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Rustic kitchen: master this style with us

Rustic kitchen: master this style with us

A rustic kitchen knows no rivals when it comes to warmth: learn to master this style, and your kitchen will instantly become the heart of the house.

Before we start learning how to style and decorate our rustic kitchen, we should first make sure we know what the word “rustic” means in an interior design contest. What classifies as “rustic”? A rustic piece is characterized by an overall lack of artificial colors; if wood is being employed, it is neither lacquered, nor painted. Monotony is avoided by combining different types of wood: a light and dark mix adds depth and definition; in particular, red wood is one of the most popular shades for rustic-styled environments. Other materials like terracotta tiles might be employed, but then again, the colors will be kept nice and neutral. Unlike primitive items, rustic items do not require to be handmade: a rustic piece might have been made industrially, with an artificially battered and distressed appearance.


Timeless class with Valdesign

Rustic kitchen: an overview

It almost goes without saying that the kitchen is the most important room of a country house. It all goes back to past traditions: thanks to a stove or a fireplace, the kitchen used to be the only warm part of the typical country house, so everyone who wasn’t outside working with the animals or in the fields would gather around the hearth. You’re probably familiar with how much we love open plan kitchens, right? Well, forget about those: the country kitchen deserves its own private place. Stoves, burners and food-preparing stations need their own dedicated room, which needs to be spacious: you want to be able to put a large, welcoming table where your family or friends can sit, drinking a coffee or a herbal tea, while you make yummy pasta from scratch. As for the colors, stick to warm, brownish hues and avoid all cold tones.


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Wood and stone

To furnish a rustic-style kitchen, first of all, you have to think about the materials to use. Think about the atmosphere you want to create: rustic, vintage, a bit old fashioned maybe; and what is the first material that comes to mind? It is wood, of course. Wood can be dark, light-colored, painted with one or many tints combined together. A white rustic kitchen is the most suitable for those who want to recreate the romantic atmosphere of the Provençal countryside at home, while dark wood is more suited to Tuscan-style homes. Feel free to follow your own taste, but keep in mind wood is your best friend, when it comes to rustic style. Stone also plays a fundamental role in this type of decoration. It was commonly used to cover the walls of traditional rustic-style kitchens and often even the floors, but you can use it for countertops and however it pleases you. These tips we are suggesting you can be useful, but always keep in mind the most important thing is the atmosphere: the idea of the environment you want to create will lead your choices.


Unmistakable Italian style: Veneta Cucine


Speaking of materials, we cannot just think of cabinets and tables, since details are as important as the main furniture. Items like faucets, sinks and handles must be coherent and in harmony with the rest on the environment. In old traditional kitchens, copper was a common material for pots and pans. Today, we can use copper pots as a decoration element, hanging from the walls, but we can also integrate this material with more home décor. All the metal accessories are to be preferred either made of copper, or copper-colored, as in the case of the sink faucet, the cabinet handles and the kitchenware.


Nordic Ware, since 1946

Large sink

Because of their informal, warm appearance, rustic kitchen are the perfect place to gather with your family and friends. We’re not talking about gala nights of course, but rather, simple and impromptu gatherings: you’ve just taken a delicious apple pie out of the oven, and you can’t wait to share it with all your friends. Because of the convivial spirit that’s typical of a rustic kitchen, you may want to choose appliances and fixtures based not only on their looks, but on their size too. For instance, a large sink is ideal if you need to wash veggies for a large dinner, and it’s going to make doing the dishes a lot easier and quicker too!


Rétro with a contemporary twist: Officine Gullo

Use rétro lights

Light in a rustic kitchen should be warm and diffused, with the exception of the lamps above the kitchen counters, the dining table and reading nooks, where you need a more intense light. We suggest you use classic-looking lights; if you decide to opt for contemporary lamps instead, try to look for that artisanal vibe, in short: a lamp that does not look industrial at all.


Anna Lari's versatile creations would work in a rustic kitchen, as well as in an industrial one

Is a touch of country allowed?

Country mainly differs from rustic style because of the different, more varied color palette. While a purely rustic kitchen will be characterized by warm brown and beige hues, a country kitchen will definitely be characterized by a delicate but more diverse palette, which could be based on almost any pastel colors: pink, green, blue, white… Now, since these two styles are still very similar, there is no reason why you shouldn’t combine them, if you’d like a more colorful environment for your family gatherings. For instance, while sticking to wood as your go-to materials, you can play with the colors: a set of sturdy, traditional-looking but white and light-blue chair will add a touch of playfulness to your rustic kitchen without ruining the overall rustic atmosphere.


The style is different, but the brand is the same: Veneta Cucine

Add comfy seats

If you’re planning your kitchen to become the heart of the house, you’re going to and up spending lots of time here. In fact, you probably remember how comforting and reassuring it used to feel to hang around your grandma’s kitchen while she was cooking lunch or dinner, right? Well, your rustic kitchen will give out the same exact vibe to your children, as well as the rest of your family, and your friends too! If you want to make your kitchen even more inviting because you really don’t enjoy cooking alone, nothing attracts guests more effectively than the prospect of free snacks and a few comfy seats from which they can have a chat with you.


Comfy seating solutions by Ivano Redaelli

Curtains and tablecloths

Let us spend some words on other decorative elements too. Choosing the curtains, as well as the tablecloths, is a fundamental part of the whole décor. Choose your curtains in a light color, a delicate tint with discrete floral decorations: they will complete the interior design, without being too invasive. For the table cloth, you could opt for a classic squared pattern, that will bring a great deal of joy and enthusiasm in the décor, or choose something similar to the curtains, light colored and discrete.


Premium-quality fabrics: La Fabbrica del Lino

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