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Vastu tips: how to design Vastu Shastra-inspired interiors

Vastu tips: how to design Vastu Shastra-inspired interiors

Do you feel like your house could look and feel more harmonious and in peace? Then some Vastu tips are what you need right now!

Vastu Shastra is one of the most ancient architecture systems in the world. As the name should suggest you, it originated in India, and it is a fundamental part of traditional Hindu culture. Similarly to other architecture philosophies, like feng shui, kanso and wabi-sabi, Vastu Shastra also aims at creating a home space filled with harmony and free from any negative energies. Because of this, some basic principles can actually be traced back to all of these architecture systems, despite the fact that they come from very different places that are quite far from each other both from a geographic and a cultural point of view. You’re free to try any of these in your interior design and see which works best for you. So, here we are: if you want to give century-old Vastu Shastra a go, here are all the basic, essential info you need to know. Of course, there is a whole universe beyond these few tips, but we need to start somewhere, don’t we? So go ahead, read the article and see if Vastu Shastra is what you have been looking for.


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Green is an excellent Vastu choice. Of course, green is normally considered a relaxing color, regardless of the interior design philosophy discussing it; however, according to Vastu Shastra, green is also a hue that has the power of helping people adapt to new environments and accept changes with a positive attitude and mindset. This is why for instance, green is an amazing choice for those times in your life when you feel like you do not really have that much control over what is happening: you’ve had to suddenly move to another city, you’ve received an unexpected promotion and now everything at work looks new and exciting, but also a little bit scary. A great way of employing green is by styling your floors with tiles: not only are tiles super popular in traditional Hindu design, but they can also look pretty stunning. Have you considered color-blocking by means of employing extremely geometric and graphic tiles?


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Avoid dim lighting

Before you say anything: we love dim lighting! By now you should know how much we love insisting on the importance of layering light, thus creating depth, and so on, right? Well, we still love it, but if you’re considering applying some Vastu tips to your own interior design, you should know that actually, here dim lighting is highly discouraged. This tip does not apply to every single room. For instance, are you building your own little home sanctuary? Do you have a yoga room? Then it makes sense to shield it from excessively bright lights. However, for most of the other rooms, light should never feel like an accessory or a mere decoration, but as a structural part of the architecture.


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Red and pink bedroom

Red and pink are two colors that is always safe to use in the bedroom. According to Vastu philosophy, as well as according to Western cultures, pink and red are the colors that are traditionally associated with love and passion. So of course, which room is better than the bedroom to welcome this color palette? You can even employ just one or two pink or red home décor items, like here, with this capitonné headboard and pink bench.


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Avoid black in the kitchen

Here is something else that we normally love seeing, but that according to Vastu, you should avoid: a dramatic, black kitchen. Yep, we are really sorry to say this, but anything black you happen to have in your kitchen needs to go! Black is not necessarily a bad or negative color per se, but its strong, dramatic energy does not work in a space like the kitchen. So forget that graphic black-and-white backsplash you’d been dreaming of for months: there is no way in which you can make black work in a Vastu-inspired kitchen.


A modern but unfortunately non-Vastu kitchen by Prima

No mirrors facing the bed

This is another tip that you should actually already be familiar with if you have ever looked into other philosophies like feng shui. Energy needs to flow, and a mirror in front of your bed is negative as the energy will bounce back. It does not mean you cannot place a mirror in your bedroom, but you should definitely place it in such a way so that your bed is never going to be reflected by it.


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Say “yes” to white

According to Vastu principles, white is a color that works pretty much for every room. Why? Well, it may seem like an obvious answer, but white is a neutral color; plus, among the neutrals, it is definitely the purest of all. Let us take a look at its two main positive effects. First of all, being so pure, it is the color of clarity and peace of mind. Everything seems brighter and clearer in white. And then again, white is the purest of neutrals, which means that, apart from bringing a sense of clarity to the room, it is not going to have any effects on the dwellers. Therefore, white, in all its shades, is the perfect color if what you are trying to do in your interiors is restoring peace, order and a sense of undisturbed balance.


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Be at peace with yourself

When it comes to Vastu Shastra, as well as to other architecture philosophies like wabi-sabi and feng shui, you should always keep in mind your final goal: feeling at peace. Now, everyone has different ways of feeling at peace. For some, “peace” equals entering an absolutely minimal room, while for other people it’s got a completely different meaning. So for instance, if for you “peace” equals greenery and plants here and there in an otherwise very minimal room, just go ahead! If you live in a small apartment, you may not be able to recreate the jungle you’d love, but no worries: a few nice plants here and there will do, as long as you choose the right pots or vases!


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Beige and brown bedroom

Both brown and beige are great colors to have in a bedroom, especially if we are talking about aged people’s bedroom. In fact, these earthy shades represent solidity and stability, as well as happiness and satisfaction. The perfect colors for those who feel pretty happy and satisfied with their life’s accomplishments already.


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How to position the bed?

We should sleep with our head towards the south. Why? According to Vastu principles, positive energy always flows from the north to the south; as for our body, our blood contains iron. Because of these two reasons, our organism is magnetic and, therefore, positive. When we sleep with our head turned to the north, these two positive poles repel each other, obstructing the flow of blood and negatively affecting sleep and good health. It is better, therefore, to always sleep with our head towards south.


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Natural materials and earthy tones

Natural materials are key to cleansing yourself: their natural origin makes us feel connected to Earth. Plus, earthy tones are generally very popular in Hindu culture anyway, so why not employ them to make your interiors even more Vastu Shastra?


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