, he’s been working in Italy for about ten years, but a creative mind knows no geographic boundaries, which is why he was enthusiastic at the idea of collaborating with Scarlet Splendour.


The Playhouse cabinet

Matteo’s creations are top-of-the-line, unique pieces. Some, like the rugs he designed for Scarlet Splendour, have been inspired by Japanese culture, and in particular by the karesansui gardens. Others, like the cabinet above, showcase his playful side. Some others instead, are aimed at becoming sheer luxury icons. An excellent example is the vanity table Woman in Paris Oro. The Woman in Paris is a classic Scarlet Splendour piece, but it has been revisited; this version is fully covered in meticulous brass inlay...and that’s not all! Two tiny drawers reveal an ivory lining. It’s such a precious piece, that it is in fact a limited edition: only fifty pieces have been manufactured, so far.


The Woman in Paris Oro

Another important designer who loves collaborating with Scarlet Splendour is world-famous Nika Zupanc. Known for her larger-than-life creative spirit, she’s one of the most sought-after designers: she can boast amazing collaborations with Moooi, Moroso, Dior, and many other brands. For Scarlet Splendour, she designed a collection called 88 Secrets. This collection is a celebration of precious colors that aren’t normally given that much space in the interior design world: blush pink, emerald green, turquoise. 88 Secrets is also characterized by a charmingly lovely interplay between different textures and finishes: the velvety texture of the rug, mixed with the polished but matte finish of the blush pink bar cabinet, which makes for a beautiful contrast with the sleek, multifaceted surface of the metallic pink coffee table.


The 88 Secrets Bar Blush Rose

In conclusion, we can in all honesty say that Scarlet Splendour is one of the most stunning, young furniture companies that we’ve been seeing rising during these last few years. Actually, not even rising: skyrocketing! And now that you’ve taken a look at their wonderful designs, we’re sure you agree with us.


The Terra Bass Bianco coffee table

Are you curious to see more? Check out Scarlet Splendour!

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