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Tips and ideas...to decorate your empty corners!

Tips and ideas...to decorate your empty corners!

Some parts of the house are definitely tricky to decorate, and corners are one of them. Check out our tips and ideas to decorate your unused corners!

An empty corner in our house can have a double meaning: it can be seen just as a space to be neglected, or it can be exploited as an opportunity to make our home décor more functional and stylish. Never underestimate the chance of an empty corner. Stop looking at these corners as empty portions of a room, and start seeing them for what they are: a white canvas, ready for you to decorate it. All you need is to sharpen your sense of design and put some thoughts into which could be the most functional solution to take advantage of that space. Moreover, it is another great chance to add your personal touch to your interior design. Whether it's a lush green plant, a super relaxing space for reading or an opportunity for children to play, we've collected for you the most original and creative ideas to decorate the empty corners of your home. Which one is your favorite? Don’t cut corners when it comes to home décor: take advantage of every chance to make it special!


A nice idea for a cozy corner, by Skovby

Frames, frames, frames!

The white walls of an empty corners can look boring, if we don’t know how to use this space cleverly. If you don’t have any specific or artistic piece you want to decorate the empty corner with, you can hang some frames all over it. If you are thinking you don’t have any pictures or paintings to frame, don’t worry: one of the newest trends of interior design dictates that empty frames make the perfect decoration. So focus on the design of the frame itself: choose different shapes, colors and decorations, and have fun combining them on the walls of your empty corner.


The art of working with wood, by Porventura

A functional study corner

Here is another functional idea to furnish your empty corners: create a practical study corner. This idea will turn out handy especially for people who work remotely, and need to put together a home office, but don’t have a specific room to dedicate to this function. If your empty corner is roomy, choose a nice vintage desk, with a comfy armchair: the study area / home office will not only be comfy and functional, but it will be welcoming enough to make your working hours almost pleasant. Even though your empty corner is kind of small, you can still be smart and furnish it with a desk.


How to make the best of an unused corner, according to XLBoom

A cozy reading corner

Does your living room lack only one last touch right there, between the bookcase and the window? Did you spot an empty corner right next to your stairs? It is the perfect place for a reading nook! This corner will become your favorite spot in the room, if you are able to furnish it to make it warm, welcoming and cozy. The secret for an impeccable reading nook is to make it stand out from the room, and, at the same time, decorate it harmoniously with the rest of the interior design. Are you wondering how to accomplish this goal? Besides the essential elements of a reading corner, which are a comfy armchair, a stylish coffee table and a bright floor lamp, we may want to add a carpet to delimitate the space of our special reading corner. Play with colors by focusing on a pastel palette that matches the colors of the surrounding furniture, but that is also slightly different from it. You can afford everything as long as the overall aesthetic balance is not compromised.


Timeless class with Hermès

Plants and flowers

The best way to fill a white and empty corner in your home? Adding a touch of green is always a good idea! Plants and flowers are always able to bring color, vitality and joy to a room, so why not take advantage of our empty corners to add some flower power to our home décor? We can either go for a large green plant, that will definitely stand out from the corner in a modern and stylish pot, or we could alternatively opt for many smaller flowers that will create a tasteful and colorful composition.  


Cute & fancy home décor with Holmegaard 1825

A retro style floor lamp

Is your empty corner behind the sofa? Then, it will surely be the most suitable place for a large floor lamp. It will illuminate the entire room, setting the tune for the whole home décor. If you choose a vintage style lamp like the one in the picture, your living room will look like the ones we see on the covers of glossy interior design magazines.


A vintage floor lamp design by Foscarini

Climb the ladder of design

Do you want to climb the ladder of stylish home décor and interior design? Then you should get an actual ladder. Don’t get confused: we are not kidding. In fact, this element can become the perfect decoration for our empty corners. Not only it serves as an unconventional shelving unit, but it is particularly suitable to furnish a corner. Check out the one in the picture: it is a wonderful complement even for a classic living room, creating a pleasant contrast of styles.  


We love the trend of re-adapting ladders! This is Lombok's take on this trend

Extra space for your clothes

So far we have considered mainly the living room area, but what if there is an empty corner in our bedroom too? Women, especially, know how storage space for clothes and accessories is never enough, so let’s take advantage of every inch of space we have, and use this corner for this purpose. You don’t need to install an additional wardrobe: a simple clothes rack could be a wonderful idea, for various reasons. First of all, it is an unconventional solution, that will make your bedroom décor unique and special, and secondly, it will be handy to have an item that is easy to move and will allow you to prepare your outfit of the day from the night before, tidily hung on the rack.


A functional clothes rack by Spanish brand Punt

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