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The best for your kid’s room: we are here to help you with that.

The best for your kid’s room: we are here to help you with that.

Are you looking for the best furniture and accessories for your kid’s living space? Let’s discover it together.

When it comes to kids’room, deciding the best furniture is always a bit hard: sometimes we would like to adopt our perspective and apply our taste to the room which is instead made for our kids. What to do then? If you are thinking about buying some new and refined furniture for you child, but you have definitely no idea about the style and the decorations which you really can’t miss, you might need to go on reading this article.


First of all, before even choosing the furniture, you can start thinking about the color. The right color for your child is in fact very important since, as you surely know, it will affect your child’s mood. What we suggest is avoiding overwhelming colors, while trying to use non-tiring ones, and to prefer those that can stimulate and energize your child. Just to give an example, you can use green, red, blue or orange, but never use dark colors. Orange, whose tone is considered to be able to enhance the communication capability of our young friends, is one of the best colors you can use. But be aware, never exaggerating is also important, the ideal is just trying to easily alternate a warm color with a cold one. As you can see in the image below, this color combination would be great since there is no exaggeration in the use of a predominant strong color, so creating a very welcoming and cozy environment.

Kids room-Color-Eurooo

Moretticompact Kids Rooms


When you choose the color, you might also think about the wall. You don’t necessarily need to paint it, you might even decide to use a wallpaper. These days there is a wide choice of trendy wallpapers, which is why we are sure you can find the one which fits the most your child. There are some which are fantastic, full of different colors and shapes, with magnificent scenarios on them. But we actually suggest to use simple ones. You can have a look for those with striped patterns, for smooth or wavy ones or for those which can enhance creativity and imagination.

Kids room - wallpaper - Eurooo

Look at Instabilelab wallpapers 


Once you have chosen the color, then you need to start thinking about the real furniture. You have an empty room, and you absolutely need to find the best furniture for your kid. Remember, you will need a room with a spacious and comfortable desk and you will also need more than one bed, in order to give your child the possibility to spend time with a bosom friend. What we usually suggest is using a sort of bed sofa, to make it clear just take a look at the photo. This bed is quite well designed: if you do not need two beds, then you just use the upper part, while when you need another one, you simply pull the lower part of the sofa out and you are ready to use it in less than one minute. As you can see, you also have a well-organized desk, all in a single colorful compact entity.

Kids room - Furniture - Eurooo

Marzorati Camerette Selection 


But wait! If we are speaking about a girl, then we need to create a girly atmosphere: elegance, flowers, refinedness… girls like romantic spaces, and what you can do is creating a wonderful room for your princess using all the possible means you have. As you can see here in the image, a girly room is made with much  more decorations, such as adorable shape cushions with sweet and tender style and furniture which have a more stylized shape as well. Although the room has to be more elegant, never forget to pay a very high attention to the functionality of the space, in fact the room we suggest has a very spacious desk which is ideal to study, a bookshelf and also a very wide wardrobe, which is maybe what girls need the most. The idea to put a small table in the center of the room is very nice since it makes the environment even more elegant, still not exaggerating. Last but not least is the carpet, whose color echoes the fabrics used for the curtains and for the armchair.

Kids room - Girly room - Eurooo

Enchanting furniture by Minacciolo 


Here we are with another piece which you shouldn’t forget: carpet. Using a carpet in a child room is very important: children usually spend their time playing on the floor and a carpet can be an intelligent way to avoid them coming directly in contact with cold floor. As we always say, the carpet is a very important piece in a room, it can give a new look to your space, which is why you may take more liberty in choosing its pattern, in other words you can unleash your fantasy and creativity. Anyway, when talking about kids room it’s always better to avoid those with very complicated frames, and just choose the simplest ones. We suggest to look for monochromatic ones, and if you really want to choose something more particular you can select two or three colors, but no more. The best thing is using colors which you have used for the furniture as well, with darker or brighter hues combined with same basic geometric shapes.

Kids room - Carpet - Eurooo

Creations by Lilipinso


We were all children once and as a matter of fact we know that children are scared by the dark and by the lack of light, what is best than lamp used as a useful decorative element then? Choose a funny lamp, instead of the traditional and standard ones. For example, you can try to find some with cartoons’characters, or with playful images. This one in the photo below fits a kid room for its color and shape. Once you will turn it on your child will be amazed.

Kids room - Lamp - Eurooo

Lighting by Lineazero


We are almost there, this is the last step for your room: choose a magnificent mirror. You don’t need to necessarily find a very sophisticated one, but It’s still a useful object to give your child some basic rules about its wearing styles. In fact, as you will see, this will help to develop the habit to dress with style and pay attention to appearance.

Kids room - Mirror - Eurooo

Complements by Lorenzo Tondelli

Hope we have given you some useful ideas, and we look forward to suggesting you more and more.

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