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Mixing the old and the new to create a unique bathroom

Mixing the old and the new to create a unique bathroom

Today’s trend in bathroom design is heavily inspired by bathrooms of the past

Our recent past may not be recognized as the best period for sanitationary equipement (bathtubs, toilets, drinking water) in human history, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a step back in time and pull inspiration from the bathrooms of days gone by. This doesn’t mean we should turn the most relaxing room in the house into a musty antique shop, but by blending the sleek modern bathroom furniture of today with the vintage look yesterday we can create a truly unique, functional, and comfortable bathroom. The modern look when combined with vintage furniture trend that is currently taking over homes and apartments  can really tie a home together and give us a special place to escape. Here are a few tips for creating a mixed and match modern bathroom design that incorporates both the past and the present.

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Sit back and Relax

A vintage bathtub is a great centerpiece to a mixed vintage and modern bathroom style, the look will create an inviting feeling and sense of nostalgia that possibly will remind you or your guests of their grandmothers home. Apart from being a unique piece, a vintage tub is also very functional and incredibly comfortable. Be sure to have an additional faucet or showering system for those days when a long rest in the bathtub isn’t an option. Either way you will find that whether you are scrubbing off a hard day’s work, settling down from a chaotic day at the office, or just looking to escape from the world for a bit, a welcoming vintage bathtub will be exactly what you need to help soothe the soul.

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Frameless showers for an open look

If you’re lucky enough to live outside the city or fortunate enough to live somewhere that space isn’t a limiting factor, a sleek modern frameless shower is the perfect complement to a classically inspired bathtub and bathroom design or a great stand alone piece. For those days when there is no time to sit back and enjoy a long bath, a sleek and frameless shower brings a functional and almost invisible element to a remodel or a new mixed bathroom. The invisible nature allows for the rest of the vintage elements to really stand out in any bathroom regardless of space. The open nature of this type of shower opens you up to explore all of your options when it comes to establishing the color and lighting schemes of your mixed vintage bathroom. 

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Maximize your space with a vanity free water basin

When it comes to the bathroom, space is the ultimate limiting factor. The room should be open and comfortable, as it is incredibly difficult to feel welcome and relaxed when you are cramped in a corner surrounded by bulky furniture. To counter this problem and bring comfort to the most personal room in the home we can start with the sink. In the past sinks have been surrounded by bulky vanities which are beautiful in their own right but may not be the best solution for people living in the city. Fortunately there is a way around this by incorporating water basins which just so happen to fulfill the purpose of this article, matching the old and the new.To counter the loss of storage it would be beneficial to bring in a nice stand-alone vanity that can be moved efficiently throughout the bathroom to bring maximum special results. By incorporating a water basin with a small vanity into your bathroom design you will open up the bathroom with a classic look that will expose one of the most important elements of any new mix and match bathroom design, the flooring.

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Make your furniture stand out on a solid floor

To really bring the vintage and modern bathroom furniture together you will need a floor that really makes them pop when someone enters.  A mix of sleek modernity and a rustic wooden feel brings a warm look to any mixed bathroom. The flooring should be easy on the eyes without any dizzying patterns or colors that distract the occupants  from the other beautiful elements of the room. The Treverkmade stoneware series, for example,  is inspired by the wood used in liquor and wine casks, this design is the perfect capstone on any mixed style bathroom and will surely leave an impression on guests. By using a deep dark wooden look you will also have the benefit of soft lighting and a semi-rustic feel that really comforts people.

From flooring  to the best new modern vintage accessories, today’s trend in bathroom design is heavily inspired by bathrooms of the past. Whether for a restoration, or re-creation of the classic looks find out more about mixing the past and present throughout your home.

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