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Do you really want to enjoy your garden? Take a look here.

Do you really want to enjoy your garden? Take a look here.

Summer is approaching, and you surely want to enjoy it all. Here are some interesting tips to make the best use of your outdoor living space, if you have one.

Outdoor seating area

This period of the year is so hot that we all like spending time outdoor, but what if we don’t have the right facilities to really enjoy time outside our home surrounded by nature? This wouldn’t be so nice, which is why we are going to make a list of irreplaceable objects and complements for your beautiful backyard. First of all, you need a set of composite furniture solutions: an elegant low table, some small and comfortable chairs and the job is done!  Imagine your colleagues or your friends come to your place, you can’t stay inside unless you turn on the air conditioner, but it would be a pity. You can go outside instead, and relax a bit while drinking some iced-tea, fruit juice or other cool drinks. In this circumstance, the first thing you need is a comfortable place to take a seat. Hand-woven table and chairs will be the best choice, in fact they allow air to pass through, giving a feeling of refinement and cleanliness, just as in the photo below.

Garden-seating area-Eurooo

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You might be thinking the sun is too strong, and spending time outdoor would kill you under the sunlight. No problem, here we come with the second must for your garden: a parasol. This a necessary article which gives a stylish plus to your space. There are several kinds of parasols, but we strongly suggest you to prefer those made using smart sliding mechanisms, which have the advantage of being very easily mounted. They are in fact more flexible than the traditional ones and can protect you from UV rays, or even from water, still guaranteeing the light can pass through the structure. And the most important thing is they can usually be left outside throughout all the year thanks to the high-quality fabric.


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We all love eating… and what we love more is eating in the company of our friends. You will see, once you start spending more time in your garden, you will also organize more and more night events, barbecues, outside dinners and so on. This is the reason why you do need to buy a barbecue. If you don’t want to exaggerate then it’s not necessary to buy a big one, on the contrary a mobile one will be the best choice. That way, if your garden is not very big, you can use the barbecue only when you really need it, without taking up valuable space which could be used for other fascinating complements. If you do have a huge space, then you can choose from a wide variety of articles, ranging from those made using stones till the ones made with the most innovative materials.


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Functional lighting

It goes without saying that you will also need a lamp for your evening barbecues. Choose a very simple but resistant one, a functional lamp made out of waterproof and sun-proof materials which can be hanged wherever you want will be the best choice. But you can also take up-lighting so that you can highlight the beauty of your plants, flowers and trees. This way, you will create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere to your garden, enjoying every single moment you spend and share with others when the sun goes down.


Creations by Tradewinds

Relaxing chaise longue

Another important thing which would make your garden a kind of open Spa is a relaxing and brilliantly made chaise longue where you can spend time while sunbathing or just relaxing, better if near the border of a swimming pool. Choose a glamourous designed and well equipped with soft cushions. A nice idea would be selecting your chaise longue from the wide selection made of upholstered fabrics, while you should instead avoid using plastic materials which is not helping you a lot against the hot temperature. You can pick up the shape you like the most, with a chic and fashionable style. You will surely fall in love with it.

Garden-Chaise longue-Eurooo

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Outdoor shower

Spending time in the heat can be pleasant when the weather is not extremely hot, but during summer sometimes we really wish to have a fresh feeling body, which is why having a garden fitted with a shower is a great idea. Choose a shower with a comfortable base and with almost no maintenance needs. When thinking about the shower you’d better think about durability, and resistance to corrosion. You can also think about creating a veranda in order to have a more private space. Last but not least, if you gave enough space, think about a beautiful swimming pool! This would be a great companion for your shower.


Cascade outdoor shower by Tradewinds

Hope you enjoy your summer and appreciate our tips.

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