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Singles, listen up! Here's the perfect bachelor pad

Singles, listen up! Here's the perfect bachelor pad

This is the era of singles: young, educated professionals who are getting more and more selective when it comes to choosing a partner. You need a bachelor pad!

You’re a successful young man with a busy, dynamic lifestyle; it goes without saying that you probably don’t have that much time to plan your interiors. Don’t worry, we’re far from judging you: when you work during the day, hit the gym in the evening and meet up with your friends at night and during the weekends, who would have the time? Not to mention the part-time job of going on dates! That’s why we thought of pinning down a few tips and ideas for you: we’ve already done the planning, all you have to do now is let our advice inspire you. Are you ready to live in the perfect bachelor pad?


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How should you style the floors?

The choice here is: stone tiles. It doesn’t really matter if you prefer marble, limestone...your choice! Stones are hard-wearing materials, therefore the handiest of choices: once paved, your floors will look amazing and spotless for years and years to come. We doubt you’d like to waste your time with high-maintenance wooden planks or delicate porcelain tiles. As for the color, there are three options that we see particularly fit for you. The first is a classic: gray marble. Not only is it a timeless design, it also says a lot about you: your assertiveness and self-confidence will shine through your gunmetal marble, guaranteed.


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The second option is a little more understated: cream marble tiles. Sleek and refined, they do add a bit more warmth to the environment, so if that’s the desired effect, go for it! Another factor that might make you pick cream over gray marble is space: if your bachelor pad is quite small, a dark-ish tile is not the best choice, whereas a lighter tile will make the rooms seem more airy and spacious. Of course, you’re more than welcome to mix and match: why not try gunmetal marble in the kitchen and cream tiles in the living room?


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A third option is a tad over-the-top, but here we go: raw, absolute black granite tiles. Be warned, some may not have the courage to embrace this flooring solution, but you might. Of course, be wary of the all-black effect: after all, you don’t want to give your dates the feeling they just walked into a dungeon, do you? Always remember to match black tiles with softer, lighter hues in the rest of the furniture.


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Should you consider getting a dining table?

It’s entirely up to you. Kitchen islands are handy and practical, and a candlelit dinner with your date will look as romantic anywhere. However, we would suggest getting a dining table anyway: you might have a few guests over, or host a Christmas dinner or a birthday, and a table would make everything easier. Since by now your bachelor pad might be looking a little cold with all those stone tiles, add a warm touch by choosing raw wood as a material for the table and the chairs (or benches). Keep their look basic and simple to emphasize the warmth of the wood.


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Binge watching station

The first thing you bought for your apartment was probably a large, flat TV screen to watch your favorite TV shows and follow your favorite sports team. You might want to consider getting a TV cabinet to store your Blu-rays, and even as a bookshelf. Besides, you also need it as a frame to your flat screen and enhance its majestic blackness. We’re recommending you the one pictured below as it will harmonize with the gray marble on the floor.


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Statement bed

Finally, the bed is the last key item of your bachelor pad: you know what type of bed works best for you, but may we suggest something a bit extravagant? Headboards have slowly been becoming more and more important and relevant every day, so why not choose a bed with an over-the-top, live-edge headboard? It’s going to quickly become the centerpiece of your bedroom, and it’s going to be a sign of your larger-than-life personality!


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