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Italian design lessons: Ulivi Salotti

Italian house design: Ulivi Salotti

Need a quick refresh on Italian house design? Then iconic brand Ulivi Salotti is what you're looking for. Let's discover this modern classic Italian furniture brand.

Choosing how to restyle your living room can be a pretty tricky problem: this is where your guests will be spending most of their time, and you naturally want it to be absolutely impeccable. You can stop looking now: Italian world-famous brand Ulivi Salotti is here to take care of it all. Established in 1972 in Tuscany, which is the region that best represents the roots of everything Italian (food, culture, art, history), Ulivi Salotti has been giving interior home design lessons for almost fifty years. Of course, if you’re familiar with the interior design world in general, for sure you know that Italy may be a small country, but it’s got an almost infinite number of high-quality and high-end furniture companies; however, Ulivi Salotti still is one of the most representative of Italian house design.


The Dory Land armchair

What’s behind the huge success of this company? First of all, its curiosity. Designers at Ulivi Salotti create in an atmosphere that values curiosity and research: their value is to never stop looking for the next best design. In short, people at Ulivi Salotti believe that constant research is what creates success: times change, fashion changes, and people change too; after all, a rolling stone gathers no moss. And certainly, Ulivi Salotti is not thinking of stopping and gathering any moss: during its almost fifty years of activity, this brand went from being only known regionally and locally, to becoming an established brand with an international reputation for style and quality: we can find Ulivi Salotti flagship stores in New York, Shanghai, Moscow and Dubai.


The George sofa

Another quality that makes Ulivi Salotti so unique is the constant dialogue between past and present; if it’s necessary to keep up-to-date and be constantly looking at the future, it’s also true that people at Ulivi Salotti know we must not forget the past. Again, Italy has a long and rich cultural history, so it would be silly not to make the most of it; at the same time though, respect for the past doesn’t mean we should get stuck in it. If there are new technologies or new skills that allow to better design furniture, Ulivi Salotti is always ready to face this challenge, taking it as a unique chance to improve their creations.


The Max sofa

After all, quality has always been the core value of this company. Because of this, every step of the production process, from the customer’s requests to the selection of the materials, to the actual assembling of the piece of furniture, is studied in every detail. Quality checks are regularly and almost painstakingly carried out, no stone is left unturned and no detail is ever overlooked. The choice of craftsmanship and artisan skills over an industrial process might mean that the creation of a piece could take longer than what we’re used to in today’s fast-paced, frenetic everyday reality. However, as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait, and Ulivi Salotti customers from all over the world know that at the end of the whole creative process, they will be presented with a unique, tailored piece of luxury furniture.


The Rue armchair

Designing and creating bespoke, custom furniture that is tailored to the customer’s tastes and needs is what designers and craftsmen at Ulivi Salotti love doing. Of course, a customer is free to select a certain sofa, say, and they might be completely fine with the exact model they saw on the catalogue. However, every house is different, and every person may have different needs and requests. These can vary from the color, the material, the sleek or opaque finish, or even the size of a certain piece: what if you love the style of that four-seater, but you only have enough room for a two- or a three-seater? This is where Ulivi Salotti comes to the rescue. Craftsmanship is such a core value, that as a customer, you can ask for a wooden frame to be shaped in a certain way rather than in another; this is of course made possible by the fact that your angel artisans are extremely skilled in the use of traditional and almost forgotten tools that can give results that are just unattainable if they tried employing an industrial machine -- which is what most company do nowadays, as it does decrease the expenses for the producer and the final cost for the customer.


The Oliver sofa

As many furniture companies, Ulivi Salotti too started out as a company whose focus was on the living room. However, considering their steadily growing success, they decided to expand their production, which now includes pretty much everything you need if you love Italian interior design and want to style your whole house accordingly. Not just sofas, but anything else you might need in your living room, plus, dining room and bedroom furniture. What you’re going to absolutely adore about these pieces is that they’re made to last for generations. A good chair is not supposed to start collapsing after having been used just for a few years, but how many times do we see that happen? With Ulivi Salotti, you can be sure their creations will be with you and your family for generations.


The Orion table

Of course, there is durable furniture that you wouldn’t still want to have around in 20 years’ time, and that’s mainly because of its style: some trends go and don’t come back, and then you’d be stuck with unfashionable furniture. However, Ulivi Salotti prevents this issue by designing truly timeless creations: if you’ve been looking at them, you must have noticed that most of them would have worked in a 70s living room, and could still work now. That is the main sign of a furniture company’s greatness.


The Simon sofa

This is Ulivi Salotti in a nutshell, but keep in mind: there is much more to explore.

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