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Glass blowing: let's see how Bomma masters this art

Glass blowing: let's see how Bomma masters this art

Glass blowing is a time-old art which Bomma masters in order to give birth to unbelievably beautiful glassy and glossy creations. Let's learn more about them!

Everyone is familiar with the art of glass blowing; have you ever been to Venice? One of the typical local attractions are the traditional glass-blowing workshops where skilled craftsmen have been perfecting this art, passed on in their families for generations. However, it’s about time we broaden our horizons, as Venice is really not the center of the world anymore, even when it comes to the much-honored tradition of blowing glass into a work of art. Ever heard about Bomma? The Czechs are famous worldwide for their ability to shape glass into just anything their fancy suggests them to, and in fact, Bomma’s roots can be found in East Bohemia, where centuries of glassmaking have allowed companies like this one to rise and shine. Quite literally, because the focus of Bomma’s products is beautiful, lovely lamps made of blown glass!


The Umbra pendant

Let’s talk a bit of data. Bomma was established in 2002; you’ll notice it’s not even 20 years this company has been around. In the home décor world, that’s not a long span of time! However, despite having been around for a relatively short period of time, Bomma has already been rocking the international lighting design scene. For instance, do you have an idea of their production volume? Each and every day, Bomma produces 6 tons of extra-refined crystal. Pretty impressive, right? This is made possible by their organization: their master craftsmen are backed by an impressive number of team members: 300!


The Phenomena pendant

Of course, you may be wondering: how is it possible that Bomma gets to produce such a huge quantity of glass-blown lamps daily, while still maintaining an extremely high artisanal quality? Well, we believe this is exactly one of the amazing things about Bomma. This brand brings together the precision of contemporary and innovative technology with the impressive skills of their master craftsmen. The use of the latest machines makes sure glass is melted and measured perfectly, as there is no room for errors; then, the manual skills and experience of the glass-blowing masters makes sure every single creation is absolutely unique. Which is why, if you’re looking for a beautiful bespoke lighting fixture to enhance your home décor, you should definitely take Bomma into consideration.


The Dark & Bright Star pendant

One of the things we love about Bomma is that some of their creations are glass-blown in such a way that they’re just perfect and flawless: there are no irregularities of any sort and it’s basically pure joy for the eye to admire them. But there is also a whole lot of creations that are designed without that absolute perfection in mind. Sometimes, the people at Bomma choose to focus on the crafting process as a whole, rather than on obtaining a perfect, flawless final object. When we think of glass-blown creations, our mind goes to those magnificent, over-the-top Venetian chandeliers; well, Bomma also loves embracing the creative process with all its uncertainties. In the world of interior design today, we’re seeing a growing appreciation for all those imperfections that make something unique, and that is a blessing for Bomma, as it’s perfectly in line with their beliefs. Each design is essential, subtle, honest: we look at it, and we can see everything that went on in the process to craft it.


The Soap pendant

But let’s take a closer look at some of their creations. Bomma loves collaborating with different designers and different customers who can challenge -- or enrich -- their views; it is through this extremely personal and also cultural exchange that we can often find creations that have been inspired by different cultures and traditions. The Shibari pendant is a great example. Shibari is a Japanese word that refers to the practice of tying up objects with ropes; the idea is that there is a hidden system of strategically placed ropes and knots that can be skillfully maneuvered in the desired way, by someone who knows how. With the Shibari pendant, this concept expands into Kinbaku: the beauty of tight binding. The tied-up crystal pieces infuse us with a sense of dynamic order, as we can easily move them and arrange them into new positions -- once we get skilled at it.


The Shibari pendant

The beauty of many Bomma creations is their versatility. Only lightly tinted, we can feel free to place them pretty much anywhere. For instance, the Phenomena floor lamp would work wonders in a pretty and refined environment that to the golden base and stem, and to the extremely light and delicate hue at the base of the glass bulb. However, it would work well even inside an urban-chic apartment, because if there’s something good about fashion, style and taste in the 2010’s, is that we are learning to mix and match more freely and creatively.


The Phenomena floor lamp

Another reason why find Bomma creations so awe-inspiring, is the ability of the master craftsmen to not only work with unusually and singularly large glass volumes, but also to make them appear light and weightless even when combined with heavy materials. We can see that if we look at a creation like the Disc pendant. The sturdy disc that connects the glass body of the lamp to the cord is made of metal, and the characteristic reflective properties of metal surfaces are mimicked on the upper part of the glass body as well. Still, despite being an extremely large pendant light with touches of metal everywhere, the Disc pendant looks just like it’s floating mid-air like a soap bubble.


The Disc pendant

Did we rush through the world of Bomma? Well, if you’re still curious, keep exploring it!

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