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Tips for a better flooring: choose only the best for your house.

Tips for a better flooring: choose only the best for your house.

Do you need to change floor? Don’t worry, follow our simple tips and you won’t be disappointed.

Porcelain, concrete flooring, stone, or wooden tiles. It has to be difficult choosing flooring for your house. The variety of possibilities make the choice seemingly impossible. For example, should we strive for durability? Should we prioritize efficiency? Or are we better off choosing an elegant material that requires high maintenance We have to admit that sometimes the more beautiful tiles and floor complements we see, the more confused we get. After all, this is probably something we can’t avoid. Who knows better than us what we want for our interior design? Let’s then try to find some simple guidelines for making selecting your best flooring stress-free.

Living room - Flooring - Eurooo

Magnificent flooring by Cerdomus

Let's start with the room you use the most, the kitchen. This area of your home is a busy space, where you’ll spend lot's of time cooking, eating, and inevitably spilling food or oil. For this reason, we strongly suggest that you use our valuable tips to help you carefully select your flooring. First of all, you need to remember one keyword: functionality. Functionality is the minimum requirement for your kitchen otherwise, you will regret your choice. The basic principle is to use a neutral color with material that is resistant and beautiful as the neutral colors will help hide spots. You may be wondering why it is so important to emphasize resistance. The reason why choosing resistant tiles is so important lies in how you make use of the kitchen. Think about it, every one of us has dropped cutlery, pots, and other kitchen accessories on to the floor. Isn’t this enough to tell you that your kitchen needs a resistant floor?

Kitchen - flooring - Eurooo

Resistant floor exclusively made by Haro

The thought process is completely different when selecting a floor for your living room: you need something elegant, stylish, and refined. Choose something that will bring joy to this delicate space. How can you do it? Use top-quality design and wonderful layouts. A nice idea that many people use is the hardwood parquet. Nowadays, more and more people appreciate the elegance of natural wood. There are many advantages in using parquet, it's easy to clean, durable, and affordable. However, you might also want to look for something different, something unique that will make sure your friends and guests don't forget your living room for its outstanding taste. For example, these magnificent floor tiles use very simple lines to create a pleasant atmosphere, use astounding colors and an indisputable appeal, and combine it with the best quality you could dream of.

Living room - Flooring - Eurooo

                                                                                                    Take a look at the irresistible creations by Aparici

What should you choose for your bathroom? First of all, we would strongly dissuade you from using any wood flooring no matter how excellent the quality because all wood when in contact with water for an extended period usually deteriorates. If you want a wood effect, then you can buy porcelain tiles decorated to look like real wood. We suggest you use several colors… Porcelain-colored tiles or natural stones are usually solid, durable, easy to clean, and aesthetically appealing. We strongly suggest using marble whose pros and cons in the bathroom have already been discussed in detail here. We suggest you create nice patterns playing with flooring and with wall tiles, trying to incorporate a wide variety of design options is the best solution.

Bathroom - Flooring - Eurooo

Edimax porcelain tiles

Let’s now step into your most intimate space: the bedroom. We don’t suggest you use a different floor for your bedroom. However, this doesn’t mean that flooring here is not important, on the contrary, it can have a strong impact on your mood since it’s the space where you will walk in when coming home to relax. How do you create your personal and cozy space then? You can use the same patterns you will use in the rest of the house, simply giving it a more personal touch with a magnificent carpet, which can be the best “floor” for this room of your house. You can find some interesting carpets with fantastic frames, just remember that, as you will see, carpets give a totally different look to your bedroom.

Bedroom - Flooring - Eurooo

     Refined carpets by Artexa

In the end, if you are lucky to have a beautiful outdoor space then you will also need to choose flooring for this part of the house. As for balcony, the trick is very simple, just choose simple rectangular tiles and combine their colors to the wall color. For your garden, you can use more imagination. For example, you can decide to use a kind of tile that resembles a block of natural stones or you can also use more colorful combinations. Choose a maximum of three different colors for the garden, creating a pleasant feeling where people can appreciate simplicity combined with the purity of the lines which reflect a tasteful form of elegance.

Balcony - Flooring - Eurooo

                                                                                                                                                   Best tiles by L'altra pietra

Last but not least, your house is not a mosaic, so try to still keep a uniform style at least where you can, never exaggerating with too many floor styles. Once again we hope our article has helped you with some ideas, and we wish you find what best fits your house.

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