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House makeover: do it over the weekend!

House makeover: do it over the weekend!

A house makeover doesn’t have to take months: a two-day weekend is enough to refresh your home décor. Don’t believe us? Read the article!

For months you have been promising yourself to restyle the look of your home décor, and now that we’re in the middle of summer and the weather is so hot and humid, you wish you hadn’t procrastinated until now. What if we told you that 48 hours over the weekend are more than enough to renovate your interior design? In fact, it is not necessary to spend a fortune and completely change the layout of the rooms from top to bottom to give your home a new life: just a few tricks and some creative ideas will make your interiors look brand new. Here we collected for you some low-cost and non-invasive ideas, that will help you transform your home in less that a weekend. Are you ready to accept this weekend-long, 48-hour challenge?


Amazing wall decorations by Art

Become a follower of the decluttering religion

Tick tock… the clock is ticking as the 48 hours begin: we’d better start our home renovation right away! The first step we want you to make is to look at your interiors with a new mindset, and there is only one safe way to that: decluttering. A clean and tidy house is a renovated house. It is time for you to begin the famous spring (late summer, in this case) cleaning, getting rid of the useless stuff and all those superfluous accessories, clothes and elements of decoration that do not bring you joy anymore. After the decluttering process, the house will look fresh and new.


A compact side table that turns into a full dining table, by La Seggiola

Add one new piece of furniture

48 hours is definitely a short notice, so you won’t have time to go look for new furniture. That said, we are sure there is one item that you have been keeping an eye on, passing by the windows of your favorite interior design shop. Well, it is time to treat yourself with a little present. Whether it's a classic velvet armchair, a contemporary design console table, or an unconventional bench made with unusual materials, get the piece of furniture that will be able to express something about your personality, as well as your taste in home décor. Adding one item only to your interiors will be a non invasive operation, but if you place it cleverly in a room, it may totally change its look, and for the best.


A unique bathtub by Villeroy & Boch

Paint the walls

This might be the task that will take up the longest time in our weekend-long renovation, but don’t worry: it’s nothing too tricky. A wonderful way to change the look of your interiors, is to change the color of the walls with a new paint. And if repainting the entire house seems excessive (despite the presence of washable water-based and therefore quick-drying paints on the market), you can always concentrate on a single wall in a single room. All you need to do is unleash your imagination with colors and patterns, and find the perfect color combination for your home.


Add some urban-chic drama to your living room with Metropolitan!

Decorate with plants and flowers

Do not underestimate the importance of plants and flowers in renovating your home décor. Colorful, beautiful and indispensable for your environment, flowers bring a breath of freshness and joy in your rooms and adapt perfectly to any space. All you need is to place them in a bright and airy place and some advice to make them last longer. Choosing plants for your home will be the best moment of your 48-hour renovation.


Unique ceramic vases by Copenhagen-based Anne Black

Change the order of books

Looking for the perfect idea to give a different touch to your living room? This time, we don’t even ask you to change anything about the furniture: you will have to rearrange what is inside a piece of furniture. We are talking about your bookcase. Books themselves, in fact, can be part of interior design: all their different colors and shapes have a decorative effect too. Change the arrangement of books on the shelves, and the room will instantly look different. Do not leave anything to chance, and choose the criteria you find more appropriate: rearrange your books according to their size, group the ones with a similar book cover together, or maybe create a colorful rainbow on the shelves.


A classy bookcase for your study room, designed by AltaCorte

Make it personal

Your weekend is probably almost over by now, after making all the previous little changes to your home. One thing we should always remember, whenever making any type of change in our interior design, is that we should make our furniture, decoration, and home décor tell something about ourselves. For example, are you an art lover? Then, let’s make your favorite work of art the protagonist of your living room. Whether it is an oil painting picturing a beautiful landscape, a futuristic sculpture, or a precious rug, your home renovation should add an element that unmistakably represents your taste and personality.


A richly textured rug by Mischioff Collection

Change the fabrics

The cushions on the sofas, the curtains in the room, the bedding accessories, the towels for the bathroom, the carpet in the living room: these are all small accessories every house needs, which are super easy to be renovated. Your bedroom won’t need new furniture: just change the bed sheets and covers. The same goes for your living room: change the blankets and throws you’ve got in there. Believe us: the new materials and colors will bring fresh air and a new life to your room, without any invasive effort.


High-quality fabrics for your throws: put yourself in the hands of Henry d'Elkin

The weekend is over and it’s time to begin the next week: have you completed your renovation challenge? Giving new life to your interior design has never been easier… and quicker!

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