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Children’s bedroom: discover BMS Group

Children’s bedroom: discover BMS Group

Designing their children’s bedroom is one of the first challenges parents have to face, but no worries: BMS Group is here to help you!

We all feel the need to go back to our childhood from time to time, and sometimes we get the chance to do it: together with our children. When decorating our children’s bedroom, when choosing the colors and style for their space, we can relive a glimpse of our own childhood and discover the most fun side of interior design. We still need to keep in mind functionality and quality, but decorating our children’s bedroom can allow us to make unconventional choices, without worrying about being too eccentric. Bright colors, asymmetrical shapes, futuristic designs: these are all things that are often not allowed in any other room of the house, except for the kids’. So don’t miss your chance to live live like Peter Pan for a day, let your fantasy run free and have some fun decorating your children’s bedroom. This year, the brand BMS Group is one of the main trendsetters in this field. Are you curious to find out what trends and models they are creating for your kids?


Be practical

We talked about fantasy, fun, color, Peter Pan and all, but hold on for a second. You must never forget that your kids are going to live in the room you are decorating: they are going to grow up in it, play, learn, do homework, organize sleepovers with their best friends, learn to play an instrument and everything else that they need to do to develop their interests and mature. Therefore, you must remember to be practical: think carefully about how to organize the space you have. The bedroom will have to be easily adaptable as the needs of children change quickly: they will need a big playground when they’re still little, then a desk and a comfortable chair to do their homework, a bookshelf to store their books, and teenage girls will likely need a big wardrobe, to be always up to date with clothing fashion. We do not mean to scare you and make you feel overwhelmed, but it is better to think about all these details before you start decorating: it will be much harder to make changes when most of the furniture has already been arranged.


Bunk beds

Sometimes practical solutions to space problems can be fun too. Need an example? Bunk beds! All children love bunk beds, because of how playful they look and how adventurous climbing on the top bunk always feels. But most importantly, bunk beds are every parent’s dream! Or rather, they definitely are the dream for those parents who have two kids who need to share a room: bunk beds allow you to make the most of your floor plan. On the other hand, we are not going to lie: bunk beds are one of the main causes for siblings fight with each other; in fact, you probably remember it from your own childhood! Nobody ever wants to sleep in the bottom bunk. However, this challenge can be good in terms of your kids’ education and development: encourage to come up with an agreement by themselves!


What about sleepovers?

One of the most beautiful things about kids is how fast they are able to make friends. One day is more than enough to create friendship bonds that can last forever. As parents and adults, it is very touching to look at our children developing care and affection for their friends, but, of course, once again, we must think practically. Friends want to spend lots of time with each other, especially as kids, and that means that sooner or later your children are going to invite their closest friends over to spend the night at their house -- technically, your house. The sleepover era is going to begin before you know it, so you’d better be prepared! Modern bedrooms for children have many ways to include extra beds without taking up too much space. One of the most successful models by BMS Group is the double sliding bed. This room basically has a bunk bed, plus one extra bed, which slides underneath the bottom bunk, so that you can take it out it only when it is needed.


Teenage years are around the corner

Time flies, and that is not just a trivial expression. It really does. Before you know it, your little ones are going to enter their teenage years. So, as we mentioned before, your children’s bedroom will need to change and adapt as they grow: follow their passions, tastes, lifestyles. As your kids are developing their personalities, and discovering something new about themselves every day, let them express who they are and what they like. What we mean to say, is that you should include them in the changes you make to the room. For example, you can add items in their favorite color, or make them choose a bigger bookcase if they are booklovers, or surprise them with decoration objects or artworks you know would suit their taste. They are growing to be young adults, so treat them accordingly: it will feel good for you as well.


Safety and ecology

So far, we have talked about style, functionality, smart space organization, but we are still missing a couple of fundamental details. The safety of our children in their room depends on the quality of the materials we choose, on the reliability of the brand we are selecting. The quality of BMS Group furniture is guaranteed and certified 100%. In fact, all of their products have been granted with the official certification for their safety, according to the European Union regulations. Moreover, BMS Group pursues the goal to be an eco-sustainable and conscious brand. In addition to recycling more than 90% of their waste materials, since its birth in 2003, BMS Group has chosen to build its furnishings using only certified ecological materials, such as ecological panels LEB, 100% made from recycled wood material certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), in order to guarantee the lowest emission of formaldehyde. They also guarantee the use of non-toxic mono-component water-based paints, which reduce the emission of harmful substances down to 95%, compared to traditional ones. BMS Group has also developed a new lacquering system that provides a protective UV layer on flat surfaces, to guarantee an even better resistance to chemical detergents and abrasions on their furniture.


Go ahead and explore the rest of the magical Neverland of BMS Group!

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