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The 6th meeting of 2018 with Eurooo’s partners

The 6th meeting of 2018 with Eurooo’s partners

Today marks the 6th meeting of 2018 with Eurooo’s future suppliers. Let’s take an insider’s look at what was discussed during this meeting.

Each month, a steadily increasing number of potential partners and suppliers flock to Casaitaliana’s offices in Milan to explore all the possibilities a collaboration with Casaitaliana and its several online furniture platforms has to offer. It is a delicate and fundamental moment, both for Casaitaliana and for the future partners. On the one hand, our company is looking forward to expanding its ever-growing portfolio of brand collaborations. On the other, this is also a great opportunity for the companies to expand and extend their own business to promising foreign markets, like the Chinese one. Of course, building a relationship of reciprocal trust is fundamental for the beginning of a collaboration, and these monthly meetings are the first step in that direction.


As usual, the meeting began with a recap of the history behind Casaitaliana. It’s a history that now spans almost 20 years: the company was established in the year 2000 in Ravenna, Italy. Back then, the name of the company was Volcano, and through the years, it underwent several transformations. The first major change happened in 2010, when the first branch of the company opened in Beijing, followed, three years later, by a second branch, this time in Shanghai. Beijing and Shanghai are two of the major Chinese cities, and having a branch over there already makes sure a considerable share of the market is secured. Then, in 2010, Volcano moved to Milan, which is one of the world's fashion and style capitals, and became what it is now: Casaitaliana.


Today, Casaitaliana is a company that has established itself so well on the Chinese market, that there are seven branches all over China, ready to take care of everything the Chinese market needs, in terms of European luxury furniture. In fact, what Casaitaliana does is acting as an intermediary company between those Italian and European luxury furniture brands that want to make the most of the Chinese market, and the final customers in China. Who are these customers? They belong to the 50 millions of Chinese who have developed a taste for European quality and luxury, know exactly what they like and appreciate in European high-end furniture, and want to make sure they can seek the help of a reliable company to get it.


Italyclassico is the platform through which our Chinese customers send their requests over to our quotation department. However, there are two more platforms on which our future partners can choose to sell their furniture: Eurooo and OUJUHUI. Eurooo is a platform where customers can get familiar with customizable furniture as well as premium-quality building materials, and direct their own inquiries and requests to our customer support team. Unlike Italyclassico, Eurooo’s target is not China; or rather, not only China: the whole world. That’s why Eurooo’s website has been carefully and in record time translated and localized into twelve different languages, in order to suit the needs and the local taste of 12 different countries. On the other hand, OUJUHUI is a platform whose target is, again, the Chinese market; the main feature of this platform is that it offers in-stock furniture. This means that, when a customer makes an order, they will usually receive it in 20 days. It’s a platform for those customers who know exactly what they want and do not feel the need to have it customized.


But what impressed our future partners the most? Mainly two things. First of all, the rapidly growing success of Casaitaliana as luxury furniture supplier in China: in 2017, the company’s turnover was EUR 16 millions. But, even more strikingly, the 75% of the revenue came from online sales: these data alone were enough to persuade our future partners of the advantages of starting a collaboration with us. Secondly, companies who’ve tried selling their products in China are very aware of how tricky this process can be: transportation, documents, customs procedures, requesting the correct permits and certificates, and so on. Precisely because all of these procedures require time and money, not to mention an insider’s knowledge of how import-export works in China, Casaitaliana is the only company offering a full service not only to the final customers, but also to the companies. Our suppliers ship their products to our Milanese offices, and from then on, it’s up to us to check the product’s conditions, prepare it for shipping (by air or by sea), make sure it smoothly goes through customs, deliver it to its destination and, finally, assemble it.


After the presentation of Casaitaliana and the services we offer, there was, of course, time for a Q&A, during which our future partners asked technical questions and expressed their wonder at the undeniable success Casaitaliana is having globally. Hopefully, soon we will get a request to feature all of them on our websites’ homepage: our high online visibility guarantees ours and our collaborators’ success.


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