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Marble: it’s everywhere, with Citco!

Marble: it’s everywhere, with Citco!

If you’re a marble fanatic, then Citco is definitely the brand for you. Let’s take a look at their marvelous marble creations!

There are some brands that are so exclusive, only insiders know. But then, when we start looking into them we realise that no matter how niche they are, they actually have a huge number of estimators. Well, Citco is one of those. Citco is an Italian brand whose creations seems to defy all laws of physics. But first things first: what’s the material they employ? Well, the king of all interior design materials: marble. We’ve just discussed the pros and cons of employing marble in your bathroom...but what about using marble for the rest of your house as well? Citco shows us how style a house that’s going to be over the top and will leave our guests simply amazed!


The Ginevra table

But where does Citco come from? It’s a brand whose roots are in the lovely, romantic city of Verona, located in northern Italy. Small cities in Italy always hide hidden treasures: it’s inside these small, local realities that artisans, craftsmen and masons have had a chance to perfect their art for generations. When they get to a point where they feel like they want to show their art to the world, they regularly leave their audience awestruck. This is exactly what happened with Citco. Coming from a small reality, this Italian company is now one of the world’s most renowned in the masonry world: their creations, which classify as true works of art, are exhibited and sold worldwide, furnishing some of the most astounding villas all over the globe.


The Isidora cabinet

The success of Citco can be measured considering a few criteria. For instance, between 2016 and 2017, the company opened its first U.S. showroom, and guess where? In the Miami Design District! It’s a hip neighborhood in the heart of Miami: a creative area where both locals and tourists can shop for high-quality, design products and works of art, as well as visiting the countless showrooms. If a brand has the funds and the notoriety to be able to open a showroom there, it means they’ve just hit a huge milestone in their history. But how did Citco get there? And so quickly, considering that it’s not even a particularly old brand, but quite the opposite, instead.


The Corinthia coffee table

Well, we’ve said this so many times: especially in today’s world, where people, cultures and identities are all intertwined and interconnected, the companies who thrive in the interior design environment are those who open up to stimuli from the outside and actively seek a collaboration with other designers. This is exactly what Citco does. Moreover, it must be said that Citco only looks to collaborate with the most important names. For instance, there is an ongoing partnership with...Zaha Hadid! Yes, that’s right: the revolutionary designer passed away in 2016, but her legacy still lives on through her studio. According to Camiran Rasool, who is the founder of Citco, starting a collaboration with her studio was no easy task. It took Citco a lot of perseverance and a headstrong attitude that wouldn’t take “No” for an answer.


The Mercuric tables, designed by Zaha Hadid

In the end, what swept Zaha Hadid’s designers off their feet and ultimately persuaded them to collaborate with Citco was, quite simply, the charm of their creations. Nobody thought that marble could be shape and modelled the way Citco’s masons do. But why should we be surprised, after all? In the end, Italy is the country that gave birth to one of the greatest sculptors of all time: Michelangelo, who famously used to employ Carrara marble for his masterpieces. To Italians, Citco’s creations definitely look amazing, but in a way, they are already used to seeing marble being shaped and modelled in such a way that it actually looks alive, as they grew up admiring wonderful, almost alive statues inside churches and museums. To whoever is not Italian though, Citco’s creations look like a miracle!


A detail of the surface of the Lace marble wall

The idea many non-Italians have of marble employed to build home furniture is of bulky, heavy slabs of material; however, Citco drifts away from this commonplace and ventures into a semi-unexplored, sinuous territory. In fact, if we take a look at just any of their pieces, we never get the feeling they are made of marble: they are characterised by a sort of impalpable quality that makes them appear light, almost as if made of air, or water. This is made possible by the highly trained and specialised masons to whom Citco trusts their creations, as well as the technology employed. In their headquarters in Verona, we can find state-of-the-art tools and technologies to model marble: six-axis engraving machines and the latest water-jet cutting equipment. If technology does help, we must always remember that the final stages of production are always managed by one of the in-house craftsmen: their pieces are often customised and made-to-order, which means that they need to have a shining personality, and this can only be determined by a real person, not by a machine.


Marble carpet? Yes please! Here's the Heritage marble carpet

In conclusion, Citco’s creations are proof that it is in fact possible to style a whole house with marble furniture, marble floors and marble wall decorations while still retaining a classy, but light and lively atmosphere!

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