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Millennials: how they're revolutionizing home design

Millennials: how they're revolutionizing home design

Gen Z people may be too young still to make a huge impact on the interior design world, but Millennials certainly aren't: here's how they're changing the rules!

As a rule of thumb, Millennials range from people in their mid-20s to people in their early 30s. This means that, unlike their younger Gen Z siblings, Millennials are starting to be old enough to influence the home design world. Almost all Millennials are out of university and are slowly starting to get jobs that allow them to rent better houses and sometimes, even to buy them, even though the current housing market is not exactly at its best for the young generations. The result of all this is that Millennials are voicing their preferences when it comes to interior design, and of course, all the furniture and home décor brands are starting to listen to those voices. But what are the main characteristics of a typical Millennial home décor?


Lovely lighting solutions by Anna Lari


Society is apparently convinced Millennials are a generation whose social life was and is currently being ruined by technology; however, despite the huge number of hours they do spend with their smartphones in hand, Millennials are actually pretty sociable, possibly one of the most sociable generations ever. They love hanging out with their friends and having an exciting social and cultural life, which can range from going to the movies, to going to an obscure theatre pièce, to having brunch in a different café every Sunday. Plus, they hate wasting time on a long daily commute! The result of all this is that Millennials tend to aggregate in urban areas, which is great for all the above reasons, but it might be a little less great considering the consequent lack of housing space. This is why Millennials got smarter and started scavenging for more compact furniture that could fit anywhere while still being trendy.


Ready to fall in love with French brand Bosc?

Natural materials

Possibly as a reaction to being surrounded by the chaotic streets of the city centre, Millennials are extremely attracted to natural, raw materials. Sometimes they can express this preference with live edge tables made from reclaimed wood; at other times, they may simply want a nice wooden glow to warm up a room otherwise filled with colder materials, like steel, glass, ceramic, and so on.


Take a look at more raw, primal designs by Sedit!

Tiles are back

Millennials have been bringing tiles back ever since they moved into their first house. Whether they employ these tiles on the floor or on the wall for a fancy backsplash, tiles are definitely back. True, tiles are not always super cheap, especially when their design is particularly refined, but remember: Millennials are moving into small apartments, and small houses in general are a money-saver. Living in a small place allows Millennials to have more budget for making their home turn into the little nest of their dreams.


If you like these tiles, you're 100% going to love Tonalite's creations

Home office station

Millennials are different from previous generations also in the way they work. This is the era of freelancers who do remote jobs. There are so many professions that do not require your physical presence in a specific place, so homes can adapt to become workplaces. But even an office inside a house needs to differentiate itself from the rest of the space: a desk and a laptop are not enough. A Millennial office is practical, efficient, but also cozy and stylish, all things supposed to make the job easier while maintaining an aesthetic design in tune with the rest of the apartment.


A functional but cozy home office by Resol

Clutter-free life

The style of the previous generations is not famous for being clutter-free: just think about the boisterous, larger-than-life style of the 80s and the kitsch soul of the 90s. On the other hand, Millennials today seem to particularly appreciate a clutter-free home environment; living in small apartments certainly is part of the reason why. However, let’s not forget: your interiors are something you have close to full control over, and that’s exactly what Millennials feel is missing from their lives -- control.


A comfy bed by Twils

Eco-friendly materials

There is one thing that all Millennials -- or most of them -- have in common: a certain future angst. It is caused by a multitude of factors, but one of these factors is certainly the environmental situation. On average, Millennials are much more aware of these issues than people from the previous generations, like the baby boomers, and most importantly, unlike the vast majority of baby boomers, Millennials are ready to take on the challenge to produce as little garbage as possible. Because they are so sensitive when it comes to environmental problems, Millennials do all they can to make sure they purchase home décor items that are rigorously eco-friendly. Many furniture brands have taken on this challenge and are starting to understand the importance of being eco-friendly: if not for the environment, at least for their businesses.


Duluth-based Loll Designs makes sure to only use recycled plastic: you'll never feel guilty buying their designs


Hygge is the Danish word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. Over recent years, hygge became a defining characteristic of Danish culture. This lifestyle philosophy believes that it is the small things that count, and Millennials are among the most appreciative of the hygge way of life. At the end of their dynamic days, always on the move, looking for new opportunities, they love relaxing at home, alone with a TV show or organizing a dinner with friends. It is important to create the right intimate atmosphere, through the use of natural fabrics or leather, cushions, candles and essences that make the house the perfect place to spend happy hours with friends or by yourself.


Creativity and originality with Spanish brand Enea

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