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Blush, salmon, peach… All the shades of pink!

Blush, salmon, peach… All the shades of pink!

Blush is just one of the countless shades of pink you can employ to get your interior design on point! Ready for some amazing pink home décor ideas?

Some seem to believe pink is a risky color to employ in your interior design. Of course, the main accusation is the time-old “pink is way too girly”. This is one of the most damaging accusations actually, because not only, as a result, the vast majority of men will be unlikely to decorate their home with it, but also a noticeable portion of women will think “I don’t want to pass for a silly girl”. Now, this kind of reasoning is completely and utterly wrong for all sorts of reasons, and has ignited a debate that’s been raging for years in the cultural and gender studies fields. But, is it our role to discuss these matters? No! What we want to do is simply to destroy the myth that has made pink such a frowned-upon color that, way too often, we refrain from using it in out interior design. Ready to learn a few tricks on how to enhance your interiors with pink? Check these suggestions out.


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Salmon pink

First of all, let us make this clear: when people think of “pink”, they often think of quite violent and intense shades, like shocking pink. Now, we’d like to point out that we actually love these pink shades as well, probably even more than many others because trying to incorporate them in our interior design is a tricky but fun challenge. However, you should be aware that shocking or flamingo pink are not our only options! For instance, very few shades manage to be as versatile as our beloved salmon pink. You see, the great advantage of this particular color is that it’s perfect for both an elegant, timelessly furnished room, and also for something a bit more contemporary-chic. It really gives you full power to make any decisions, which can be great if you’re a decorating beginner: remember, you can never go wrong with salmon pink.


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Velvet ballet-slipper pink

For some reason, ballet slipper pink is not used so often, and we truly do not understand why! It’s a bright, fresh color that at the same time also manages to be discrete: unless you fill a whole room with it, you’re unlikely to feel bothered by its presence. We definitely recommend this for any room, but for the living room especially: a couple of cute ballet-slipper pink armchairs will add a cheeky, playful touch to the atmosphere. It’s in fact a very playful shade that will help characterize you as someone who’s only apparently sweet and innocent, and don’t we all love it when an angel face turns out to be a bit, well...devilish? Tip: if you do employ this color, the best thing you could do is combining it with either black, or with gunmetal gray. It also works pretty amazingly with velvet: do you notice how gorgeous and lovely the little armchair that’s pictured below is?


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Pink as a neutral

Many find it hard to believe you could employ pink as a neutral; however, the truth is the actually all colors can be employed as neutrals, as long as you select the right hue. For instance, these armchairs, together with the wall paint, could hardly be called vivid or bright: they’re both characterized by different but still very toned-down shades of pink, which make them ideal for furnishing basically any room. Should we then add, pink is a challenging color to match when it is at its brightest, but as a neutral? It practically goes with everything! However, keep in mind that sober, delicate shades like the ones we’re showing you are especially suited to an elegant, refined room. If you’re going for urban-style, slightly brighter shades might be a better choice. Still, you’ll realize that even though these peculiar pink shades are a bit harder to find, they are totally the best choice for those low-key lazy people who don’t feel like racking their brains over which colors to select for their interiors.


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A bit too much?

Pink looks just amazing combined with many colors, and an unexpected but magical combination is usually pink and green in all its shades. However, it is a pretty intense pairing, which is why we want to show you this picture. Now, this wallpaper is simply amazing and intense, but...a little too much for a dining room! Can you imagine spending hours sitting in this room and not being able to focus on your food or whatever it is that you’re doing, because the wallpaper keeps stealing your attention away? Remember, only because something looks awesome, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll enjoy being immersed in it every single day. A wiser choice would be to employ this very same wallpaper in a room that you spend very little time in, like the foyer: it’ll make a huge impression, but it will never end up bothering you and your guests.


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Pink details

For those rooms where we are bound to spend more time, like the dining room, the living room, the kitchen and so on, it is way better to have a few pink touches here and there, rather than a full-blown pink theme. Both in a kitchen and in a dining room, it is fairly easy to find home décor pieces you can place here and there to warm the atmosphere up and maybe make it a bit more romantic, without the room becoming a pink nightmare.


This set by Herend may not be for everyone, but they may be fit for your style!

These details can also be temporary: flowers are an amazing idea as well, because nothing freshens up a room like a bunch of fragrant, pink roses. Tip: if you want your fresh pink flowers to stand out, make sure you select a vase that doesn’t steal any attention away from them. A classic glass vase is an evergreen solution.


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Crepe pink and gold

Pink seems to work wonderfully with gold, especially when in its crepe pink version. It’s a refined combination that manages to appear sober and grand at the same time. It can also become pretty informal, depending on the context! Again, let us remind you that the more nuanced shades of pink are the best when it comes to creating a feeling of understated luxury. Moreover, always remember that in this case as well, velvet is the best upholstery choice for a crepe pink armchair or sofa.


Can you recognize the style? It's LA FIBULE, once again.


We won’t start a debate on why the word “girly” is used in the wrong way; for now, we’ll just focus on this gorgeous wall lamp. Anyone who ever thought pink is synonym with “girly” is going to have to think twice! For instance, the sleek, metallic finish of this lamp is still considered a peculiar shade of pink -- halfway between rose gold and copper, but nobody would ever think of defining it as “girly”. Wouldn’t you agree?


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Why so serious?

Pink can also be employed as a fun, playful note inside an otherwise very serious room. For instance, the seriousness of this living room is actively counterbalanced by the presence of this funny, almost dishevelled-looking rug. We highly recommend playing this trick, as it’s immediately going to give out the impression you are a professional who still knows the value of not taking oneself too seriously.


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Mix pink with other colors

If you like pink, but don’t really feel like giving it a center-stage role in your interiors, it is still very easy to employ it in a stylish cool way. All you have to do is combining it with multiple different colors: this way, even though pink is probably not going to be immediately noticeable, it’s still going to soften and warm up the whole look.


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