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La Dolce Vita: enjoy your summer with these Italian brands

La Dolce Vita: enjoy your summer with these Italian brands

La Dolce Vita is meant to be enjoyed outdoors! And Italians can definitely teach us a lesson or two about that. Let's discover the best Italian furniture brands for your garden!

In summer, there is almost nothing better than enjoying some quiet “me”-time in your garden. Or maybe, you’d rather be with your friends and family! Still, spending some time outdoors is just amazing: we get to relax, enjoy the warm weather, recharge our batteries in the sun, maybe even getting a nice tan. Now, the true international experts when it comes to spending some quality time relaxing outdoors are definitely the Italians: the lovely Mediterranean climate is what has propelled them to create top-quality outdoor furniture. Let’s discover some of the best Italian outdoor furniture brands!


A lovely rattan armchair by Bonacina 1889


As the name itself suggests, Talenti is a brand who has based its success on a few important values: originality, creativity and innovation. Which is why every single creation by Talenti is not only unique, but it is also the result of an endless process of research and experimentation, in order to deliver furniture that is beautiful to see, made of top-quality materials, and also -- as far as seating solutions are concerned -- comfortable and ergonomic. All in all, just any creation by Talenti would simply look and feel amazing everywhere you put it.


Classy, unique: it's Talenti


Serralunga knows that sitting down in a comfy lounge chair in your garden feels good, but it’s not enough. You need something else: decorations that bring harmony but also cheerfulness into your world. Décor objects like lights, flower pots and vases, add ambiance and atmosphere to your garden: imagine lying down on the grass, at night, surrounded by the sweet, fresh smell of your flowers!


Serralunga has been around since 1825, did you know that?


Roberti is a classy brand that mixes playfulness and versatility. In fact, depending on what you feel your garden may need, you can get a whole outdoor living room set, or, which is why we love Roberti so much by the way, an incredible statement piece like this hanging chair. A garden should be tidy but playful too: after all, you’re allowed to be yourself when you are surrounded by nature! Plus, as we said, this company’s creations are extremely versatile. For instance, you can detach this lovely hanging chair from its support, and just keep it on the ground. Not to mention the fact that you can recognize a truly great piece of outdoor furniture because it would look equally stunning both indoors and outdoors, and Roberti’s results are always amazing.


We just love this hanging chair design by Roberti


Marazzi’s area of expertise is the flooring. And let’s be honest, what’s more Italian than timeless and always lovely terracotta tiles to style your garden with? Of course, that terracotta shade should be your go-to if you want to have an incredibly Italian-looking garden. However, like all the major furniture and home décor brands, Marazzi knows the importance of innovation, revisiting time-old creations and giving them a contemporary twist. This is why you can find these tiles in their traditional color, as well as in five more, the more revolutionary of which are two different shades of grey, as well as an unprecedented, stunning cold white.


Marazzi is likely the most renowned ceramic tile brand in Italy

La Casa dei Limoni

This brand specializes in building custom, bespoke pergolas. Have you ever felt like you’d like to have your own private retreat in the middle of the lovely oasis that is your garden? Well, thanks to La Casa dei Limoni, now you can. This company can build an entirely new pergola from scratch, or, it can build it against an outer wall. Their pergolas are bioclimatic, which makes them perfect for each season: you can keep them completely open to let the summer breeze in, but its walls are also completely sealable, which of course means, the use of your brand-new pergola is not going to be limited to the spring/summer season, but it will extend to autumn and winter as well.


A lovely semi-detached pergola by La Casa dei Limoni


Well, this is not a brand for your garden, but it’s definitely a luxurious brand for outdoor...yachts! When it comes to designing sumptuous yachts and their interiors, very few Italian or international brands can compete with Riva. Of course, not everyone may need a yacht, but isn’t it nice to take a peek inside one of them?


We're allowed to fantasize over our dream yacht, right? Explore more by Riva!

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