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Grey room: why not?

Grey room: why not?

We don't often employ grey in our home décor, but you'll be surprised to find that any grey room looks amazing, if you employ this color wisely.

Grey is a color whose potential in creating an amazing home décor has often been overlooked. If you think about it, where can we mostly find it? Outside in the garden maybe, where we often use grey stone, either to build walls or to pave a pathway. However, during these last few months an increasing number of interior designers have been starting to discover all the décor possibilities this color offer, and as a result, thousands of Pinterest pages and dozens of blogs are starting to provide us breathtaking examples of grey rooms. The reason why you should definitely consider grey as a winning choice too, is that this is a trend that’s going to stay: 2018 has been the year of greige, and in 2019 highly graphic colors will still be preferred over more nuanced shades. But of course, we get it if you’re not too sure where to start; that’s why we’re giving you a few ideas on how to decorate just any room with grey.


You're going to love the amazing rugs by HC Carpets

Grey with a pop of color

You can have a fully grey room of course, because as usual, the trick is to layer by using different hues from a scale of grey. However, a smart trick to brighten up a generally grey room is to add an unexpected, sudden pop of color. It might be anything: a rug, a pillow, a stool...or an accent wall! You see, one of the amazing characteristics grey has is that it goes really well with most colors: it’s a neutral, and so this is actually pretty natural. However, keep in mind to create contrast not just in terms of neutral/non-neutral colors, but also in terms of light and darkness. This means that if a room has been mostly decorated with shades of dark grey, the pop (or pops) of color should definitely be relatively light, and vice versa.


Pretty peculiar, don't you think? Well, get ready to be amazed by Ibride's quirky creations!

A peaceful bathroom

Since grey is such a neutral color, it can be employed to infuse us with feelings of quiet and inner peace. After all, we live such stressful lives that it makes a lot of sense for us to try and give life to a home design that will eventually help us relax at the end of each day. Now, the bathroom is one of the best places to relax, because it’s where we feel clean and almost reborn after a long, well-deserved shower, bath...or complex skin routine! We highly recommend having a few and possibly coordinated grey items in the bathroom you use more often; these could be purely decorative items, like a rug or a candle, but you’re more than welcome to get grey fixtures, like a nice, polished washbasin!


The art of pouring concrete: Betton

Greige for your kitchen

Grey works wonder in the kitchen as well! However, our suggestion here is to pay particular attention to the shade of grey you choose. The point is, we know it’s full of people who just love the sense of tidiness and cleanliness of a kitchen that’s decorated with cold colors. Nevertheless, you might not be one of them. If, in your opinion, a kitchen should feel warm and cozy, then don’t go purely grey: go greige! Greige is a smart mix of grey and beige; it’s smart because it combines grey’s ability to match with any other color, and the characteristic warmth of greige. All of this makes it just the perfect choice if you want a grey-ish kitchen that will never look cold and uninviting.


Classy but never cold kitchens by Belligotti

Grey accent wall

A grey accent wall always makes for a more sophisticated and dramatic atmosphere. It gives depth to a room, while at the same time creating a feeling of shelter and protection from the outside world. The one thing you need to keep in mind here is that a grey accent wall should be dark grey, rather than light. Remember that the purpose of an accent wall is to catch people’s eye, and a light color won’t do that, unless all its surroundings are decidedly darker.


Lovely, colorful rugs by Sorema

Grey office

Whether you’re styling your home office, or an actual professional office away from home, dark can be an incredibly good choice. First of all, grey is the perfect choice for looking and feeling professional: direct, clean, it’s going to make you seem like you’ve got everything under control, even if you’ve never felt less adequate for a certain task. Secondly, grey is a color that’s going to make it much easier to focus than any other shade: it creates a calm atmosphere and doesn’t give you any chances or excuses to get distracted.


A professional office layout by IOC

Natural touch

We tend to think of grey as an artificial color, possibly because we associate it with concrete. However, grey can also be an extremely natural shade; we often find it in natural stones, and what about fur? A furry grey blanket is going to make your home décor look more balanced, while at the same time adding an undeniable touch of warmth and hygge.


Creativity and originality with Orikomi

Shine bright like a diamond

Of course, grey can also be super shiny and sleek! A velvety, metallic sofa is definitely going to upgrade your living room décor. Slightly over the top? Yes, possibly. A piece of furniture like this is wonderful, but it needs to be employed by homeowners who are extremely self-confident.


We can totally imagine James Bond himself swooning in front of the coolness of this sofa by Latorre!

Grey bedroom

Remember how we said that grey is just perfect to focus? That’s because it’s a neutral color, and this is what makes it perfect also to relax. As you can see, a grey bedroom can still look lively, though: comfy pillows, a few pops of color and a white wall will make for a perfectly balanced mix of colors.


A lovely bedroom by Twils

Grey lights

Did you think that grey and light are opposites? Think again! A grey lamp will add a touch of sophistication and mystery to any room.


The surface of this lamp by Illuminando reminds of the surface of the Moon, doesn't it?

Grey sculptures

Finally, we must not forget a natural stone that often comes in grey: marble. Marble is considered a noble material, which is why it is often carved into amazing new shapes. Now, why not take advantage of this quality, and get a piece of furniture that’s both useful and an amazing artwork? Marble can make anything look like a beautiful sculpture, even a coffee table!


Evocative coffee tables by Apparatus

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