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Hygge decor: make your house  a happy and cozy shelter

Hygge decor: make your house a happy and cozy shelter

Do you want to transform your house into a real hygge decor? Here is all you need to know.

Hygge is more than an interior design trend: it is a lifestyle from northern Europe that people from all over the world are getting to know and appreciate. The Danish word “hygge” does not have a literal translation but probably originates from the Germanic term “hyggja”, which dates back to the nineteenth century and means literally “feeling satisfied”. With this word, we describe the typical lifestyle philosophy of the Scandinavian people, which concerns harmony, well-being and gratitude. Perhaps this is why Danish people are one of the happiest in the world: because they have discovered the importance of simple things and are able to find time just for themselves, without worrying about frenetic life rhythms and stress. Hygge is a style that applies to everyday life, but that also affects the way of decorating the house, which must be designed for the pleasure of meeting with friends and family, feeling good about yourself and others. The Danish people, forced by nature to spend so many months in the complete darkness, have come up with the best interior design ideas: to turn the domestic environment into a shelter. Let’s find out which are the main guidelines to accomplish a true hygge decor in your home.


This cozy armchair is a design by Baxter.

Decorate your home with memories


Hygge is about simplicity, respect for the nature, and functionality. Hygge is about not indulging in the  superfluous: everything you own, must have its purpose, and everything you do must be finalized to your well being. This is, in other words, the synthesis of this Nordic style: live naturally, and let nature in your home. This is why hygge interior design features a lot of wood and natural materials, and also plants, large windows to let in light, light colors that don’t look artificial. Every home décor choice you made must be based on the pursuit of harmony, to experience moments of pleasure and sharing your home with the ones you love. That's why in a hygge style home there's always a big sofa where to curl up or chat with friends, a cozy kitchen, corners dedicated to relaxation, as we'll see later. Because "feeling good at home" is the number one rule of interior design. In order to obtain this feeling, your house needs to somehow talk about you. So go ahead and fill the walls with photos, of your childhood friends, of beautiful memories from adventurous trips, of family portraits.


The photo frame in this picture is a design by Wedgwood.

Create the right atmosphere


To get a relaxing atmosphere, you can play with light design, combing different minor light sources, such as table or floor lamps, with the natural light from the outside. If you put one in the entrance, you will make the return easier after a long day at work, while the light of the living room lamp, if kept low and soft, will make the room more inviting and welcoming. To have a calm and relaxing environment, opt for light bulbs and accessories to adjust the intensity, so you can choose the effect you want, bright or more intimate and collected.  Do not forget candles either! Candle light and the warm atmosphere they create is one of the most representative symbols of the hygge style. You can place them on the kitchen table, but also on the shelves in between your favorite books,  or even in the bathroom, to create evocative décor corners, full of intense scents and a special light. Did you know that observing the candle flame is equivalent to a real meditation exercise? Candlelight is able to stops the flow of thoughts and leads to a state of calm. Before going to bed, it helps to prevent insomnia. Would you like to try that?


These candles by Woodendot will bring in your home a 100% hygge decor.

Live the moment, and turn off your smartphone


We know that technology is not to be excluded from our lives: it would be impossible, and it would not improve our lives. At the same time, it is undeniable how addicted we are to our laptop, our TV, our smartphones. Be present to yourself, live the here and now, and embrace the hygge manifesto. Transform your home into a safe place, a shelter from the rest of the world. Create a place to stop for a moment, and think of yourself, listen to music or read. Choose a good novel, put on your favorite relaxing music, and curl up into your comfy armchair, with a glass of wine armchair and don’t worry to take some time off. There is no hygge decor without a relaxing cornet, a safe place for your leisure hours, with a comfy armchair to welcome us in a comfy hug.


Is this armchair by San Marco comfy and welcoming enough for you?

 Sharing food means sharing love


What pleasure is most genuine than sharing food with those you love? What feel better than enjoying a good meal in the company of those you care most about? This is such a simple thing to appreciate and enjoy, also because happiness starts even before your guests arrive. Cooking with others and for others, rediscovering the pleasure of preparing food slowly: that is hygge too. Take out your grandmother's notebook of recipes and invite some friends home. Better to have all the tools in sight, so everyone they will be able to help, without having to ask where they are. If there is a large island in your kitchen, it will be fun to hang out around it between one step and another of preparation. While you are waiting for cooking, a lot of talk and a good wine to taste in your most precious glasses. You will transform those hours in a special afternoon. Of course, to  invite family and friends for an informal dinner or to start new tradition, you will need a large dining table. A single guest or many, what matters is sharing, being together, means telling each other how friendship and love are important: more love means more food to share, and that takes a large wooden table, to make everybody feel at home.


This dining room is decorated with furniture by Seiva.

Find time for your hobbies


For the hygge lifestyle, keeping in contact with nature is fundamental. That is why you should always try to find time for an outdoor hobby: reading a book on your patio, create a Do-it-yourself corner, or put together a little orchard or gardening spot. These activities will have a therapeutic effect, clearing your mind and erasing all the stress accumulated during your daily indoor activities.


How do you like this outdoor accessory by Trade Winds?

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