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Top 10 small bathroom ideas

Small bathroom? No worries! Follow our Top 10 tips to get the most out of even the tiniest of bathrooms!

19 June 2018 2227 0

Living in a big city is amazing and it’s definitely got its perks: people, events, a buzzing nightlife… However, the very real downside is that, if we want to be in the middle of it all, we often need to live in an apartment whose size is, well, less than ideal. Most of the times, city apartments tend to be characterized by decently sized rooms, which is good, but awfully tiny bathrooms! Basically, our poor bathrooms are thought not to deserve or need that much space. And let’s be honest, would you rather live in an apartment with a huge bathroom but a cramped living room? But don’t worry, there are so many ways to make the most out of a small bathroom! Tricks to create space, or at least to trick the eye into thinking there is more space. So, with your small bathroom situation in mind, we racked up our personal Top 10 tips that are 100% guaranteed to help you give the most neglected room of the house its dignity back. Ready to discover them all?


A smart small bathroom layout by Glass 1989

Recessed sink

Your sink is actually one of the first items you want to fix, even though it is unlikely you thought it needed fixing! A sink’s ability to make your bathroom appear smaller or larger is actually quite underrated, but in reality, it does make heaps of difference. For instance, a freestanding sink is definitely a waste of space if your bathroom is small, because it is not going to allow you to store anything underneath. On the other hand, a washbasin that stands on top of a bathroom vanity is not ideal either! In this case, the waste of space is optical rather than real: a huge, white porcelain washbasin on top of a vanity is certainly beautiful and classy, but it is going to take up way too much visual space. On the contrary, a recessed sink can still can have both width and depth, but it is going to remain invisible. Plus, a recessed sink is going to have loads of storage space underneath!


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Go small with the radiator

Radiators are another detail that normally gets overlooked. Unless we have an alternative heating system, like underfloor heating for instance, radiators are considered a necessary nuisance. We need them, but most of the times we feel like they are just going to bring down the look of a room at best, and take up a lot of space in the worst case scenario. However, maybe you were not aware that on the market there are actually dozens of radiators designed to be functional, space-saving AND decorative, all at once! Especially when we are dealing with limited space, we need to find ways to make every piece of furniture work double as hard, and radiators are no exception!


Can a radiator be decorative? Yes, according to HOM!

Plan every detail

When you are dealing with a small bathroom (or small spaces, in general), every square inch is fundamental. Which is why we suggest that you not only employ vanities and cabinets with several drawers, but also that you organize every drawer in different sections. The options are pretty much infinite, because you can have a professional customize your drawers so that each is divided exactly into the sections you need. This is a life-saving tip from the point of view of keeping your bathroom tidy as well: can you imagine how cramped it is going to look if you let it become a disorganized mess?


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Color-blocking is an ideal technique to make your bathroom appear larger, as long as it is done on a white background. The eye will focus on those few colorful touches that will brighten up the atmosphere, while the contrast with the pure white backdrop will make the latter look even wider.


Don't you love this fun color-blocking design by Tonalite?

Keep your shower minimal

Of course, you do not need us to tell you you should be keeping your shower as minimal as you can. Just follow the current trend and opt for a crystal-clear, 100% transparent shower! “Minimal” does not equal “uncomfortable”, though! Even if you have the tiniest of showers, you can (and should) still splurge on the faucets! Very few joys and pleasures compare to taking a relaxing shower after a long day at work, and thanks to a variety of different faucets, you can too, regardless of the size of your shower.


Quality, luxury and functionality in one brand: Hansgrohe

Be creative with your storage space

Storage space can be useful, functional AND decorative too! There is no need for it to be boring. Especially if you do not have that much room, you should focus on keeping your storage space as close to the walls as possible. We do have one warning though: if you are planning on employing some open shelving, just keep in mind to be very careful with how you organize this type of space. Most of the times, people just keep on piling things up on top of each other until their open shelves become a literal mess, which of course, is not going to help your bathroom look any more spacious.


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Keep it light

We are about to mention the Golden Rule again: light colors make a space appear bigger. Of course, this is not always the case, but we would suggest you keep it in mind when you are planning a color palette for your bathroom. Of course, we do not mean to suggest you should completely give up on other colors. For instance, a touch of warmth should always be welcome! Just make sure you do not fill your entire room with it.


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Accent wall

If you know yourself and you know you are never going to be able to love your bathroom unless it is colorful, there are a few ways you can go. One option is color-blocking like we showed you earlier. Yet another option is an accent wall: imagine what a kick it is going to give you to step every morning into a bathroom with a yellow or bright orange tile wall!


More lively, colorful tiles by Tonalite

Stylish towel rack

Towel racks are another necessity, and since you don’t have that much space for decoration, at least make sure your racks do not look shabby! Plus, a vertical rack is going to make the ceiling look way higher than it actually is.


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Keep your furniture close to the walls

Of course, we cannot make miracles happen: if a bathroom is particularly tiny, it is going to stay tiny. Still, something you can do to make it more liveable and less cramped is selecting furniture that can stay as close to the walls as possible, thus freeing the centre of the room. Another plus of this design choice is that it is going to add a touch of chic minimalism to the atmosphere: some timeless elegance never hurts.


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