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World Cup: how to enjoy it in company

World Cup: how to enjoy it in company

Summer means one thing: it's World Cup time! What makes the FIFA championship even better is watching it in company. Here's how to do that properly!

Summer is here, and what makes it wonderful is not just the sun, the warm weather and the free time, but the unmissable World Cup! No matter what team you are rooting for, it is always fun to watch the world championship. But what makes watching a FIFA game even more entertaining? Watching it with friends! And it is fun regardless of which team you guys are supporting: you may be supporting competing teams but every single year, we always end up realizing how much football does unite people instead of raising a barrier among them. So, how do we make the experience of watching an exciting game with our friends even more fun? Well, there are a few ways to make sure your friends are going to flock to your house every game night. Some of these boxes, you may have ticked already; but you may still have to take care of some others. Also, are you watching the games indoors or outdoors? Here’s what to do in both case scenarios!


A cozy yet minimal living room design by Gruppo Tomasella

The right set-up

First of all, you need to make sure you’ve got the only true essential item to watch the game: a screen. Big or small, it needs to deliver perfect high-quality images that can be seen from across the room. Even more important than that, your TV needs to be set up in an environment that’s spacious enough for all of your friends to enjoy the game comfortably. You may need to move your TV for that, but of course, we trust you to already have a living room that can put all of them up, at least for one evening! Also, you should make sure your TV cabinet has enough surfaces for all the snacks you and your friends are going to be munching nervously during the game: there is never enough of them!


A wonderful TV cabinet by Antaix

More room for snacks

Since we have been talking about snacks, let us remind you that, depending on how many friends you are having over, there is truly never enough of them! But hey, it may even just be you and your bestie; we do not judge. Be that as it may, what you need here is as many surfaces as you can get in order to proudly display your vast selection of first-quality game snacks. Here’s a nice tip though: what if, before each game, you and your friends cooked two traditional dishes from the night’s two competing countries? This will not only reinforce the idea that football, like all sports, should unite rather than divide, but it will also step up your game when it come to hosting all of your friends to watch the world championship. After all, who said that chips and popcorns are all you are supposed to eat when watching a football game?


Check out more original creations by Sparco!

Rolling cart

What always follows food? Drinks! There is no need to hide the fact we all love a cold beer or drink on a game night. Of course, it is up to you to decide how many drinks you and your friends are going to down; we are far from recommending a number -- and again, far from judging you. However, what we do recommend is that you get a rolling cart in order to have all of your drinks always nearby, within a hand’s reach. Because what is worse than getting up, going to the kitchen to grab another drink from the fridge, and hearing your friends yell at the TV because one of the teams just scored a goal -- and you missed all the action? This is a risk nobody wants to run, and this is why you need to keep all of your snack and drinks as close as you can around you and your guests.


Take a look at all of the cute designs by Chi Wing Lo!

Comfy sofa

Let’s be honest, when your team is playing, you don’t really care about where you are sitting -- or even if you are sitting. The most important thing is the game. Plus, don’t we all tend to jump up and down, based on what is happening on the field? However, it still feels nice to know you’ve got a comfy seat waiting for you during quieter moments of the game. Of course, you do not need to buy a new sofa just for the FIFA championship; but, if you were thinking of renovating your living room, you might as well grab this opportunity and get a new, comfy sofa, long and large enough to sit at least three or four people. Watching a game has never felt comfier!


We love the refined designs by Portuguese brand neri&hu

Extra seating

Of course, nobody expects a sofa to sit ten people; which is why you do need some extra seating solutions. The best solution here is to get a few stools and poufs. First of all, your friends can just place them anywhere they like: they can sit closer to the bowl containing their favourite snack, for instance! But also, those stools and poufs will add a touch of fun, warm informality to your living room, which is going to transform it into the best environment to enjoy a football match with your friends.


Versatility is key for the Canadian brand Molo


Are you watching the game in your garden? Then maybe it’s time to fire your barbecue up! You can cook some delicious burgers right before the game, or simply grill all night long, one eye on the sausages and one on the screen. Either way, a compact design is always best, like this barbecue equipped with its own table.


Only the best quality, with Haute Material


Is the sun still shining while you’re watching the game? Then of course, what you need here is a sunshade: the last thing you want is missing a fantastic action because of the glare on the screen. It might be handy to get a retractable one: it is always going to meet all of your light/shade ratio requirements.


Landscaping expertise since 1960, with Pratic

Scatter your seating

If you’re in your garden, you should get chairs and sofas that can easily be moved and scattered around, for a variety of reasons: some of your friends my want to sit a bit further away from the heat of the barbecue; others may want to sit closer to the screen, and others yet may need to sit in an improvised smoking area, as far away as possible from the other non-smoker friends.


Explore the outdoor world of Bonsaglio


One last thing about food: trays. Of course, your friends are likely to all have functioning legs, and thus be able to serve themselves, but if you want to be a flawless host, you should be the one walking around and offering them your freshly grilled burgers.


Essential yet striking: a tray by XLBoom


If it’s night, you most definitely need some sort of outdoor lighting. In fact, did you know that it is really not healthy for your eyes to be staring at the only source of artificial light? If your surroundings are dark and you are staring at a screen, you need a few more light sources to give out a softer, warmer glow.


A couple of reassuringly large, polished, white outdoor lamps by Calma

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