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Spot on: discover Aangenaam XL

Spot on: discover Aangenaam XL

Would you like your interiors to be spot on? Easy: you need some creative lighting, and what's better than Aangenaam XL?

Have you ever looked at your house and thought, “Something’s missing from here?”. We all have, and in truth, what’s missing might very well be one of the brilliant creations by Aangenaam XL. Behind every light handcrafted by this company from the Netherlands, there’s the skillful personal touch of a creative genius. Why put your home’s personality in the hands of mass production when you can in fact put it in the hands of a professional? Aangenaam takes pride in crafting exclusive, custom home décor pieces that are going to be as unique as your taste and personality. Marc Poldermans believes in working closely with clients and designers in order to make sure you every creation is the exact realization of the client’s vision. Now, let’s take a look at how Aangenaam XL can revolutionise any room of your house.


The Marloes Light

Choose a statement light for your foyer

Making a good first impression is key. What’s the first step you could take towards this goal? A single, glorious ceiling light that will make any guest feel unique for being welcomed in such a home. Tip: we suggest trying to really make this light the focus of your foyer. How? Keep the rest of the entrance classy, but on the down-low: the room will keep a clean look while being majestic at the same time.


The Hanging Light with Chain

Unexpected pops of color

Remember when we said Aangenaam XL just loves nature? Well, this is another amazing example. The inspiration here has clearly been one of the most natural things ever: a simple, basic egg. The polished off-white outer surface creates a magical harmony with the soft gold of the inner surface. In fact, because of this color combination, eggs are highly aesthetic, but imagine how enhanced this color combination will be by being lighted and brightened up by the light coming from within! Needless to say, this is the perfect pendant light to hang in your kitchen. Our suggestion is to place a couple of them over your kitchen island, or, alternatively, over your breakfast table, to start each day in a perfectly solar mood.


The Bullit Light

Create ambiance

Lights are fundamental also to create ambiance: if all we needed were mere light, we would just need a couple of light bulbs, and that would be it. A great way to create ambiance and texture in a room is by placing different lights and lamps at various heights, and in various strategic locations. For instance, if you already have a few pendant lights hanging around, you could try balancing them out with a cute table lamp. Results are guaranteed!


The Donut Table Light


Because of our frenetic lives, people are trying to find their inner peace in countless ways: crystals, yoga, you name it! We often feel like we lost our connection with Mother Earth. Well, one of the characteristics of many Aangenaam XL designs is that they are inspired directly by the natural world: materials, colors, shapes, all is designed in order to strengthen our nearly lost connection with nature. Well, here’s something really cool: a few Earth lights hanging from your living room’s ceiling will make you feel like you’ve just restored that connection. Delightfully Earthly globes that open up to reveal a heart of gold that will shed a light on your relax area and, hopefully, on your mind as well.


The unique, magical Earth Light

More earthy vibes

Let’s play around with shapes a bit. Earth lights are warm and round, so let’s try combining them with a square lamp: Agate table light. This lamp, resembling a kaleidoscope of variegated gemstones, will form a harmonious contrast with the hanging lights by bringing gravity back to your living room. Plus, let’s be honest, the Agate lamp is just mesmerizing to watch: trust us, you will sit down on the couch after a long day, and you’ll feel more relaxed just by looking at Agate.


The Agate Table Light

If you’re not a fan of table lamps, or alternatively, you already have too many of them, Aangenaam XL allows you a custom design: the Agate floor lamp. By the way, this is the sort of lamp design you should consider if the room you are thinking about has got a low ceilings: always remember that straight, vertical lines do wonders for making ceilings appear higher!


The Agate Standing Light

Be creative in the bathroom too!

Just because you don’t get to spend as much time in the bathroom as well as in other rooms, it does not mean you shouldn’t try to make it trendy! And it’s never been so easy, thanks to the Patina light. Depending on how you styled your bathroom, you can choose the perfect finish for you -- glossy, matte or rough. Regardless of what finish or color you choose, this lamp, which has been created voluntarily “flawed”, with those holes that characterize it, will always be a declaration that you don’t take yourself too seriously. We highly recommend being stylish, but never, EVER, pretentious.


The Holes Patina Light

Need some warmth in the kitchen?

Kitchens can easily become the heart of the house: they’re not any longer devoted just to food preparing, but to conviviality, especially in the case of open plan kitchens. By the way, if you’re wondering whether or not you should get an open plan kitchen, you should really take a minute to consider all pros and cons! Now, you can make your kitchen even warmer by adding some thoughtfully chosen lights. The Lamella light, for example, is guaranteed to add an extra-warm note to any kitchen. How? Just look at its copper-brown shade: it’s the ultimate symbolic replacement for what once used to be ever-present fireplace.


The Lamella Light

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