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Stone, water & wood: the natural world of Lapicida

Stone, water & wood: the natural world of Lapicida

Stone, water and wood are the key to Lapicida's creations: let's discover together one of the world's leading international natural stone specialists.

In a world where so many things seem to be way too artificial and far from natural world, one brand is resisting this seemingly unstoppable shift to a plastic, synthetic world: Lapicida. Lapicida is a company from the UK, and it’s relevant today as it is one of the world’s leading international stone specialists. Where so many companies turn to new, artificial materials, Lapicida still believes in the charm of raw nature: despite many of their creations having of course been polished and refined, they still give off an undeniable natural vibe. A characteristic that’s typical of natural materials is their versatility: no matter what the overall style of your interiors is, you will still able to make room for natural, raw designs. Moreover, another symptom of the versatility of these home décor pieces is their ability to fit seamlessly into any room of your choosing. We’ll take a look at Lapicida’s history and their creations: you’ll understand what we mean.


The Astoria Mirror

First of all, when and where did it all start for Lapicida? Well, Lapicida is actually a relatively new company. In fact, it all started about 30 years ago, when David Cherrington -- the founder -- went on a journey to the Far East. He was a stone craftsman and a roofing merchant, and he went on this Odyssey accompanied by his son Jason. It was during this journey that Jason, who’s an entrepreneur, immediately discovered all the potential that the natural stones of the places they were visiting had, if they could only import them into England. And that is basically how the history of Lapicida began! This journey still continues in a way: right now, it is Jason’s son, Milo, who manages Lapicida and who masters the company’s CNC Shaping Mill technology. It takes a long training and months of trial-and-error experiments to be able to achieve the level of exceeding quality all of Lapicida’s creations can boast.


The Roll Top Forest Brown Marble Bath

One of the features that we can immediately notice in a Lapicida creation is the designers’ and manufacturers’ fascination with the past. A clear example of this fascination is the Roman Moleanos Limestone Bath. Made of top-quality limestone, this bathtub was clearly inspired by ancient Roman history. In ancient Rome, “spas” did not exactly look like ours, but still: their thermal baths were world-renowned. These places were pretty important for the social life of the city: many wealthy Roman citizens used to gather at the public baths in order to relax, listen to the new gossip about the senators and the emperor, and so on. Lapicida’s polished limestone bathtub is clearly reminiscent of this past glory: sober and yet majestic, it is guaranteed to take you back to a gone but not forgotten time where life might have been harder, but less stressful and frenetic.


The Roman Moleanos Limestone Bath

This fascination for the past actually goes a long way back: it extends to a more remote past than simply ancient Roman times. Let’s take Lapicida’s petrified wood basins as an example! Each one of them is a unique, hand carved piece, and they all come from the trunk of a petrified tree that is million of years old. These basins can be employed where they are supposed to be, in the bathroom, that is. However, you can also employ them as a certainly original home décor piece; for instance, they would look amazing as vases in a foyer, or in your living room. A creation like this is bound to show you all the infinite possibilities nature offers us, if we only listen.


The Petrified Wood Basin

So far, every design we saw might have been polished, but still had a raw vibe about itself. On the other hand, other creations have a charming touch of sophistication. An example? The Herringbone Table. Designed by the London-based Welsh Bethan Gray, the herringbone table is an edgy, bubbly table that also manages to be classy, at the same time. It is impossible not to appreciate the amount of work that is at the origin of such a piece. The herringbone pattern on the surface has been created first by skillfully cutting Carrara marble and Black Nero Marquina with water-jet technology, and then by juxtaposing them with unbelievable precision. The black-and-white surfaces rests on a brass frame, which has been turned, machine and sandblasted in order to have a softer look: sleek brass would have looked a bit excessive, especially considering it is combined with the surface’s edgy pattern.


The Bethan Gray Herringbone Table

Brushed brass is actually a bit of a recurring feature in many of Lapicida’s creations. Sometimes though, rather than being the structure of a creation, it plays a less structural and more decorative role. The Astoria Marble Vanity is an example of this. Again, a piece that is a bit reminiscent of ancient times: we can totally picture it standing right next to the Roman bathtub. Here the brushed brass is a decoration that -- harmoniously -- breaks up the marble surface.


The Astoria Marble Vanity

One reason why we love Lapicida so much is their openness to producing bespoke furniture whenever a customer has a specific request. For instance, one of their most popular tables is the Birr Black Refectory Table, made of limestone and oak. It does come in three standard sizes, but these can be discussed with the customer, as well as the exact type of finish; as it’s a table that is suitable for both the indoors and the outdoors, if a customer specifically means to use it outdoors, the table comes with a weatherproof cover, while the oak is treated in order to be water- and UV-resistant.


The Birr Black Refectory Table

In conclusion, Lapicida is proof that natural, raw materials are absolutely compatible with classy looks, as well as edgier ones; and in fact, what’s better than an exciting contrast to spice up your interior design?

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