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10 best coffee table ideas

10 best coffee table ideas

Coffee tables are tricky by nature: you think they’re just a functional piece of furniture, but they can make or break your living room décor. Here are the 10 best coffee table ideas!

Coffee tables will forever be part of our homes; they’ve established themselves as a way for us to express our personality. In fact, we could very much say our coffee table is our mirror; just think about it: wouldn’t a complete stranger still be able to grasp something about you, just by taking a glance at it? A certain flower arrangement, a book or a magazine, a funny mug...we’re sure to find at least one of these revealing objects on your coffee table. So, since we’re talking about such an important albeit small piece of furniture, let’s take a look at 10 best coffee table ideas to add some extra flair to our living room!


Colorful, playful coffee tables by Durame


Why should we choose an extra-low coffee table for our living room? Well, simply because, in some cases, it’s the smartest move you can make! An extremely low coffee table might not be the most brilliant idea if your living room is characterized by high ceilings and tall furniture; however, it’s definitely the best idea if your living room displays the opposite features. When you’re dealing with features such low ceilings, you need to be really mindful about the kind of furniture you select. Tall furniture is going to make the room look even smaller and cramped, whereas if you try and select furniture that’s actually lower than usual, the final visual effect will be that of a perfectly proportionate room.


High-end and highly classy: a design by Minotti

Consider an ottoman

An upholstered piece can help to make a living room look more welcoming than a hard surface of equivalent dimensions: that’s why you should consider substituting the traditional coffee table with a fabric pouf or an ottoman. Not only the upholstery piece will boost comfort levels, but it will also make the room look more warm and inviting. In a curtain-free room, more fabric is a useful sound absorber, too. The ottoman doesn’t have to be matching with the sofa: on the contrary, if they have different finishes, the environment will be more dynamic and interesting. Another tip: you can always combine your ottoman with a tiny coffee table if you need a hard surface!


An original solution for your living room, no? An idea by Longhi

Coordinate it with a side table

This is a great way to create a feeling of balance and coordination in the living room. After all, a coffee table is certainly useful, but it might not be enough! In that case, all you have to do is simply select a side table to go with it. There are two options on where to put it: either against a wall, or behind the sofa that’s facing the coffee table. In this case, make sure to select a side table that’s lower than the back of the sofa, but not too much: you need to be able to grab anything on it easily.


A perfectly balanced living room layout by Marac

Large and functional

Some people only want their coffee table to have a merely decorative function. And that’s right, because there are so many wonderful designs out there! However, some others may want a coffee table because they actually need one. Be it because they love stacking all the latest magazines and their favorite reads close to the sofa, or because they enjoy having their dinner in front of the TV from time to time, what they need is a large, functional coffee table that can satisfy all their needs.


If you love this industrial vibe too, try Skovby!

Natural contrast

Depending on your taste, you might like the idea of furnishing your living room with a natural, raw design. It’s perfect for a summer house on the beach, as well as for a private, cozy retreat on the mountains. However, you can also be playful: raw designs will work wonders if you combine them with an overall elegant and refined décor.


All-natural and raw pieces by Lys Import

On wheels!

This is a pretty informal solution, and in fact, we don’t recommend it if the rest of your living room looks very much high-class. However, a coffee table on wheels will turn out to be more useful than you think. Of course, first of all you can easily pull it closer to the sofa or push it further away from it; but also, you can freely move it wherever you need it, for instance during a party, when you need an extra-surface for all the snacks and drinks.


Functional, informal creations by DECOR NOUVEAU


An elegant but sturdy design like this is perfect if you have limited space in your living room. It works as a coffee table, but it also looks like a stool and it can be used as such! You’re never going to be short of seats.


Quality and class, with Lorenzo Tondelli

Combine it with poufs or stools

You never know what you’ll end up using your coffee table for. In fact, you may even decide to have an impromptu informal dinner around it! In this case, already having a few stools that go with it will save you a lot of trouble.


Comfy seating solutions around your coffee table, by Enea

Multiple round tables

A small galaxy of round tables in the middle of your living room will spice it up and add dynamism to the whole area!


Impossibly fancy: coffee tables by Heritage


Who says that a coffee table should have only one level? Having a multi-shelved one could turn very handy, ad add a touch of originality to the home décor. You could take advantage of the full height of the coffee table, if it has various shelves. It will be of great help when we have to tidy up the room: books, magazines, remotes or small accessories that we use every day can be organized and stored on the different level of the table.


Lovely multi-level coffee table design by Danish brand LIND DNA

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