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Just do it: get your own walk-in closet!

Just do it: get your own walk-in closet!

Ever feel like you need to treat yourself to some luxury? Then just do it! Follow our tips on how to design the walk-in closet of your dreams.

Walk-in closets are a reality for few and a dream for many. But why is this? Of course, sometimes it is purely a matter of space; unfortunately, only a minority of us do have enough room for a walk-in closet. But also, a lot of times walk-in closets are seen as a form of unnecessary luxury: a room entirely dedicated to your clothes? Too much! However, we strongly disagree with this point of view. First of all, in your mid-20s you are likely to own already enough clothes to fill a small room. Imagine later in life! Secondly, the reason to get a walk-in closet can in part be that of boosting your home’s luxury, but then, we cannot forget about our natural desire for order and organization: nothing will keep your clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery organized as a walk-in closet. So what are you waiting for? Make sure you have a bit of space to spare, follow our tips and just do it!


A luxurious walk-in closet layout by Florence Collections

Glass doors

Let’s start with an unusual choice for your closet: glass doors. Normally, a walk-in closet is hidden by mirror doors, or by almost seamless sliding panels. Therefore we do realize that glass doors are not what you may be used to seeing when looking at interior design magazines, or when taking a look at the Kardashians’ closets for inspiration. However, the truth is that glass doors are ideal if you are naturally a messy person! Walk-in closets are supposed to help you organize your clothes, but we already know that if your nature is that of a messy person, soon enough your walk-in closet will stop being functional and quickly become a vortex of entropy. This is where your brand-new glass doors are going to be useful: you’ll be forced to see your own mess 24/7, which hopefully, is gonna be a great motivation to keep your closet tidy.


Take a look at more classy designs by Fimes!

Sliding doors

Alternatively, you can always go with a classic, as far as walk-in closets are concerned, and choose sliding doors. This choice is ideal for two reasons, mainly. First of all, they are completely silent. Of course, if you are living by yourself, it doesn't really matter how silent or noisy they are, but if you are living with your partner and the walk-in closet happens to be adjacent to the bedroom (which it normally is), you might end up waking them up every single time you get ready in the morning or get undressed at night. Sliding doors will be as silent as a mouse and your partner will have to find something else to complain about! Then, do not forget that sliding doors are the best solution in case of a lack of space. Since we don’t all have the same space possibilities, sliding doors can be a life-saver!


Need a closet-specialist? Check out Pozziarmadi!

Tiny closet

Speaking of space, just because you don’t have a whole room you can put all your clothes in, it doesn’t matter you do not deserve a dignified, stylish walk-in closet! There are options that allow you to store your clothes stylishly, organizing them just like an actual walk-in closet would. For instance, imaging getting a few of these! Not only are they small and functional, but you can basically get the “walk-in closet” effect by adding a few screens to shield them. A lively, colorful screen will also be a great decorative element!


We love SPECIMEN and their functional but ultra-trendy designs!


If you already have a walk-in closet, and feel like you need more storage space, but at the same time you don’t feel like going through the whole process of calling somebody to take measurements and build some new shelves or drawers, what you can do instead is getting some nice, solid boxes. The great upsides of boxes are that they are pretty much inexpensive, they can be quite decorative, and you can move them anywhere you want! So for instance, this trick is going to come in pretty handy when it’s time to clean out your closet before each season: you will be able to move your stuff anywhere you need.


A perfectly organized walk-in closet by EmmeBi


Something you should totally get if you have enough space is a central island. This piece of furniture will turn out to be extremely useful, you’ll see. Why? Well, first of all, it is where you’ll put your clothes to see how well they match. It is much easier to decide which shirt goes with that skirt, if you put everything close together to check, rather than having to wear everything every single time. Then, you will need this for your accessories, like belts, jewels, watches and so on. The last thing you want is having to spend ages looking for your bracelet, lost in the middle of a mountain of clothes!


Need a luxury furniture brand for the whole house? You need Presotto!

Mirror, mirror

Regardless of how minimal or, on the contrary, how luxurious you’ve designed your walk-in closet to be, one item absolutely cannot be missing: the mirror. It does not need to be huge, but ideally, it should be floor-to-ceiling tall, in order to allow you to see your whole body and as a result, the whole outfit, from head to toe. The design of the mirror itself can be extremely rich and luxurious, as in the picture below, or extremely minimal and functional: a frameless glass sheet will walk as well.


Caspani Tino always manages to make even the tiniest nook of your house look just SO luxurious!


A single armchair is another item that you should incorporate in your walk-in closet design, if you happen to have enough room. You can sit here while you’re pondering what to wear, or you can use it as a temporary support for your clothes! Is there any scenario in which a comfy, trendy armchair wouldn’t be such a good idea? Yes! Investing on a cute, cozy, designer armchair is really not worth it, if you are going to let your everyday clothes pile up on it for weeks until you can’t distinguish the armchair from the clothes anymore!


A cute, comfy armchair by Montbel

Hipster touch

Would you like to give your walk-in closet a hipster touch? Well, a sarcastic hipster touch of course, because as you well know, hipsters would pretend not to need or want a walk-in closet. Well anyway, if you do want a bit of that warm retro look that comes with hipster style, think about styling your closet with some warm wooden planks! They’re a great idea also if you’re low-key scared your home will start looking too posh and snobbish.


Take a look at more by Former!


For a walk-in closet, the best kind of lighting are spotlights you can point wherever you need some additional lighting.


A cute little rose-gold spotlight by Puraluce

Choose a modular design

Especially if you’re someone who often goes through their closet to re-organize it, you should consider getting a walk-in closet whose structure you can easily change. This can be done quickly and painlessly with modular shelves and drawers!


A modular solution is always the best, and Pianca knows this!

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