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Urban chic: the perfect style for your kitchen

Urban chic: the perfect style for your kitchen

An urban chic kitchen will add flair to your home design without losing any warmth. Let’s learn how to get this look!

The urban chic style has its roots in the cultural revolution of the Eighties, when New York became the capital city of fashion and design, giving new life to old sheds and industrial buildings, adapting them to residential use. This is how the urban chic and industrial chic lofts were first created, before becoming super popular for their uniqueness and their way of representing modern lifestyle. This type of housing spread the urban chic style until it became a huge interior design trend, characterized by a mix of furniture with a lived-in look and vintage lines, declined in all the rooms of the house, including the kitchen. There are many basic characteristics that an urban chic style kitchen has to have, but it is easy to develop misconceptions that might eventually lead us to overdo with some elements, while neglecting others. In this short guide book, we will try to highlight the elements that most define the urban chic style in the kitchen, and give you some ideas on how to execute it flawlessly.


The attic makes this kitchen by Rempp Kütchen even more urban chic, don't you think?

Wood, wood and wood again

For instance, many believe that an urban chic kitchen should me mainly characterised by materials such as bricks, concrete, resin and steel. Well, all of these are important and cannot be missing, but really, we shouldn’t forget the importance of wood. Light or dark colored, smooth or aged, wood is the main protagonist of any urban chic style kitchen, along with metal and steel. This beautiful material must always be left to its natural rawness, whether it is used for floors, tables, storage units, cabinets or tops. Wood will give the room a special warmth that will be mitigating the roughness of the other industrial style elements, such as metal, stone or concrete.


A beautiful piece of wooden furniture by IWoodS

Statement brick walls

One thing that will surely give your kitchen that rough urban chic, industrial style you are going for, is a brick wall. A statement wall, deliberately left rustic and natural, will bring a strong personality into your kitchen décor. Moreover, all the other elements, all responding to the minimalist aesthetic this style impose, will stand out in the best way, creating a charming contrast with the roughness of the bricks.


Brick walls are a game-changer! Take a look at this wonderful example by Bulthaup

Grey and black as theme colors

If your kitchen does not have an original brick wall and you are not able to add one, since it would be too much of an invasive operation, no problem: the color theme will come to the rescue of your urban chic vibe. Dark grey, declined in different shades tending to iron and anthracite, is the must-have color for an urban chic interior design, along with black. These color themes, especially in the kitchen, will give a very strong and bold look to the environment. You can play by combining opaque and lacquer finishes, creating dynamism and different depths in your décor. An urban chic kitchen with grey and black will definitely have a more contemporary vibe to it, bringing this style to the future.


All black: beautiful quartz countertops by HanStone Quartz

Metal: the one essential element

From iron to aluminium, through steel, copper and tin, metal is certainly one of the fundamental components of the urban chic kitchen. Polished, shiny and glossy, or maybe oxidized, or brushed, it is perfect for shelving, furniture, finishes and structural elements, such as the kitchen countertops. Metal can be used not only for furniture structures and surfaces, as in this image, but it can also be chosen for a roomy kitchen sink. Metal is fundamental to give a strong personality to the space, and it is perfect in open plan kitchens, which are so common in lofts.


Take a look at this kitchen by Officine Fanesi: real chefs employ stainless steel countertops!

The hood

One of the key elements that must never be neglected in any kitchen, and most of all in an urban chic one, is the extractor hood. Be sure to place it above the stove, even when the cooking area is on the central island: besides keeping your kitchen or loft humidity and smell-free whenever you’re cooking, it will also be another chance to express your taste in design. You could opt for a shiny steel hood, or match it with the wooden elements of the industrial style kitchen, or even use a strong color like black. As long as you choose a minimalist design that goes well with the rest of the furniture, you can’t go wrong.


Varenna is one of Italy's best-known kitchen furniture brands

A little color with tiles and majolica

The urban chic style has quite rigid rules that probably define it more than other styles, but this does not mean that you have to give up on experimenting following your own taste, and inserting small chromatic variations to the dark color scheme of urban chic style. After all, we all want to get inspired by a certain style, to create a personal version of it that says something about our personality too, to make it more unique and less obvious. Among the personal touches you could give to your kitchen, surely there is the possibility to introduce a little color: ceramic tiles and majolica behind the kitchen sink and stove might be the best way to do it. This way, the color will be concentrated in one small area, and the harmony of the surrounding urban chic style will not be broken. You will be able to create your own version of this modern trend.


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