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Baxter: Italian sofa expertise

Baxter: Italian sofa expertise

If you've never taken the time to discover the world of Italian furniture brand Baxter, now is your chance to do so! Read the article and be amazed.

If you’ve been following us during the last few months, you know that the world of interior design is more like a universe: not only are there so many different and high-quality furniture brands, but almost every day there is a new one that is born. Pretty much like the real universe, the interior design universe keeps expanding, in a neverending process. Now, in addition to being one of the youngest brands, Baxter is most definitely one of the brightest stars in this infinite cosmos. An incredible, stunning mixture of classic and contemporary is one of the keys to the success of this Italian brand. Of course, it is not the only one, but it is probably the most noticeable and remarkable characteristic, at least in the eyes of someone who is discovering Baxter for the first time in their life.


The Damasco sofa

But what about the brand’s history and identity? Baxter was established in 1990 by two brilliant, enlightened businessmen, Luigi and Paolo Bestetti. In a way that is in reality very similar to what happens with many Italian furniture brands, this is the history of a family from the stylish and fashion-loving Brianza area, located near Milan, in north-western Italy. This means that Baxter is a young brand that was established thanks to a crossover of quite a few different factors. One of them is the aforementioned love and appreciation for style, fashion, and in general, aesthetically pleasing designs, which actually characterise this whole area; in fact, the whole region is famous for always being innovative and ahead of its time, fashion-wise. Then, the Brianza area has a time-long, successful history of expert manufacture and artisans with unique craftsmanship skills, so it should not come as a surprise that Baxter’s beautiful home décor pieces are centered around their quality and uniqueness.


The Casablanca sofa

Baxter’s love for craftsmanship can be found in the way their artisans work the brand’s main material: leather. The search from leather starts in the mountains of northern Europe, and then, it goes all the way back to the Italian Brianza area, where the leather that has been collected is treated and worked to perfection by skilled craftsmen and artisans who employ techniques their family-run businesses have been employing for centuries. In their hands, leather becomes a magical material, capable of being shaped into a thousand different styles, decorated with an almost endless range of colors. As a customer, your choices are virtually countless: you get to choose how durable and hard-wearing you want your leather to be, as well as which color. Of course, this vast range of possibilities makes for yet another reason why Baxter has become one of the number-one Italian sofa and living room brands, despite being an extremely young label, if compared to others.


The Alfred sofa

Then, you may be wondering why the two founders chose an English name for their Brianza-based brand. Well, according to their own words, theirs is a brand that does have a history that is 100% Italian, but not only does it embrace international trends, it also takes inspiration from the English taste for furniture and reinterprets it. Actually, the love and passion for English interior design and sense of style can be noticed in many of their creations. One of the most noticeable creations -- from this point of view -- is certainly the Chester Moon sofa. This design was clearly inspired by the traditional, iconic Chesterfield sofa...revisited: a richly cushioned sofa with softly curved armrests, that can come in several different colors, although the most groundbreaking one is probably this delicate robin egg blue shade. We chose to show you this sofa in particular, because it has quickly become Baxter’s most famous and recognizable design, it has been so successful for a variety of reasons, one of them being very matter-of-fact: it is available in five widths, and even an extra-large one, measuring four meters!


The Chester Moon sofa

But who designs all of this? Well, as we already pointed out in the past, something that a furniture brand can never forget, is the importance of relying on designers from outside the company, and possibly with an international background. This kind of initiative not only shows dynamism, but creates it: no two new pieces will ever look alike. So for instance, the world-famous Chester Moon sofa was designed by Paola Navone, who has been collaborating with the brand since 2003 and whose inimitable sense of colour has certainly played a major role in shaping the brand's identity. However, Baxter’s products have been designed by many other designers too. For example, another bestseller is the modular Viktor sofa, designed by Draga and Aurel.


The Viktor sofa

Does Baxter only design wonderful, comfy sofas? No, not at all! This brand focuses mainly on the living room area but takes care of other home décor pieces, such as coffee tables, desks, cabinets, and so on. As far as these other creations are concerned, the rule always seems to be choosing the materials and the colors carefully, in order to deliver the most striking designs. One of the best proofs of this attention to detail is probably the Tebe table: a lovely coffee table made of an unusual but gorgeous material: pink onyx. It is from details and features like these that it becomes really easy to understand how it was possible for Baxter to establish itself in such a short time as one of the most in-demand Italian furniture brands.


The Tebe coffee table

Did we manage to entice you? Then go and explore the rest of the Baxter universe!

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