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Mazzali: the wardrobe of your dreams

Mazzali: the wardrobe of your dreams

Having trouble sleeping? A bedroom enhanced by a Mazzali wardrobe might be all you need to make your dreams come true!

We can never stress the importance of a good night’s sleep enough. Our contemporary lives require us to be at the top of our game, all day, every day; and how are you supposed to manage that, if your circadian rhythms are all disrupted? Plus, let’s not forget the importance of sleep to always look (and feel) at your best: it’s not called “beauty sleep” for nothing! Of course, the most essential item of your bedroom is the mattress, there is no doubt about that. But the general outline of the room is fairly important too, as well as the quality of the design and the materials and colors employed. Not to mention another fairly essential item: the wardrobe! Now, Italian brand Mazzali has been carefully planning all of these details for years, which is why, whether you are looking to restyle yours or your kids’ bedroom, you should definitely consider Mazzali.


Bespoke designs

First of all, you may want to rely on Mazzali’s expertise if you have a certain vision for your bedroom: each individual vision is absolutely unique, which is why we can’t always rely on just any brand. Sometimes it is in fact necessary to ask a professional for some custom furniture; in general, the more peculiar you want your bedroom to be, the less you can simply head over to a furniture shop and buy a random, massified piece of furniture. Mazzali is ideal because producing custom, bespoke furniture is what the company has always aimed at, therefore, we really couldn’t leave you in better hands than theirs.



Of course, what is the main prerequisite for a bespoke bedroom (and for bespoke furniture in general)? Craftsmanship skills! For years, Mazzali has been collaborating with the most skilled artisans, who not only supervise the entire production process, but they also make sure that everything, from raw materials to varnish and paint, is absolutely top-quality. Moreover, these skilled professionals’ attention to detail is what makes sure that every single one of your requests can be met timely and impeccably.



You must have realized by now that it is morally, ethically impossible for companies nowadays to keep working and crafting their products without carefully considering first what the consequences on the environment are going to be. The ecosystem of our planet is already fragile and damaged enough, and a company that does not take this into consideration is not going to be welcomed by customers anymore. At least, one would hope so! For this reason, Mazzali has made sure to keep a strict control over every phase of the production process, which also includes choosing to collaborate with certain suppliers and not with others, based on the suppliers’ ethics when it comes to protect the environment and leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible.


Italian style

Let’s not forget: Mazzali is an Italian brand. This means that one of their key principles is, well...being stylish! This is why Mazzali focused on the production of wardrobes since the beginning: because here is where your style begins, in the morning, and ends, temporarily, in the evening. And, precisely because everyone has a different sense of style and therefore different needs, Mazzali makes sure to craft wardrobes that fit in your room, but most importantly, in your sense of style too. Some people may need lots of drawers, some others fewer, some others may have very specific needs that only a strongly customized wardrobe can satisfy. With Mazzali, you can always be 100% sure you’ll never regret asking for their expert assistance.


More than a wardrobe: a work of art

Many people make the naïve mistake of believing that wardrobes are purely functional pieces of furniture. Meaning that of course, they should not be ugly, but as long as they fit in with the style of the room, that’s just fine. Well, Mazzali has a different opinion on this subject; in fact, according to Mazzali, a wardrobe has all rights to become an actual home décor piece! If you think about it, you’ll realize this is actually the most logical thing. A wardrobe takes up so much space, and all that space would be sort of wasted (home décor-wise) if the wardrobe were simply a huge, white box full of clothes.


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