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Top 10 tips for good living room lighting

Top 10 tips for good living room lighting

The role of lighting in shaping up your living room should not be underestimated! Here are our 10 tips to make any living room unforgettable.

Choosing a specific lighting style can be tricky: how do we choose between style and functionality? Do we in fact have to choose between these two features? And then, what other factors are we supposed to consider before making our decision? Well, the truth is, there is no prescribed rule as to your living room’s (or any room’s) lighting. We all have such different taste, that it’s impossible to choose one lighting fixture to rule them all. However, what we can do is keeping in mind that, even though rules are pretty much banned because hey, you do you, at the same time it is undeniable that there are a few tips and tricks that you can keep in mind when it comes to styling your living room. These rules of thumb are not going to interfere with your own sense of style, but they are excellent guidelines, regardless of your actual preferences.


A shiny interior design with Swarovski Lighting


There is no reason why your lighting should not actively take part in your living room decoration! It is a bit like killing two birds with one stone: you will get the functionality of light and the artistic power of a good designer piece. By the way, there is no reason for you to go over the top if that is not the goal you are aiming for. After all, there are so many cute lamps out there that will go a long way to enhancing the atmosphere without necessarily stealing too much attention away from the rest of the furniture. For instance, a few small table lamps distributed here and there might just be what you need in order to have a few little home décor pieces around. Of course, they are not going to provide enough lighting, but they are going to be just amazing for ambiance and layering. Always keep in mind that layering light is fundamental in order to create depth and atmosphere.


Some old-school lighting designs with Karlskrona Lampfabrik

Don’t be obvious

In a way, it makes sense to style your living room as an overall sober place. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is in fact a room where we end up spending a lot of time! And the logical consequence of this is, we may start getting tired of a space that’s too much of a distraction. However, being sober doesn’t have to equal being boring! For example, you can try to find a minimal lighting fixture that still manages to look striking. It doesn’t really take much: what makes a home décor piece striking can be just anything, ranging from the color, the material, the finish, the shape...you name it! To be even less obvious: the safe choice would be to place a classic table lamp on that side table, but why not opt for a wall lamp or a pendant light instead? This way, your living room won’t look predictable, and you’ll also end up saving up space on your side table’s surface!


Take a look at all the minimal designs by WorkOf!


Texture is fundamental when it comes to shaping up a living room. Why? Well, a living room or again, any other room) where there’s a uniformity of textures is a flat, boring space. On the contrary, a room where there’s an abundance and a coordination of different textures looks lively, gains depth, and is ultimately an engaging space, both for you and your guests. It also shows your artistic and creative talents, plus a great tendency on your part to think outside the box. That’s why we encourage anyone styling their living room to try and experiment with different materials. For instance rattan is slowly becoming more and more popular as a material for pendant lights and chandeliers. It’s a tendency that’s likely to be propelled by the return of the 70s in our interior design. What can we say: we just love it, and we are sure you will, too! Plus, rattan is a beautiful, natural material that’s going to add a note of warmth to the atmosphere.


We're sure you'll love the wonders Bonacina 1889 makes with rattan!

Play with the walls

Some lights are mostly decorative; in short, they are the type of lighting fixtures which would be great to keep turned on while you’re watching a movie, in order not to be in a completely dark room, or while you’re enjoying a glass of wine at night, on a romantic date. We believe it would be just amazing to have a home décor piece that will create ambiance by playing with the walls as well! Again, a lamp like this is never going to provide enough lighting, and in fact, you could for sure live without it. However, what is life without some unnecessary but ultra-pretty things?


Take a look at all the original lighting creations by Catellani & Smith!

Reflected light

Yes, we are aware this is the picture of a mirror. Still, a mirror will be your ally in enhancing light in your living room. Mirrors have been used for centuries with the goal of optically making a space seem more vast, and this is already a good reason for placing one in your living room. However, if you don’t have the space for a floor-to-ceiling mirror, you can always add a small one, making sure you hang it so that it reflects the light coming from a lamp. This way, the room may not look larger, but it’s going to look certainly warmer and brighter.


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Shape meets functionality

It’s no good picking a light for looks alone. It might be dashing during the day, but it will be an irritation at night if it doesn’t function well. So, the absolute ideal is to choose a fitting that looks fabulous and lights the room exactly the way you need it to. Our tips for that is to first of all make sure the lamp matches the style of the rest of the room while at the same time managing to enhance it. Then, choose the type of light based on your needs: if you need a lamp for reading, the light should be white and bright; whereas if you need a lamp mainly for ambiance, a warm light will suit your needs more.


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In general, if you’ve kept your living room sober and discrete, it would be brilliant to choose a larger-than-life, over-the-top chandelier! It will add an extravagant, unique touch to your living room design. It’s the demonstration that less is definitely more.


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Be architectural

Why opt for the usual vertical floor lamp when you can play on multiple levels? In general any lamp whose design is not merely developed just vertically or horizontally, but on multiple levels, is going to look dynamic itself, while at the same time adding liveliness to its surroundings. And the good news is, you can find both contemporary and vintage designs like this, so you can be sure you’ll find the lamp that satisfies perfectly all of your needs.


We're sure you'll adore Foscarini, just like we do


A good place for a statement chandelier (or a few pendant lights instead) is right over your coffee table, as long as there are sofas and armchairs around it. A statement chandelier hanging low on the coffee table will make that exact spot the focus of the room, which is just perfect if your living room is where you and your friends gather around all the time for a drink and a chat!


Be inspired by IDL!

Create symmetry

Of course, symmetry pretty much depends on how you’ve already furnished your living room; however, if you have in fact styled the room with order and symmetry in mind, just know that you can place your lights and lamps accordingly: this way, you will enhance and improve the general feeling of order and harmony.


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