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Essentials: what can't be missing from your living room

Essentials: what can't be missing from your living room

Every room has got its own essentials, and your living room is no exception! Find out the home décor piece you can't leave out.

The living room is the heart of the house, indeed: it is the area in which we spend more time, where we meet our friends and family members to have a good time together, where we relax with a good book or watching our favorite TV show. Yet, even if we take the decoration of this room for granted, creating the perfect living room, just as we imagine it, can sometimes be tricky. Of course there will be a sofa and armchairs, low tables, shelves, paintings; but how should we combine all these elements? Which one of them are truly essential? These questions are not always easy to be answered. That is why we created this small handbook: the 10 items that can’t be missing from your perfect living room, with a flawless and classy home décor.


Walking the line between entrepreneurship and art: it's Momenti


It may seem strange to you, but decorating the living room starting from the rug (or carpet) can help us take the right direction from the start. This item defines the space that is going to accommodate the seats, and the rest of the furniture will be gravitating around it, creating a sort of a net in which will make it easier to organize all the elements. In addition, the carpets can act as a focal point, a counter melody to the style of the other decorations. Here’s a pro tip: avoid small carpets, if you have a big room to decorate; a suitably large carpet will add importance to the whole living room.


Beautifully handwoven Turkish rugs by Stepevi

The sofa

If the living room is the heart of the house, we could say the sofa is its main artery. Normally it is the first thing you choose and it is the element that sets the tone for the rest of the furniture style. However, before choosing our favorite model, we must consider some details. For instance, how big is our living area? Do we have an open plan living room? How do we want to organize it? The sofa should have a size that is proportionate to the room, manufactured with the best and most comfortable materials. We suggest you to avoid oversized models even when you have a big space available. In these cases, it is preferable to opt for two smaller sofas: it will be easier for you to define a more functional relax area, and you won’t have any bulky piece of furniture overshadowing the rest of the decoration.


A mix of old-school class and quirky, colorful touches with Silik


Choosing a comfortable but not bulky sofa will also allow you to complete the living area with other seats, such as armchairs or chairs, to accommodate all of your guests. Plus, sometimes it just feels nice to snuggle up in your favorite armchair with a blanket, a cup of tea and a good book. Enjoy life’s small pleasures!


Explore more living room designs by Ulivi Salotti


If you don’t have enough space for a bunch of armchairs, which can be quite likely, you can always opt for some alternative solutions, like small stools or poufs. Of course, they’re not ideal to sit on for extended stretches of time, but if you happen to have a few unexpected guests, they’ll still turn out to be a lot more useful than you’d think.


These stools by Lapalma will add a touch of originality to any living room

A coffee table

Another element that must always be present in a living room is the coffee table. It doesn’t only come in handy to accommodate magazines, our coffee cups, or a lamp, but also to characterize the space and give strength and originality to the room. Choose an original model to place in front of the sofa: it could be in harmony with the rest of the furniture, or break the monotony with an appealing contrast. Whichever style you want for your coffee table, always opt for a low height model.


Take a look at more neri&hu creations!

A side table

In addition to the front table, if your living room is very roomy, you could try to add a side table next to the sofa. The side table is normally about as tall as the armrests of the sofa, and it gives the living room a touch of style, making it truly complete. They are also suitable spots for lamps that will discreetly decorate the environment, or be functional whenever you need a spot to read. Consider the side table as an opportunity to raise the level of elegance of the room, playing with contrasts and the surprise effect. An elegant model will add uniqueness to a comfortable sofa, while a table with sculptural shapes, perhaps in wood, will add liveliness to a classic living room.


A bunch of lovely side tables by Portuguese brand OIA Design

A spot-on light

In addition to the chandelier, ceiling or wall light, it is good to add smaller lamps on the tables or even floor lamps next to the sofas. This way, it will be easier to regulate the desired amount of light in the room. The atmosphere you will want to create will need the perfect light design, direct and oriented if it is functional to reading or, soft and diffused for your relaxing hours. Table lamps and floor lamps will also add charm to your décor, allowing you to express the most eccentric side of your personality.


A touch of timeless class, thanks to Lumilamp

Art on the walls

Our living room cannot be considered fully decorated without some artworks on the walls. After choosing sofas, armchairs and tables, it's time to think about other decorations that may seem superfluous, but are instead fundamental to make our interiors complete. Moreover, what can help us expressing ourselves better than a work of art? Choose a painting that can both match well with the rest of the décor, and with your very own taste. Just one little tip: be careful with the size of the painting, which has to harmonize with the rest of the interior design, not overshadow it.


Who said you need a boring painting? Check out more by Del Bello!

Some more decorative pieces

A few art pieces on the wall are not enough; of course, our living room is not supposed to resemble a museum, but a few decorative pieces scattered here and there are what can make a difference between a cold, impersonal room, and one that lets our personality shine through.


Anne Black is a Copenhagen-based ceramicist, and needless to say: we adore her creations


Don’t forget the importance of a good shelving system! There are tons of options here: there are freestanding bookcases, as well as built-in types. In addition to these two styles, there are opens shelves you can hang just about anywhere on your walls. However, the bottom line is that you do need shelves, as they will make for some useful storage space, and plus, you can also employ them to display your personal style through travel knick-knacks, some more artwork, and so on.


A triumph of textures, lights and shadows: THAI NATURA

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