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Light for your house? Design tricks

Light for your house? Design tricks

Discover tricks for your house lighting together with us.

As you know, lighting in a room is much more than just choosing luminosity: when selecting the right light complement you are determining the look and the design of your house. A kind of design which can affect your mood as well as the way you perceive the space. This is the reason why you need to choose lighting at least considering furniture, room size, colors and height of the ceiling, making it possible to combine functionality and beauty… Why don’t we take a look at the wide choice you have, and see together which style best fits your home?

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Ceiling light

There are several lighting options you can choose from: ceiling lights, floor lamps, wall lamps and much more, but sometimes this makes your choice even harder. Don’t worry, we are going to give you some ideas. Let’s start from the most common one: although usually simple, this system is able to light up your whole room while also giving it a new touch. It is strongly suggested in the kitchen, where it is better to use functional objects. Remember to pay attention to the color: though you may think it won’t matter because nobody will notice it, instead you’ll see that a well-chosen color will give a plus to your space, making it particularly beautiful.  

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Orbit lighting

Although not really appealing, this lighting piece is very useful and functional. We suggest to use it in the cellar or in the garage if you have one or even in the utility room. We guarantee you will never have problems with luminosity, since this is a high-end piece of furniture. This adjustable lighting complement with silver plated contacts is in fact very resistant and emanates the strongest light you have ever seen. This is a promise, you can trust us, it won’t disappoint you!

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Magnifcent creations by Fosnova

Skyfall lamp

If you are looking for something trendy then you need to take a look at skyfall lamp. This lamp is made of a very simple structure, maybe the simplest one you could choose, but it has a very refined style which will appeal you and your guests more than anything else. Usually made with glass, this lighting complements fits refined and prestigious spaces which have outstanding elegance still without exaggerating. In other words, this gives a touch of elegance which does not to go unnoticed.

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Ceiling Chandelier

If you have a room with a high ceiling you can think about choosing a chandelier which creates a dynamic and elegant effect. It is important to put it in the right place in the room, usually above the table, while also considering its size. This does not necessarily mean that you can’t buy a chandelier if your ceiling is lower, it is in fact possible to remove part of the chain but this will make the space seem smaller and narrow. On the contrary, in a large room this magnificent chandelier made of transparent Murano glass will soften the environment and enrich it with its refined style.

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Wall Lamp Applique

When it is suggested to use wall lamps then? Wall lamps are often used as a design element, but it is important to remember that their advantage is being able to send light above and below. These lightings are very useful when combined with other sources of light. For example, you might use them near to your bed when you don’t need so much luminosity. Imagine you need to stay in your bedroom, but you don’t want the same light which can be produced by a normal ceiling lighting, wall lamps can be your solution.

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Hisle, more than just light

Floor Lamp 

A floor lamp is usually very usually for its flexibility: despite being usually positioned near sofa, chairs or in a corner near the table, this kind of lamp can be usually used in several spaces without any difficulty. It is in fact easy to move according to your needs, but also very easy to install. In other words, you don’t need to install it at all, you just plug it in the socket and you are ready to enjoy your time and provide lighting to your seating space. This kind of lighting can really add a statement to your room, so you do need to choose a gorgeous and stylish one. Consider every single detail, choose the material carefully, remember to stick to the proportions of your available space and pay attention even to the base in order to be sure that it fits the décor style of your room, using it to enrich empty spaces, while also giving you a considerable level of light.

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Schwung: beautifully manufactured

Desk lamp

This is a very common kind of lamp, but pay attention when choosing it. This task lighting is very important since you will use it when you need concentration, such as when reading books or looking at some working documents. For this reason, you need to be sure it works perfectly, otherwise it could affect your comfort when trying to concentrate on something important. We suggest to use a very simple one, which emanates enough light to avoid you feel tired when reading.

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Special Style Lamp

If you are looking for something special, then we suggest this beautiful handmade ceiling origami lamp, this is perfect for your kids’ room, its colors and shape will bring them happy humor, protecting their tender eyes and creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. We are sure your children will love it more than anything else, and you might like it even more than them… This will be a success illuminating your kids world wonderfully and contributing to create their own space!!

Lighting - Special style lamp - Eurooo

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Hope these simple tips will help you choose your house lighting complements in an easier way… follow your tips and you’ll surely enjoy your environment even more than before.

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