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Hip, vintage and cool: Vincent Sheppard

Hip, vintage and cool: Vincent Sheppard

In today’s interior design world, Vincent Sheppard’s furniture allows you to create a hip and slightly vintage atmosphere. Here, take a look!

Vincent Sheppard is a Belgium-based company that focuses on creating contemporary designs with a cute, comforting rétro and vintage twist. One look is enough to realise this: rib dining chairs in coal-black hue that would have been unusual in the past; little galaxies of low coffee tables, wooden furniture with a clear Scandinavian style-inspired soul. Vincent Sheppard is one of those chameleonic brands you could employ to furnish your interiors, as well as your outdoors; plus, their furniture’s unique style will end up looking amazing pretty much everywhere: inside an urban-chic apartment as well as in a boho-chic place. But let’s explore this brand, shall we? Its history might surprise you.


The Joe lounge chair

Vincent Sheppard was established in 1992, which again, makes it not even a middle-aged brand as far as interior design standards on age go. However, if we look into it, we discover that their roots go way back: as back as 1917! It all started with a man called Lloyd Loom. Back in the day, Lloyd Loom used to be a baby carriages and strollers manufacturer. He used to create his strollers employing one of the most popular natural materials of all time: rattan. However, he soon got confronted with a tricky challenge. As we all know, those were the years of World War I. As a result of the several disruptions caused by the war, Lloyd Loom soon found himself in big trouble: there was a severe shortage of rattan. However, Loom was an ingenious man, and he soon found a solution to his problems. That solution was bound to become so popular during the following years, that it ended up being named after him. Yes, we are talking about the “Lloyd Loom technique”.


The Lily chair

You may have already heard this name, but what does it consist of, exactly? Well, Loom found out that he could get the same results he used to get with rattan, and possibly even better, by employing...paper! In the Lloyd Loom technique, paper is twisted around a metal wire first; then, it’s machine-woven into large sheets of woven paper thread. Of course, he never would have come up with this idea, hadn’t he been forced to do so by circumstance. However, he was glad to discover that the final result was softer and more comfortable than rattan, and even much stronger too!


The Wicked sofa

Soon after, in 1922, Loom sold the patent to William Lusty, a London-based merchant who saw the potential of the creations made with the Lloyd Loom technique and wanted to export them to the UK and the rest of the European continent. These pieces of furniture became instant bestsellers, but tragedy was bound to strike again: in 1940, after an air-raid, the production plant for Lloyd Loom furniture was destroyed.


The Leo table

Now, fast-forward it 50 years into the future. In 1992, newborn Belgian furniture company Vincent Sheppard decides to start importing Lloyd Loom furniture; these pieces are so durable that they are still in perfect conditions even after decades of daily use. In addition to this, Vincent Sheppard also starting producing their own pieces, still based on the original technique and design, but adding a contemporary twist to the mix. A key-moment in the company’s history was establishing a production plant in Indonesia, in 1995. Why Indonesia? Well, the Cirebon area in Indonesia is famous for its tradition in weaving technique, as well as in rattan-bending. As the success of the company kept growing, in 2006 Vincent Sheppard launched an all-weather outdoor furniture collection: the designers took some iconic pieces and remodeled them into new pieces made with innovative materials that could withstand all weather conditions.


The Loop lounge chair

As much as the paper-based Lloyd Loom technique is still largely employed in a vast number of creations, the production process expanded also in other directions with other natural materials. The company is extremely conscious of their impact on the environment, which is why they stress the importance of employing recycled and recyclable materials, as well as ecological cleansing products. Recognition for their environmental efforts came in 2013, when Vincent Sheppard was awarded the FSC-Label by the Forest Stewardship Council: a symbol of environmental, social and economic sustainability.


The Albert table

So, why should you choose Vincent Sheppard’s furniture? Well, these pieces should be your go-to if you’re aiming to style your home design with beautiful, comfortable pieces of furniture that not only are a joy for the eye, but that are also bound to last for generations. Your grandkids might one day be sitting in the exact same chair where you’re sitting today! Moreover, a clear sign that we can put all our trust in this brand is their collaborations with countless restaurants and hotels all over the globe: we can find their furniture inside luxury hotels and residences in Japan, France, Hong Kong, Belgium, and the list could go on!


An example of the furniture Vincent Sheppard provides to hotels and restaurant

Are you still curious to learn more about this brand? Explore the rest of Vincent Shepperd's world!

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