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Top 10 tips for a small bedroom

Top 10 tips for a small bedroom

It's not easy dealing with small spaces. That's why we've racked up our absolute Top 10 tips to make your small bedroom look and feel larger!

It's hard to find a real master bedroom today, spacious enough to accommodate a king size bed and a roomy wardrobe. Especially for those living in cities, this is particularly tricky: we usually prefer to use the largest area for the living room or the open plan kitchen. So, what is the best way to decorate a small bedroom? Which elements are key, when it comes to a smaller area? Fear not: here we come to your rescue! In this article you will find our top 10 tips & tricks that will help you make your tiny bedroom look way bigger than it actually is.


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Keep the furniture minimal

This is pretty basic advice, we know; but how many rooms have we seen that are overflowing with boisterous furniture? Let us tell you: way too many. Of course, you’re more than welcome to have a small reading nook, an armchair or anything else even in a tiny bedroom, but its design needs to be essential and clean.


Vintage designs from the 60s and 70s: check out Nikari!

Harmony, without monotony

A trick that will always help you to visually enlarge an environment is to create harmony and homogeneity. By saying this, we do not refer only to using the same colors in every element of the room, but to the chromatic scale, the variations of tones that should create a coherent environment. Neutral colors are the easiest way to reach this goal, because they trick the eye and virtually enlarge surfaces. To avoid monotony, do not use the same shade for everything, but choose colors from the same chromatic scale, selecting tints from the lightest to the darkest: this will give depth to the whole area, adding dynamism and making the whole room more welcoming.


A wonderful scale of neutrals, ranging from off-white to beige: isn't this bedroom by Twils simply lovely?

Ditch bedside tables

What do we mostly use bedside tables for? As surfaces for our bedside lamps and phone-charging stations. Well, if you don’t have that much space, our tip is to ditch them! Bedside lamps are being replaced by symmetrical pendant lights anyway, and as for your phone, it’s not going to hurt to keep it away from you at night at least! Plus, another amazing advantage of ditching bedside tables in favor of a pair of pendant lights is that these will draw your gaze up, meaning that the ceiling will seem higher and the overall space won’t look stuffed.


Lovely pendant lights by Marc Wood Studio

Natural light

We must not underestimate the help that comes from the natural light. If we are lucky enough to have a well-oriented bedroom with a large window, it will be enough to let in as much light as possible. A big glass window really changes everything in terms of perception of the size of the room. It is also important to choose a curtain made of a light material; definitely avoiding dark colors and thick fabrics and above all try to match the tone with the color of the wall.


A warm and cozy bedroom by BEAT

Light design

Artificial light always represents a valid ally when it comes to visually enlarge a space. Especially in a bedroom, it is fundamental to have a well-thought light design, with lamps that are strategically placed in the right spots. Here we do not need much light, but over-illuminating a wall will visually expand the surface of the room. If you do have enough room for a narrow console table, a good solution could be to choose a table lamp that allows us to regulate the amount of light: this way, we will also magically enlarge our bedroom, by turning it to the maximum power.


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When you have a small bedroom, you need to make the most out of every square inch, and every portion of the space must be selected for a specific function. Organization is the key to success, and the only way to avoid turning your tiny cozy bedroom into chaos. An organized environment, in fact, will appear more comfortable and large: so never neglect tidying it up! The advice we give you is to identify the function of every portion of the space: where you place shelves or boxes? Which wall will host photographs? Which area will be dedicated to clothes? Is there a space for a reading nook? The point is, whenever we are dealing with a small space, we just cannot afford not to use the space we have. And you can get creative, too! Think about all those super functional tiny houses that can sometimes accommodate families of 4+ people!


Minimal, matte black shelves by WON

Look up!

We need to find elements that are able to distract our eyes from the actual size of the area, creating a different focal point. If the small bedroom is narrow, we want to lead the eyes to look upwards. An effective way to trick our eyes, is to use narrow and tall pieces of furniture, like bookshelves. But really, it could be anything else: a certain pattern on your wallpaper, a floor lamp… Moreover, if the geometry of a design is slightly asymmetric, it will work even better, adding dynamism to the whole décor.


Notice the minimalism? Of course: MOEBE is a Scandinavian design company

Choose an oversized item

As much as a tall piece of furniture can trick the eye, the same can be done with an oversized decorative item. This will also be the perfect chance to let your personality shine through, with a big coup de théâtre that will catch all the attention. It would be even better to place this big decoration item high! An eccentric design chandelier will be a wonderful choice, but try not to exceed in the color choice: if the shape is very detailed and elaborate, it will better to choose a soft color for your light.


A luxurious bedroom by The Heritage Collection

Expand the room with mirrors

A mirror is not only a charming piece of interior design: it is also a wonderful way to make our small bedroom look way bigger than its actual size. It will not only trick the eye into believing there is a lot of extra space, but it will also reflect light, both from natural and artificial sources. You could kill two birds with one stone by getting a wardrobe with mirrors: you’ll immediately notice the difference.


ENOstudio means pure creativity

Separate with glass

When you own a small apartment, the tendency is to create more fluid spaces, which communicate with each other, instead of being separated by invasive partitions. This is when walls become our enemies, and we have to find smart alternatives to them, since rooms like the bedroom still require intimacy and privacy. Have you ever thought of using some opaque glass partition in your home? They will provide privacy to your bedroom, but they will still create fluidity and communication between the spaces, also allowing light to spread towards it.


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