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White sofa: a living room classic

White sofa: a living room classic

You can never go wrong with a white sofa in your living room. Let’s take a look at all the tricks to make it stand out!

What do we start from when we have to decorate a new living room, or when we simply have to renovate it? The first thing we have to choose is definitely the sofa: it will be the protagonist of the room, the focus of the interior design of this area. And among all the types and styles, the white sofas are undoubtedly the most versatile, loved and bought. Leather or fabric, velvet or upholstery, they will always look elegant and sophisticated: they are what you could call a timeless piece of furniture. But how do we combine this classic white sofa with the rest of the décor? Here we summed up some quick tips to understand how to organize or adapt a white couch, depending on the size, style, tastes and, of course, the available space. Let us begin!


A luxurious snow-white sofa by Cattelan Italia

Play with pattern and geometry on the floor

Is your living room not very roomy? Two-colors patterns and geometry are the two magic words that will save you. Lines and graphic games that reproduce geometrical shapes used for your floors will make a fantastic living room. The white sofa will be exalted by the detailed decoration of the flooring, and it will also illuminate the room with its brightness, making it look wider and more elegant.


Beautiful tiles by Mykonos

Chose two colors to add, and no more

You have your nice and shiny white sofa, and we bet you are now tempted to mix and match many different color with that. Well, please hold on a second, before doing it. Given the fact that we also suggested a rich pattern for the flooring, you should choose two other colors, maximum, to add to your living room. Earth shades and warm colors are to be preferred, since they will connect and harmonize the hole décor. Use the tints you have selected for accessories such as pillows, carpets, or artworks around the room.


Class and elegance by Recer

Gray and black, for a tasteful elegance

Another solution to bring refinement to the whole, similar to the previous one but more characterizing, is to focus on textile elements with stronger shades colors, such as black and dark gray. An easy solution to transform your living room, and give the white sofa a new and more refined allure, that will exalt its elegant and sophisticated simplicity.


Another wonderful example of a dynamic but still classy sofa. Check out Viva!

Pastel colors to light up the interiors

To create an informal conversation corner, welcoming, elegant and luminous, that can exalt the simple beauty of the white sofa, you can focus on the mix between pastel colors and natural look materials. A shade particularly indicated to create a perfect balance is, for example, robin’s egg blue, mixed with the softest tones of natural beige and materials such as straw or raffia (perhaps for a carpet) gives a result of great elegance, that will not betray your expectations.


Comfy solutions by Twils

A touch of gold

White sofas, natural materials, lots of green plants and decorative elements with a gold finish are the ideal recipe for a contemporary décor style, a mix between a timeless classic and a futuristic atmosphere. A touch of gold in the interior design will be ideal for those with a large living room and want to rethink the sofa area. To make everything even more special, you can think of introducing a color like copper or rose gold. Declined in an ultra-chic material such as velvet, it will be the cherry on top of the cake, to enhance the whole décor and give even more originality to the space built around the white sofas.


A simple but lovely sofa by BUROV

All in white

Small living room and new sofa? White is always an excellent idea to make any room look bigger, brighter and wider. for a padded piece because it will be perfect to create a cozy and peaceful ensemble. Don’t be afraid: your room will not look aseptic, if you choose modern and intriguing shapes, and add details that will tell something about your personality, such as an artwork, or an eccentric light design.


Do you like modular sofas? Try Knoll!

Drops of strong colors

A white sofa in a room characterized by a strong color (such as an intense ultramarine blue) is the perfect canvas to play with eccentric pop brushstrokes. Here is an example: a contemporary and essential white upholstery couch enriched with well-chosen cushions can become a luminous object that completely transforms the scheme of the room. To balance the contrast between the white element and the colored items, you can play with small pieces of furniture and objects with tamed tints, that can create a link between the other colors. And nothing says you can't have two sofas, with an appealing shades contrast.


An Italian touch, with Tuscania

What about the walls?

Last but not least, we can discuss walls decoration. A richly decorated wallpaper will look fantastic if you use it on one of your living room walls, placing your nice white sofa just in front of it. If you don’t like the idea of tapestry, you can choose some other kind of decoration: a painting, some frames, an elaborated clock, or a bold artwork. Follow your instinct and let your home décor be shaped on your personality.


We are in love with this living room layout by Polodivani!

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