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Out and about: tips to create your outdoor kitchen

Out and about: tips to create your outdoor kitchen

Summer is here, it’s time to get out and about! Here is a guide on how to create the perfect outdoor kitchen.

The official starting day of summer is just one week away: its’ time to get out and about! We all love to spend time outside when the temperature is high and the days are sunny, especially if we have a nice outdoor area available: a nice terrace or a green garden can be the perfect background for our lovely summer nights. But out dehor is not only meant for leisure hours, spent reading our favorite book while lying in the sun: we can use our outdoors for cooking too! That’s right: the most beautiful corner of our outside area can be transformed in a fully equipped kitchen, to give our dinner parties the summer vibe they need. The fundamental components of a perfect outdoor kitchen are: an outdoor space (garden or balcony), the cooking area, the running water point, the dining area, some accessories for comfort. The most important thing is obviously to have clear ideas, before starting furnishing an organizing your outdoor kitchen. So, the first thing to do is trying to understand what we want, while being aware of the size and characteristics of the space available. If we have a little terrace, we must certainly opt for a compact solution. If, instead, we have a spacious garden, we can be more creative and worry less about the size of the furniture we choose. But we also have to try to consider our priorities. Do we care more about barbecues or gourmet dinners? Do we want to have big parties or romantic tete-à-tete meals? After having these things figured out, we can begin putting together our lovely outdoor kitchen!


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The cooking area


The first element to consider is whether we want a fixed kitchen or a barbecue. In the first case, if the size of the area allows it, we can opt for a built-in kitchen. We could accessorize it with all the comforts: a hob, a grill, a work surface and even an area for washing dishes. This naturally means that the kitchen remains fixed all year, so we must also consider how to cover it safely during the winter. Some outdoor kitchens are equipped with an aluminum top, to be installed during the cold months, when we don0’t use it, and preserve it. If you think a fixed kitchen will not be the best choice for you, or you don’t have enough room to install one, consider a classic barbecue: this evergreen element will be easy to move around, to clean and to be safely stored in your cellar during the winter. Plus, what can be better than grilling tasty pieces of meat, or fresh seafood, while your friends and family members gather around the barbecue?


This contemporary design barbecue is a product by Cesarré.

A sink station


Having sink station with  running water near the cooking area is an extra convenience that can be very handy. If you opt for a fixed kitchen, it will be included in the countertops, but you might want to consider installing one, even next to a barbecue area. The sink materials best suited for durability and weather resistance are stainless steel, grit, stone (natural or regenerated) and ceramic. What do you think of this idea?


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The dining area


The beauty of the outdoor kitchen is also to share the pleasure of food with family and friends: this means that in the perfect outdoor area, there is also a dining table. This spot will become the heart of your outdoor kitchen, its focal point: it will, therefore, need to have a classy look and a functional design. Don’t be scrooge, and go for a large model that will accommodate a lot of people: everyone deserves to be invited to your summer dinner parties and your outdoor barbecues!


This outdoor dining area is furnished with creations by Varaschin.

Protection from the sun


Your outdoor kitchen will most definitely need protection from the sun, the wind, and the summer showers that will inevitably occur. A simple sunshade or parasol might not be enough: we strongly recommend that you get some sort of gazebo for your kitchen area. Not only it will guarantee you with privacy and protection from the sun, but it will add to your dehor an irresistible retro vibe. Look at the example below: doesn’t it make the terrace absolutely lovgely?


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The right flooring


One last tip: you should not neglect the choice of the material for the flooring of your outdoor kitchen. If you have a garden, you should separate the grass area from the kitchen, with some ceramic tiles. Cotto would be an excellent choice of material: it is rustic and beautiful, but also extremely resistant and very easy to clean. Parquet and wooden flooring can work too, but have got to make sure the surface has the special treatments that will make it suitable to be used outdoor.


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